15 Posts That Are So Funny They Went Viral Almost Instantly

By Michelle Ranken - December 21, 2018

These photos are so good, you’ll laugh cry. I know that the internet is full of hilarious content, but it’s so hard to sort through. How will you know which ones are worth your time? Well, we painstakingly sorted through loads of humorous posts and found the absolute best ones.(You’re welcome.) Honestly, these posts did most of the work for us. They’re so funny they spread like the flu. But, you know… a good flu that makes you feel better instead of worse, on a count of how funny they are. These are so good they became sensations overnight, and landed on our internet doormat to share with you.

Fall Is For Suckers


When I look at this photo, I can’t help but think about that scene from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, where all the leaves commit suicide in fall. Hey I get it, when it starts getting cold, I’d like to die, too.  But really, here on the East Coast we had an unseasonably warm autumn.

It seems like we had foliage for about two days and now 80 percent of the trees are completely bare, and the rest of the 20 percent are still vibrantly green. Hopefully, winter will forget how to winter this year.

Relentless Jerk


What exactly is a “relentlessly gay yard”? Unless there are actual dudes going at it in the front yard, there isn’t much you can call the cops about. This person needs to tone down their angry anonymous letter writing. Maybe a hobby would do them well.

Something laid back, like collecting stamps or building miniature airplanes. But if they find a yard to be relentlessly gay, who knows what else they’d get needlessly upset about.

Oh yeah, and in  case this dumb dumb forgot…GRASS DOESN’T HAVE A SEX.

Expanding Bible Belt


This must be somewhere in the bible belt, where the holy trinity is McDonald’s, Chick-fil-a and Burger King. Jesus is just one step above the church of fast food. That checks out. But, seriously, isn’t gluttony one of the seven deadly sins?

Or maybe we’re reading this wrong. Maybe it’s not so much a billboard touting Jesus, maybe the top billboard is part of the bottom billboard and you’re supposed to read it as one whole message. As in, “JESUS! Fast food is the greatest and I don’t care if I die from it!”



“Excuse me, sir. Can I help you? I have to say that this is quite uncalled for. You don’t see me jumping on each buffalo’s back I see. Oh, so you are just going to keep sitting there, huh? Ow! Why did you just kick me in the ribs?

That was extremely rude! Look, I’m going to go trotting away, but don’t think it’s because you told me to. I’ll let you catch a ride…  but this time only.”

Granny's Got No Chill


This is why you tell grandma to drop you off around the block. I used to get my parents to give me rides all through high school and I used to wear all sorts of strange disguises, so no one would recognize me.

I am sure this guy’s grandma was still proud of his effort, though. Hope there is a nice big plate of consolation spaghetti waiting for them at home. It’ll make everything feel all right again.

MMMM…consolation spaghetti.

Stranger Bangs


Why does Noah Schnapp of Stranger Things look like a medieval court jester in this photo? Cutting bangs seems like it would be pretty straightforward, right? But every time you do it on your own, it ends up worse than the worst haircut your mother ever gave you.

Seriously, he looks like he could step right in as the new bassist for Spinal Tap. I hear they’re always in the market for one of those, and he has the perfect look.

So this bad haircut actually took a one 180 and became a GREAT haircut.

Bills Bills


Jessica might be the loneliest Verizon employee in the world. Sam should have flirted back a little bit; maybe he’d get a discount. He at least would have made this poor woman’s day. Unless it’s not a woman at all, but a self-conscious robot.

In that case he should make double sure to praise her. Last thing we need is for the machine uprising to start because AI thinks we didn’t compliment them nearly enough.

And hey, maybe they fall in love anyway. That would be nice.

Tables Have Turned


I’ve officially unfollowed everyone I ever went to grade school with. So, Becky with the okay hair, I don’t care about your toddler’s potty training progress. Oh, and Ryan, I read enough racist and chauvinistic posts just going through the headlines every day.

If only I could tell younger, depressed me that was sad about not being invited to parties that one day thanks to Facebook, you’d ignore hundreds of invites every day of your life.

Who knew being invited to everything would be such a big pain in the ass?

Seven Cat Days


“Seven days, Susan. Seven days is exactly the amount of time I’m giving you to change back to the old kitty litter. If you don’t, next time you see me emerging from my poop box will be your last. And no, I’m not going to be coming out of the well.

Sure, that would be creepier and more cinematic, but I’m a cat. We hate water. Now do what your told or else there will be dire consequences.”

‘Oh and b-t-dubs, Susan…I hate your new haircut.”

Just Clowning


That is an undeniably great insult and one that truly cuts deep. A clown is low on the totem pole. If you’re not even one of the better-known clowns, like Bozo, Pennywise or Ronald McDonald, you’re pretty much pond scum. No one respects you.

But hope is not all lost… most people will at least fear you. And that ain’t a bad thing. Fear is a type of respect, so at least you have that. Now go on and get, you abomination.

Don't Answer


The only person I want to pick up the phone when I’m calling them is the restaurant I just ordered from. If the delivery is more than five minutes late, you best believe I’m calling them up and asking to speak to the manager.

Yeah, I’m that guy. If I’m going to go out of my way to put on pants to open the door when they arrive, they better be here on time, darn it.

Unless they actually want to see me without pants. I’m fine with that too.

Perfect 10


Yeah, I never get the criteria that judges are basing their scores off in the Olympics, especially in diving, gymnastics and ice skating. It seems so arbitrary and confusing. I feel as though they landed that double axel, but the judges will take a point off if a single hair from the ice-skaters head comes out of place.

Yeah, this is a competition to see who’s the best in the world, but chill out, Russian judge. You’re not impressing anyone with your pretentiousness.

Did we just judge the judges? Hell yeah we did!



Your family is dying because they’re choking on the stench of a Yankee Candle explosion in your apartment. I can’t even walk into that store without my eyes watering and my nostrils starting to close. All those scents mixed together just smell like a spicy dumpster fire.

Maybe you can get a turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy scented candle so even if your family is starving, they can smell what it’s like to be in a home with food.

Grow up, Yankee Candle. You’re not fooling anyone

Don't Ask


Maybe they thought it was a TV anthology of all the best shows over the past 20 years. Honestly, dear sir, how do you get your hands on 57 DVDs of Click? I thought that because the movie was so bad, they only released like 60 copies.

The fact they didn’t notice isn’t nearly as alarming as your ability to come into possession of all this contraband. What kind of terrible film black market are you affiliating with?

Hot Dog


“Linda, I get you think this is adorable. I mean, I know I look adorable. I ALWAYS look adorable. But, I will soak this entire sweater in urine if you try to take me out for a walk in this. This just isn’t working. It’s July for goodness’ sake.

I don’t even have sweat glands. Do you want me to get heat stroke all so you can get a couple of likes on social media? So if you need me, I’ll be eating the couch.”