15 Old-Timey Remedies From Back In The Day That Totally Work Now

By lheidi - July 03, 2019

Back in the day, your grandparents used to rely on all sorts of crazy home remedies when they were feeling under the weather. There’s a fine line between folk remedies and magic. If you had a cold, you had to sit underneath the full moon and spin around in circles until the cold left your body. And if you stubbed your toe, instead of putting ice on it, you would have to row out to the middle of your lake, dip your toe in, and let the fish kiss it until it was healed. And the weird thing about them, is they actually worked.

But not all folk remedies that your grandparents used to do are weird. Some of them are actually kind  of normal, and they’re pretty effective. You can try these old school remedies that actually work the next time you’re feeling under the weather. And you don’t have to wait for the full moon.

Get Rid Of Bad Breath With Celery


Celery isn’t just a great way to flavor food, it can also replace your Listerine when your breath isn’t at its freshest.

If you have bad breath, just chew on some crunch vegetables to get rid of it, like celery.

Chewing on crunchy celery will increase your saliva production, which helps wash away food particles. This prevents the build up of bad bacteria that can lead to stinky breath. Although, it’s not as sweet as chewing on gum.

Raisins Can Help With Arthritis


Raisins and gin isn’t just a delicious sounding idea for a drink. It’s also a way to help out arthritis.

Soak some raisins in a few spoonfuls of gin overnight to create a concoction with anti-inflammatory properties.

The way the raisins interact with the juniper berries can help reduce joint pain and swelling caused by arthritis. Plus, it just sounds like it would taste pretty good. No, it doesn’t work the same way with rum raisin, too.

Clear Up A Sore Throat With Lemons


One of the ways you can ease a sore and scratchy throat is with the bitter flavor of lemons.

There are many different folk remedies that call for the use of lemons as almost a natural lozenge.

Combine lemon with honey and vinegar with some boiling water, then drink it down to relieve a sore throat. It might not taste the best, but it gets the job done. And that’s better than having a sore throat, isn’t it?

Soothe Menopause With Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are a way to make the bitterness of menopause a little bit more manageable.

Sweet potatoes have a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A, both of which can help balance out the hormones in your body that are going out of control because of menopause.

On top of that, sweet potatoes can actually taste pretty good, making them a medicine that’s pretty easy to swallow, unlike some of the other folk remedies on this list.

Eat Olives If You're Nauseous


If the taste of olives doesn’t make you feel nauseous, you can get rid of nausea just by sucking on an olive.

Olives are high in tannins. Tannins reduce the saliva in your mouth, which is a good thing if you’re feeling nauseous, because sometimes too much saliva can make you feel like you want to wretch.

This trick is pretty handy if you’re conveniently feeling like you want to gag while you’re hanging out in an olive field.

Baking Soda Can Get Rid Of Bacteria


If your fridge is smelling funky, you probably already open up a box of baking soda to get it fresh again.

But baking soda can help you out if you’re feeling funky, just like your fridge.

Drinking 1/2 a tsp of baking soda in a glass of water can help clear up a urinary tract infection by making your bladder more alkaline, thus preventing the bad bacteria from wrecking havoc on it. But it doesn’t sound like it’s fun.

Eat Apricots For Indigestion


If you feel like your stomach isn’t reacting well to the food you ate, you should… eat more food?

Eating apricots can actually help with indigestion, believe it or not. Apricots have a lot of dietary fiber, which is good for your digestion and can help prevent you from getting bloated.

Plus, they taste pretty good, so this folk remedy is a win-win all around. Who knew that eating more food is actually good when you have ingestion?

Relieve Bug Bites With Potatoes


Bug bites are pretty annoying, because they itch a lot. But you can get rid of the itching with a simple solution.

Just cut open a potato and put it on the places where you’re feeling itchy. Keep the potato over the bite for a few minutes.

Potatoes have both anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties, which make them pretty ideal when the bugs have decided to turn you into their food. Because bugs think you’re as delicious as a potato.


Listerine Can Help With Blisters


It turns out that what’s good for your mouth is also good for your feet.

Listerine can help heal a blister. Just put some of the mouthwash on your blister. Use a cotton ball to apply it.

The antiseptic in the mouth wash will dry out the blister in no time. As an added bonus, it’ll leave the area where your blister was kissable clean. Although, we’re not sure why you’d want to kiss someone’s blistered heels.

Get Rid Of Callouses With Licorice


Some people think that licorice is one of the most useless candies, but it’s actually very useful as a home remedy.

Take some licorice sticks and mix them with Vaseline. Then, take the now grossed up licorice stick and rub it on any corns or callouses.

The mixture of licorice and Vaseline will help soothe your skin. Just don’t eat the licorice sticks when you’re done, because they’ll now be all covered in foot germs and Vaseline.

Olive Oil Can Clear Up Eczema


Having eczema is no fun. But there’s a pretty easy folk remedy that can help clear up the any, flaky skin.

Just rub some olive oil on the places where you’re feeling your eczema erupt on your skin.

The olive oil will soften and repair any skin that’s been damaged by the eczema. You might be left a little oil, but that’s a different problem for another day. Add some oregano and you’ve got yourself a party.

Duct Tape Can Get Rid Of Warts


There are a lot of folk remedies for warts, but this one has to be the weirdest one.

Cover up your warts with some duct tape. Remove the duct tape every three days, and then file down what’s left of the wart with a nail file. Keep on doing this until the wart is fully gone.

And to prevent yourself from getting warts, don’t go around touching frogs. And definitely don’t kiss any frogs either. You’ll get a face full of them.

Get Rid Of Nausea With Ginger


If you’re feeling a little sick in the stomach, a little ginger can go a long way.

Ginger can help your tummy feel better if it’s not feeling well. It can also help promote the emptying of the stomach and alleviate gas.

You can sip on some ginger ale to make your stomach feel better, as long as the ginger ale has real ginger in it. You can also try drinking a ginger tea to get results.


Ease Sea Sickness With Lemons


Getting sea sickness shouldn’t stop you from heading out on to the water. And it won’t if you have a lemon handy.

Eating a lemon can help stop you from salivating in excess. Too much saliva has been linked to nausea.

The tannins found in lemons will help get rid of any excess saliva, so you can sail the seas or get into a car with a rough driver without having a problem. Tell them to hit the gas!

Soothe A Sore Throat With Sage Tea


A sore throat doesn’t have to ruin your day. Not if you have sage at home.

You can drink some tea with sage in it, or make your own by pouring boiling water over sage leaves. The tea will give you much needed relief.

It’s almost like you’re cleansing your throat of negative spirits by sage-ing it. But you don’t want to stick a smudge stick down your throat, because that would hurt more than we can say.