20 Of The Best Examples Of ‘Pics Or It Didn’t Happen’

By lheidi - March 27, 2019

“Pics or it didn’t happen” is the universal code for “we don’t believe your incredibly awesome story, and you need to prove it right now otherwise we’ll brand you as a liar forever.” But now that we have cameras on our phones (and are two seconds away from having the technology to implant cameras in our eyeballs), it’s sooooo much easier to prove that, yes, you did get into an Uber pool with a llama and the Pope. You have the picture to prove it.

These people spend their weekends doing epic things, and we know it, because they have the photos to prove it. Which is great for two reasons. The first reason is, their friends can’t constantly say, “Remember the time you lied to us about Bill Murray crashing your karaoke party? That was hella lame.” And the second reason is, we can now click through and enjoy their absolutely insane experiences caught on camera.


Lol Nice


What do you think happens when you leave kids in charge of putting together the weather report?

You get the most interesting weather presentation anyone has ever seen. Honestly, professional weathermen should do the same thing with their weather presentations.

Want to bet that everyone behind the scenes was high-fiving each other for this joke? We’re high-fiving ourselves right now just looking at this photo. We can learn a lot from children if we just take the time to listen.

Spill You


“Honey, do you think that this spill has it out for me, just me, personally?”

“Why do you think that? It’s just a spill that looks like a person waving. He’s being so friendly to me!”

“Damn it! I knew it! He’s giving me the finger when nobody’s looking! I don’t know what I did to him, but I’ve angered him in some way, and now he’s being a real jerk to me for it. That’s just great!”

Long Haul


You can’t blame this guy for trying to get his U Haul through the tunnel.

In his defense, the “no tall trucks” sign is on the other side of the tunnel, and not the side of the tunnel he came from.

We don’t know if he’s going to end up getting his security deposit on the truck back. Maybe he can try to say the scratches on the roof are from somebody else trying to get it through a tunnel?

Pants Police


“Are you okay down there? We’re going to lift you up now! And, whoops. There goes your pants!”

“Leave me. This is embarrassing. I’d rather hang here forever than go up there and get rescued and have to face everyone.

“Yes, I’m sure I want to stay hanging upside down from a rope. It’s a lot easier than having to face everyone now that everyone has seen my underwear. Please just leave me. I live here now.”

Ewok Of Shame


Not everyone likes animatronic Ewoks. In fact, some people really hate animatronic Ewoks with a passion.

You can’t blame her for punching the robot Ewok. We’d punch him, too. He’s creepy and his eyes glow. It’s freaky!

We know that it would probably break our hand because its skull is metal. You have to defend your companions from this fake Ewok at all costs. Even if that cost is your hand; your precious, fragile, human hand.

White Stripe


Walter White is a fictional character, right? He’s not a real person we can run into on the bus?

We didn’t step into a weird portal that has transported us to the world of Breaking Bad, did we?

Or is Bryan Cranston doing some fun “pretend like you’re a normal person for a day” experiment? Because those are the only possible explanations for why this man looks so much like Walter White. There’s no way this is a real person in the world.

Hot Wheels


It’s a car on a truck on a truck on a truck. So it is basically the turducken of cars.

We’re pretty sure that this shouldn’t exist. Like it’s some omen that the end of the world is near, because the impossible just happened.

There’s no way that all of those cars need to be towed. They are pretty much just stacked up for the fun of it. And it is fun…until that red car rolls off. Then all bets are off.

Over The Rainbow


What’s at the end of a rainbow? Is it a pot of gold? Is it a leprechaun?

Oh, it’s just a road sign at the end of the rainbow. That’s… no. It’s fine. It’s totally fine.

It’s just that… We were expecting something more magical than a road sign. Can the road sign grant wishes? Oh, what’s that, it can’t? No. That’s fine too. It’s totally fine… We’re not disappointed by this in any way shape or form.

Swan Song


“Hello, Monica. Dale. I didn’t get my invitation to your wedding. It must have got lost in the mail.

“I’m sure that you didn’t deliberately snub me from your wedding. I know that our past has been quite rocky.

“But that’s certainly no reason to not invite me to your wedding. You know that I’m still in love with you, Monica. And I wish that you would leave Dale for an inter-species relationship with me. Marry me, Monica!”

