19 Creepy Abandoned Nests That’ll Probably Give You Nightmares

By manser - October 24, 2018

While nests are usually associated to birds and their cute little babies, that’s just the (cutesy, glamorous) tip of the iceberg.  Nests can take many forms and some of them are fresh out of your nightmares.  You won’t find any baby chicks and furry rabbits in this list!  Also, did we mention that you may never sleep again?

Owl Nest


Can you imagine this guy flying all around this garage? And how long did he have to live in here to make his nest that big?

Because any time at all is way too long.

Prehistoric Wasp Nest

Credits: epicadamwildlife

This prehistoric wasp nest is a remnant of creepier times. We’re glad that we’re not living back in those days! What’s that?

Wasps still exist today? Never mind!

Spider's Nest

Credits: youtube

Don’t even bother to try to kick these spiders out. They live here now. This is their house. And it’s time for you to move out, screaming and swatting at your face.

This is no “itsy bitsy spider” situation!

Abandoned Hornet's Nest

Credits: iflscience

Is there anything less creepy than a giant hornet’s nest that looks exactly like a human face? What’s that? There’s not?

Well then if you’re looking for me, I”ll be on a plane to Anywhere But Here!

Spider's Nest


We can’t help put think about that urban legend. You know, the one where the girl has a sack on her face. And then it turns out to be spiders.

Because that’s exactly what’s going on here.

World's Largest Wasp Nest


Let’s be real, wasp nests put the fear of God in your heart regardless of their size.  You know it’s big wasp nest when it’s the size of a child. A size of a human child. 


Daddy Long Legs Nest

Credits: imgur

This is straight out of a horror movie. Either that or we’ve literally entered into a horror movie. It’s probably the latter, right?

We don’t even know what creature created this and we’d really rather not find out anyway.

Swallow's Nest


This bird has made his home in the corner. Because he thinks that your home is his home. And guess what? It is. Also, he made himself a *little* niche, if that’s ok with you.

And if it’s not, you can just see yourself out the door.

Wasp Nest Inside Of A Car

Credits: pinterest

Hope this guy’s insurance covers his entire car getting taken over by wasps. And not the kind that wear plaid pants and summer in the Hamptons.

It’s the kind that invade your life and make you say NOPE.

Birds Nest Made Out Of A Deer Carcass

Credits: imgur

Someone left out a deer carcass. Then birds found it and started living in the bones. So now we’ll never be able to think of birds as beautiful, innocent creatures ever again.

They will forever be carcass-dwellers and deathmongers.

Hornet's Nest

Credits: deviantart

So many hornets…. They’re swarming this entire nest. Their next place to swarm? Your home. And after that? Your nightmares.

Goodnight, my pretty.  DOn’t let the bed bugs bite.

Spider's Nest (Again)

Credits: youtube

No. We can’t. That is just too many spiders to exist in one place at once. We’re dying.

Spiders should just be solitary creatures that only live alone and are not allowed to hang out with or near any others without explicit written permission.

Wasp Nest

Credits: killsometime

First off, how bad do things have to get to let your bed get taken over by bugs that badly? Was this person on vacation for five years? Or was this person cultivating them?

So many unanswered questions!

Hornet's Nest


Hornet’s nest or modern art installation? There’s only one way to find out! Kick it!

Just kidding…if you value your life and your sanity, leave it the hell alone and just walk the other way.

Exploding Spider's Nest


Hi there. This is a yucky, bulging, super-gross spider egg sack. You read that right. Eventually that sack of spiders will burst.

And it will explode directly into our nightmares. Creepy!

Bird's Nest


He’s not staring directly into our eyes. He’s staring into our soul. He knows all our secrets. And he’s going to use them against us.

Make no mistake, this is no ordinary nest, folks…this is an observation deck of doom.

Paper Wasp Nest

Credits: flickr

We will literally never be able to sleep again after seeing these bugs. We can almost feel them! Are they on us? Get them off!

Why are they so big, black and icky?

Wasp's Nest


Whoever owns that helmet is going to have to give up on ever wearing it again. Those wasps, however, now have a cool helmet to wear whenever they decide to go for a joy ride on a Harley.

All they need is a jacket.

Hornet's Nest


This entire corner has been taken over by hornets. And our nightmares have been taken over by this corner. It’s scarier than Freddie Kruger.

And way harder to kill because HORNETS.