20 Times When Karma Pulled Through Big Time

By lheidi - May 31, 2019

You have to watch out what you do, because even if you get away scott free, karma is coming for you. Karma doesn’t care who you are, where you’re from. It only wants one thing. Revenge. And it will stop at nothing until it gets it. It’s like Liam Neeson in a movie tracking you down, but it’s real life, and this time it’s personal. You can run, but you can’t hide from karma.

You can try to go off the grid, ditch your cell phone in the woods, and then live in a small shack where no one can find you. But it’s not going to be good enough. Karma will find you. It always knows where you’re going, what you’re doing. So just watch out, because karma will make your life a living hell if you let it. These people probably should have taken into account how karma will hunt you down.

Hand It To Them


It’s the worst thing ever when people park in handicapped spaced even though they’re not handicapped.

These people probably hate it as much as we do, because they went through all this effort to get back at the person who did it.

We hope that the person wasn’t actually handicapped but forgot their sticker. Because then they’d have to get revenge on the people who did this to their car, and that would be a never-ending cycle of revenge.

Baby Blues


The only thing more beautiful than a baby is to see a wife getting revenge for the way that baby was made.

It must really suck to read the paper and come across this, especially if you didn’t know about the existence of Patrick’s wife until now.

But it must really suck to be Patrick and to suddenly find out that there’s two women who are mad at you, as well as anyone else who happens to read this.

What An Ass


This kid should have thought twice about doing bunn ears on his friend during this photo.

The horse behind him decided to get revenge on the kid for being a jerk to his friend, and we have to give it to the horse.

Who looks dumb now? Horse ears are worse than bunny ears. We love the sense of justice that this horse has. You usually don’t find something like that in the animal kingdom at all.

Sibling Rivalry


Don’t ever, ever, ever mess with your brother or your sister. Because they will get back at you and it will not be fun.

It’s going to take her so long to figure out which folder her project is under.

This is seriously messed up, but we hope that she learned her lesson. It’s mostly because we don’t want anyone to have to go something as horrendous as this again. We’re not going to be able to sleep at night.

Hit It And Quit It


This person might have been pretty happy about hitting this pole because of the backstory.

The person had been involved in a hit and run. Someone hit their car, and then drove away after doing so.

But their front bumper came off and the other car left without realizing it. The license plate was still on the front bumper. It’s not a very effective hit and run if you leave behind pieces of your car, now is it?

Book Smart


If you’re going to make a point, you might want to make sure your point makes sense.

And also, make sure it’s something that people can’t call you out on immediately. We haven’t read this book since high school, but even we know that line is from the Great Gatsby.

Apparently, someone didn’t go to high school. Just read the book! It’s not that long, and it’ll make people you think that you took an English class.

Deep Doo Doo


What if the person who stole the ice cream bars knew that they were actually laxatives?

Maybe they wanted to eat two dog laxatives? They could have been a little backed up and were trying to fix it.

Don’t just assume that people are stealing your stuff because they think it’s ice cream. They might know exactly what you’re doing and have some pretty weird reasons for going along with it. So joke’s on you, Laxative Person.

Something's Fishy


Maybe this cat will think twice about eating another fish after this happened to him.

Or maybe he won’t think twice at all and just go for it? Because he’s a cat after all. We don’t think that cats care about what they’re eating.

They’re not used to food eating them, they’re used to eating food. He looks really scared. His mouth is almost as open as the fish. This poor cat. But also he looks really adorable.

Lots Of Fun


People who double park are the worst people in the world. We’re just going to say it right now.

We can’t be mad at these people for parking him in like this, because we’d want to do it ourselves.

We also have to admire all of the teamwork it took to make sure that this guy couldn’t get out. It probably took a lot of coordination, but they were able to pull it off, and the results were epic.

Takes One To Know One


Be careful about what you complain about on Facebook. It’s almost like there’s a genie there trying to make your complaints happen in real life.

Maybe this person need to take some time for self reflection? It might not be other people who are bad at driving, but instead, it’s this person?

It’s just a wild guess that we’re making based off of context clues. It’s just a hunch. We don’t know what makes us say that.

Like A Flash


Some people really can’t help themselves, can they? This is a Power Point on how to stop flashing people in public.

But sometimes you just love flashing people so much, you end up doing it even when you’re not trying to do it.

They say that shadows reveal our deepest, darkest desires. And in this case, that’s completely true. There’s no way they’re going to get over streaking if things like this keep on happening in public

Stick It To The Ticket


We hate parking enforcers, so it makes us so happy to see this photo more than we can say.

If you’re going to enforce the parking rules, you should also follow the parking rules. That should go without saying.

We didn’t even know it was possible for parking enforcers to get parking tickets, but we’re kind of glad to know that it can happen. We might even be happier than we should be. This is our favorite thing.

Bearly There


If you’re a hunter, you better think about not going into the woods and shooting down animals.

Why? Because nature might have it out for you. If you take one of theirs, they’ll take one of you.

There’s a bear lurking in the corner behind these hunters who just shot a bear. It’s called karma. And it’s not always pretty. We would hate to see what happened right after this photo was taken. But we can guess.

Poop Happens


You shouldn’t leave your dog inside of your car when you go inside to run errands.

It can get too hot in the car, and  the dog can be really uncomfortable for the entire time you’re inside.

But also, the dog can enact revenge upon you while you’re inside getting your cup of coffee. And we don’t blame the dog at all. If someone put us in a car , we’d probably do something like this, too.

Foot Long


We love this post. It clearly shows why you shouldn’t bully people when you’re in school.

Things really come around in a weird way. You never know where someone will end up in life, so it’s important to be nice to them.

Also, it’s important to be nice to them because it’s the right thing to do, and not because you’re worried you’ll end up taking their sandwich orders when you guys are both adults. That, too.

Hose Hole


Some people park in front of a fire hydrant because they think it’s fine and that there’s no way a fire will break out.

But sometimes, a fire does break out when they’re parked in front of a fire hydrant.

They firemen are going to need to get in there, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get the hose to the hydrant. If they have to break the window of your car, then that might be on you.

Smokey And The Bandit


Getting cut off in traffic really sucks. It’s so rude and completely unnecessary. We’re all trying to get where we’re going.

If you cut in front of people you might not end up going where you’re going.

You might end up having to take a detour at the car wash because a truck and karma had something else in store for you. We wouldn’t even be mad about this, because it kind of actually makes us happy.

No Parking


If you have a motorcycle and someone takes your parking, you can just park there anyways.

That’s probably the major advantage of having a motorcycle. You can show jerks exactly how much of a jerk that they’re being. What can be better than that?

It almost makes us want to start riding a motorcycle just so we can do this to jerks. But we’re pretty sure that karma is way ahead of us on sticking it to jerks.

Plain Plane


Wow. If you’re boring a plane, you shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry, otherwise you might end up like this person.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than watching the person you were just rude to on the TV in front of you.

We’d imagine, anyways, because this hasn’t’ happened to us. And we hope it never does. It sounds like it would be torture, and it would make for a very uncomfortable plane flight after this.

That's The Ticket


Okay, this one might not be an instance of karma. It might just be plain old mean.

You know that you have a lot of tickets or a very cheap car or both when the ticket fees you’ve wracked up are more than the price of the car.

We wonder what karma has in store for the guy who did this? Because this revenge was so good, you know the revenge he’s getting for his revenge is going to be bad.