Face Off


Have you ever seen a demon in real life? It turns out that they have half of a dog face, half of a human face.

They’re really a remarkable thing to behold if you’re lucky enough to catch one.

They’re frightening, too. If you ever see one, you’ll probably end up having nightmares for years. The only thing to do is send them back to where the came from! Or to remove the chip bag. That works, too!

What Floats Your Goat


“I’m not drunk, you’re drunk! Just because I’m a goat doesn’t mean I can’t handle my liquor, Rachel.

“So don’t you judge me! I’m fine. I’m totally fine. If you won’t give me my keys, I’ll just stay here!

“I’m just going to take a little goat nap in this trash can here. It’s really comfortable. Don’t let me text my ex, okay? Mostly because I have hooves instead of hands so it’s hard for me to text.”

Shadow Government


That moment when your shadow looks exactly like a silhouette of the president and someone takes your picture.

Or… the only other possible explanation is that this person secretly is the president, and the only way you can tell is by his shadow!

It’s like Batman casting a shadow of bat ears when he’s posing as Bruce Wayne. It’s a talent that pretty much all superheroes have. Their shadows appear as their alter ego. That’s how you know when someone’s a superhero.

Dog Days


“Teacher, my dog ate my homework. No, really he did. He was really smug about it, too.

“I’ve heard that excuse a lot, but I’ve never actually seen it happen until now. That’s quite impressive.”

“Good boy! Here’s a treat. Okay, Scout, don’t tell my teacher that I told you to eat my homework. Just make her think that you did it on your own. It was your own fun idea to make a big mess out of the work I was supposed to turn in, m’kay?”

Sheer Madness


This sheep ran away because it didn’t want to get sheared anymore. Some animals were meant to run free!

When they found him, this is what he ended up looking like. A big ball of fleece.

It’s like he’s wearing forty wool sweaters over his skinny sheep body. If he goes down the side of a hill, will he just roll? He must be crazy soft, too. But if you touched him, he’d absorb your hand into his wool.

Bearly There


So the next time we’re getting chased by a bear, we’re not going to climb up into a tree to escape from him.

Clearly, bears have figured out how to climb trees. They’re getting smarter. They’re adapting.

We’re honestly impressed that this tree didn’t break under the weight of four different bears. Either bears are getting lighter or trees are getting sturdier, or both is happening at the same time. Are these bears planning on joining the circus?

Beach Bum


There is absolutely no way that this is real. This has completely got to be fake.

There’s no way this island just happened to look like this man. Someone must have asked the man to lie down on the beach.

And then they went ahead and brought in a bunch of dirt and sculpted hills to match him. Obviously that’s what happened. Because that’s a thing that people do, right? It’s not us just using our imagination?

Snow Days


“It’s way too cold out here for a squirrel. Luckily, I’m doing such a great job at balancing on this roooo—-

“Okay. I’m fine. I fell, but I fine. All my parts are still there. Four legs and one tail.

“Looks like I’ll just tiptoe my way across the deck and nobody will know what happened. There won’t be a trace of my horrible fall that nobody saw. Just tip toe my way back to where I came from.”

Splash Zone


Whatever you do, do not make a bull mad. You don’t even want to know what would happen.

That bull will hunt you down and find you. He’ll knock on every single door in the neighborhood to find which one is yours.

And once he has found you, he will chase you to the ends of the earth. And why? Because you shortchanged him by fifty cents. So just think before you do anything that’s going to upset him!

Crocodile Rock


Nobody puts a baby crocodile in the corner! Although, maybe they should because those are dangerous wild animals.

Where did this happen? Our first guess is Florida. And our second guess is Florida. Our third guess is also Florida.

Where else would people try to recreate the lift from Dirty Dancing with animals that can bite your hands and head off? It’s the heat. It gets to people’s heads and they think doing something like this is funny.



There are car accidents, and then there are car accidents. This is clearly a car accident. 

We had no idea that telephone poles could even do this. Or, honestly, we didn’t know cars could do this either.

We have to give this accident a slow clap for being so epic. It’s like something out of a movie. Honestly, it’s something better than anything we’ve seen in a movie. Movies need to step up their game now that we’ve seen this photo!