20 Totally Random And Hilarious Pics To Make Your Day That Much Better

By lheidi - May 30, 2019

Do you need a pick me up in your day? Do you need something funny to bring a smile to your face? Do you need something to take you away from all the doom and gloom in the news? Well, we’ve got your back, because these photos will make your day a lot better. They don’t make sense, and they don’t need to. Maybe it’s better that they don’t? Don’t question what we have in store for you. Just go with it.

There’s nothing like a bunch of random photos to put a smile on your face. Not even a happy baby or a first kiss can make you smile as much as random photos. We dare you to think of something that works better. You can’t, can you? So click on through and let these photos make you feel better. We know that you need it, so go ahead.

Ball Is Life


The face on this guy is priceless. Seriously, you can not put a price tag on that thing.

He knows exactly what is going to happen. He knows that he is powerless to stop it. And his looks perfectly communicates both things.

We’re not sure if he’s surprised, terrified, amused, or apathetic, or a combination of all of those emotions blended into one new emotion. Whatever he’s feeling, we totally get it. We’ve all been there, too.

Say What


We love this joke, because it makes total sense if you think about what’s going on.

Of course, if you think about what is going on, you’ll also be plagued with massive guilt, because you’ll realize that you’ve been torturing you chocolate Easter bunnies this whole time.

You’re not harmlessly taking a bite out of an Easter candy. You’re preventing these bunnies from being able to hear or sit, and it hurts them. We are such monsters.

The Candy Man


Growing up isn’t fun, and this Tweet seriously proves that in such a simple way.

Why on earth would anyone want to grow up if it means giving up trying to fit as much candy as possible into your mouth just because you can?

That’s probably the best part of life. Why else would they make candy? Why else would they make mouths? There would be no point to either of those things if you couldn’t stuff your face with candy.

For The Dogs


We love this little guy so much! He looks so dapper in his giraffe costume!

We like to think that this dog thinks that he’s actually a giraffe because he has the same pattern as a giraffe. He doesn’t know that it’s just a costume.

And when he goes out with all the other giraffes, he tries to run along side them and keep up, because he doesn’t understand that he is different from them at all.

Daddy Issues


There is actually a very real possibility that the big cat did not give birth to the little kitten.

And that’s because the little kitten is probably a clone of the big cat. You don’t give birth to your clone. That’s how clones work.

You take a piece of your DNA, and you copy it. That’s totally different from giving birth. Giving birth involves someone else’s genes. It’s an entirely different process. One this cat had no part in.

Face Forward


If you don’t want to tell people how you feel, you can just show it on your shirt.

Because it gets exhausting to keep on answering people when they ask, “How are you?” And people do it constantly.

It feels like every time you see someone they ask, “How are you?” And we’re sick of it. So you might as well just get this shirt so you can cut out the small talk. It’s so much easier.

Bad Memory


There is a reason they call it memory foam, and that is because it never forgets, like an elephant.

Although, this really could be anything. Maybe she kept a lot of weirdly shaped snakes under there? Or a lot of weirdly shaped pencils?

Or maybe someone was jumping on the mattress, but they were wearing very skinny shoes that left an unusual footprint? There are so many things that this could be. It’s not necessarily the obvious.

Air Head


This sign is technically accurate. And it might not actually be a joke, even if you think it’s  hysterically funny.

There could actually be a museum that is  just dedicated to literal air and literal space, right?

You just walk around to all these empty rooms where different air and different space is displayed. There is so much air and space in the world, why wouldn’t someone want to honor it by putting it in a museum?

Horsing Around


We didn’t know horses could kill until we saw this photo. This horse looks like he’s out for revenge.

He’s targeting that kid on purpose, and the kid knows it. Look how scared he is.

That kid did something to that horse. We’re pretty sure he held a carrot in front of it, then took it away. And now the horse is mad and he’s trying to do something about it. That poor kid. He doesn’t have a chance.

