15 Things You’ve Done But Didn’t Realize That Everyone Else Has Done Too

By Tim Hauser - January 02, 2019

Do you ever do something and think to yourself, “Do I just do this or does everyone”? Well, we have good news for you. You are not alone. We all do the same crap. All. The. Time. There are seven and a half billion people on the planet, so statistically, everything you have ever done has been done by someone else. Yup, even that super weird thing you’re thinking about right now. But don’t worry. Many of the bizarre things you think you are alone in, you are not. These are common things we all do but don’t realize everyone else is also doing.

Just Me Or Everyone?


Look at this picture of this guy using his sweatpants to warm his feet. I can count on more than two hands the amount of times I have used this tactic to warm up my toesies.

In fact, I have also done this with my sweatshirt to warm up my hands as well. Haven’t you? Of course you have! Here are more things that you’ve done that you may not have realized that everyone else has done it too.

Save The Best For Last


Of course we save the best for last when it comes to eating our cereal. We eat the crunchy stuff while it’s still crunchy and then it’s time for the sweet stuff. When we get to the marshmallows, they are soft and mushy and absolutely delicious.

Life is cruel and random, so any form of control we can force into our existence is absolutely needed, especially when it involves processed sugar first thing in the morning.

MMMMM…processed sugar.

What Boredom Looks Like


This, my friends, is exactly what boredom looks like. This is the perfect thing to do when you are in line at the bank. This is also a game that you can play when you are five when your parents are at the bank.

And then later in life when you are an adult and bored at the bank as well. It’s timeless. It also lets the bank teller know that you aren’t ready for a loan, so keep your pitch to yourself, thanks.

Eat Your Breakfast


How can you eat a waffle without filling the squares one at a time with syrup? What’s wrong with you? It just doesn’t taste the same when you pour the syrup in with no plan or focus at all. Also it is always fun to play with your food.

Plus, that’s the entire point of eating a waffle. Those squares are there to be syrup traps. If you wanted to pour syrup on haphazardly, stick to eating French toast, junior.

Ice Cream Soup


There is a point that you get to when you are eating ice cream where it becomes a little too melted. So what do you do? You mix it all around and turn it into ice cream soup of course! Sure, a healthy fruit smoothie would be the more responsible choice.

But you just blended all your ingredients into one uniform liquid here, so it’s basically the same thing. Ask any personal trainer, and if they’re cool, they’ll agree. It’s basically the same health benefits as water, right?

How To Eat Kraft Macaroni And Cheese


This is the right way to eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (correction – it is the ONLY way).  That is until your mom yells at you and tells you to stop playing with your food and you are forced to just eat it. But behind her back, you keep doing this anyway.

This is the utensil version of putting Bugles on your fingers. The best foods are the ones you can play with before you eat. Just ask anyone who ever had a pet pig.

Foot Flushing


We have all flushed the toilet with our foot because, well, germs. Although if you think about it, there really is no way to avoid germs in the bathroom. You have to touch the lock, the door, the handles and the faucets. It just is what it is.

And putting your foot on all those items means extra germs for the poor sap that actually uses their hands in there. Best just wear a hazmat suit.

Or, better yet, never leave your house. Yeah, that’s the stuff

A 'Dime Size'


On the back of the shampoo bottle, it tells you to use a dime-sized amount of shampoo.


Does anyone actually do that? Of course not! We all use more like a half-dollar-sized amount… times two. Maybe use a dime-sized amount while pretending you’re a tree elf.

Then again, if you were a tree elf, you wouldn’t need that bottled tree oil shampoo. You can get it straight from the walls of your home. In dime-sized increments, of course.

How To Eat Your Fries


What is the correct way to eat fries? By dipping them into a milkshake. It really is the best way but we all already know that because we’ve all done that before. Also, on a sandwich. If you haven’t tried it, give it a taste.

Actually, there really is no incorrect way to eat fries. Even if you ate them face first out of a light socket. They’re the perfect food in practically every way.

In your face, broccoli!

'The Chair'


I feel so much better knowing that we all have that “the chair.” I personally have three of “those chairs.” But hey, it keeps me from just throwing things on the floor. The problem is that you never really get to use the chair as a chair.

That just means you have to buy more chairs. Sadly, this just enables you to turn more chairs into “chairs.” It’s a vicious cycle every time you do a wash cycle.

Thanks a lot, Big Chair Industry.

Checking Your Email


Do you read an email again right after you send it? You press send and right away you have to go back and make sure it is okay? You have already read it a million and two times before you sent it, but you just need to check it that one more time just to be safe.

Just one more time, even though there is absolutely nothing you could do if there was something wrong with it anyway.

Wed Nes Day


There are these little things from when you were younger that stick with you. Like before spelling the word Wednesday, do you first have to say, “wed nes day” in your head. Or “righty tighty lefty loosey,” “i before e except after c.”

It’s hard to stop using these little tricks and it almost feels like we can’t live without them. If you don’t believe me, just try reading a haiku without counting the syllables on your hand.

Yeah…we still do that too.

Smile At Dogs Not People


When you see a dog walk by you, do you smile at the dog and completely ignore the owner? Good, me too! What is that owner going to do for you anyway? Nothing. That dog is cute, cuddly and can brighten your day.

The owner is nothing to write home about.  Don’t bother telling me their name, owner. I’ve already decided on calling them “Waffles.” It’s a perfect name because they’re sweet in every square inch.

Humans are garbage. Dogs are everything.

Eat Your Pretzels


Do you like to eat your pretzels like this? It’s so fun, right? It’s like a little game. It also takes longer to eat the pretzels so it feels like you are eating more. I love it. It is hands down the best way to eat pretzels.

Except maybe when they’re covered in chocolate and your imaginary friends are cheering you on during every single last bite. Do you do that, too? No? Hm… Maybe I need to get out more.

Burst My Bubble


As a human being, we can’t help touching things. With these soda lids we have to push not one, but all the buttons and then take the flaps around the straws and lift them up. We can’t just drink the Coke and call it a day.

At least we are all in this together. A highly sugary, bubbly drink just isn’t enough for us. We need to play with every possible item we’re given. We’re curious, and there’s nothing wrong with that.