Twice As Nice


The deal of the day isn’t necessarily a good deal. It’s not a deal at all, really.

If it was a good deal, they would probably say it. But they didn’t. So if you’re expecting the deal to be good, that’s on you.

You made an assumption, and you know what they say. When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. So maybe get two beers to feel better. But you have to pay for them both.

Gnome Sweet Gnome


If you’ve got it, flaunt it, even if you’re a ceramic garden gnome. Because what else are you going to do with it?

This gnome is reclining in the exact same pose as Burt Reynolds in his iconic Cosmopolitan photo shoot.

Which makes us wonder, where did this gnome get his hands on a Cosmopolitan magazine? And why would he try to emulate Burt Reynolds of all things? Is he trying to seduce a female garden gnome?



If you think your cat is actually a tiny person in a cat suit, you have to say something.

That way you can investigate the situation. What if someone is tricking you this whole time?

You have to do something about that. Otherwise, this guy is going to continue to scam you just so he can get free cat food and have someone scoop up his poop. That’s not a scam you want to be part of.



Even these birds know how to do duck face. It’s just something that’s universal across all species of flora and fauna.

These birds really know what their best angles are, and they’re not afraid to show them off.

We think that these birds are probably also model birds, because why else would they know how to pose so well? Right now, they are posing like it’s their job. And you know what, it should be. Cause they are SMOKING.

Big Baby


This kid isn’t even one, but already he’s over the whole world. His life might be short, but he has been through a lot.

Do not mess with this kid. He’s completely over your stuff. He doesn’t need it.

Right now, he just needs to destress from everything he’s had to go through between nap time and now. And trust us, it’s been a lot. There’s been shiny object dangling. People’s faces disappearing and reappearing. A lot.

Pretty Piggy


We kind of get the feeling that this pig picked out this wig by himself.

He was embarrassed about his wiry, bristly pig hair, so he wanted to do something to hide it in a fun way.

He also wanted to trick us into thinking that he is not a pig. And for a second, it actually worked. We thought he was a human who just had wer something going on with their nose for a second.

A Dog's Life


This dog got all dressed up, and you know what? He hates what happened to him.

Look at that face. That i the face of a dog who knows that he’s being mocked by humans right now.

That dog is completely aware that wearing human clothes is degrading and embarrassing. He doesn’t want anything to do with it. But it’s happening, because he’s powerless to stop it. That poor dog. He’s going through a lot right now.

Nice Ice


They’re really starting to go all out with gelato in Italy, aren’t they? It probably took a lot of work to shape a scoop like this.

But now that we’ve seen this, we’re not going to be happy with ice cream that isn’t shaped like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Why would someone insult us by giving an ice cream scoop shaped like a scoop? That’s not fair. We don’t want that. We’d throw it on the ground.

Dice And Slice


This poor potato! He just stumbled on a dead body! It’s a potato body, but it’s still a dead body to him.

This must have been traumatic for him. We doubt that he’ll ever get over seeing his friend all sliced up like this.

The person who did this is still on the loose, and he might be coming for the potato. You never know. He isn’t safe from the killer. Nobody is safe from the killer.

Downward Dog


Dogs must do yoga naturally. That has to be where we get the names from.

This dog is literally doing upward facing dog. And after this, he’s going straight to child’s pose, and then maybe he’ll hit up a frog pose.

We’re pretty sure that yoga classes are going to get filled up by dogs wearing tank tops that read “Namaste in bed.” They need to be all stretchy and centered as much as the next person.

Bath Man


Batman wasn’t made. He was born. Want proof? This is a baby photo of the caped crusader.

Bruce Wayne was a chubby baby too! And he was so cute. We just want to pinch his cubby little crime fighting cheeks.

That’s why Batman has a pointy mask. Because he needs to be able to fit his hair into those pointy bat ears. You didn’t know that? Well, now you do. His ears are pointy for a reason.