25 Bizarre Homes People Actually Live In

By lheidi - July 01, 2019

Home sweet home. There are so many weird houses out there, and we’re not talking just ranch houses. Seriously, why would anyone want their home to be shaped like a giant, three dimensional rectangle? Sure, you’re not going to get lost while your inside your house, but when you’re outside your house, you’re going to get confused because every ranch house looks like every other ranch house in the world. Don’t believe us? Take a look at any random ranch house and tell us how it’s different from all of the other ranch houses. We’ll wait.

You have the power to make your house as creative as you want. You might as well go all out, instead of sticking with a basic house. These people had a lot of fun with their homes. So much so that we’re not even sure how they still function as houses in some cases.

Home Sweet Home


There’s so much going on with this house that we don’t even know where to start.

The garage looks like some kind of space helmet that has a face on it. And the whole thing looks like it was designed by the architect of the Weasley House, but he got drunk first.

And is that a tree painted on the side of it, not an actual tree? What’s the point of having a drawing of a tree on your house?

Pyramid Scheme


If you ever wanted to live inside the pyramids of Egypt, then this house is for you.

We’re pretty sure it’s a house and not actually a tomb for these people to rest their bodies after they’ve departed from this world.

That would be pretty creepy if the whole time we thought it was a house, but it turned out it was just a fancy grave for these people to put all of their possessions and bodies in when they die.

The Letter L


The people who built this house were such fans of the letter “L” that they decided to build their house to look like it.

We really hope that their last name starts with an “L,” otherwise we’d be really disappointed. You can’t move in here if your last name starts with an “M.” You’d have to do a complete redesign of the place.

It would be easier to just change your last name completely at that point.

House Cat


We love how this house has no windows, except for the windows that make it look like it has a cat face.

It’s almost as if the house is haunted, but it’s haunted with the spirit of a house cat.

Don’t go inside this house, otherwise you will be haunted by the cat ghost who just wants to get petted by you and play with yarn. He is very persistent, it is scary how annoying he can get.



Of course, you can just go all out on the whole “no window” thing if you want. Why settle for only two when you can have zero?

This house is perfect if you’re trying to hide something from your neighbors.

You can walk around naked in any room of the house all day, every day and nobody will see anything, because they can’t. That’s the one major advantage of living in a house that has no windows.

Cliff Hanger


It looks as if these people carved their house into the side of a cliff, but they didn’t.

This house very much so sits at street level in a neighborhood, and not in the face of a mountain.

The cool thing about this house is that you can let everyone know that you live a totally X-treme lifestyle. You spend all of your free time climbing a mountain, and when you’re not, you’re living inside of one.

Half-Way House


We’re not sure if half of the house is invisible, or if this is just half of a house.

And if it is half of a house, where did the other half go? Did somebody steal it?

We’ve heard of people robbing a house, but we never thought that it would apply to the house itself. We’ll keep an eye out for the missing house posters that have the other half of this house drawn on it.

A Room With A View


We love that the person who built this house couldn’t decide on what kind of windows this house should have.

So he just went for it and put all of the windows on here. The person who lives here must have a really hard time picking out curtains for their house.

They say that variety is the spice of life. In that case, this house is so spicy that eating it makes your mouth burn inside completely.

Cool Castle


The great thing about being rich is that you can finally afford to build the castle that you’ve always wanted to live in.

But you don’t have to follow the traditional castle structure. You can make it look like a house had a baby with a castle.

And your house will be a living PSA as to why castles and houses should always play it safe if they’re going to get it on. Because the baby is going to be ugly.

Roof Optional


Who needs a roof on their house? They can be more trouble that they’re worth.

What does a roof even do anyways? All it does is keep you dry when it rains and stops birds from flying into your house. Plus, they help keep the cold out of your house in the winter, and who needs that in their life?

You’re really better off without having a roof. They’re just seriously not worth having on your house.

Up, Up And Away


This house wishes it were an airplane so badly. It’s so sad to see how it’s trying so hard to be something it will never be able to become.

This house is kind of trying to take off of a runway, but it will never be able to fly because it doesn’t have wings.

We feel so sad for this house. Nobody tell it that it won’t be able to fly. Just let it have its dreams.

Pitching A Tent


This house is perfect for kids who always wanted to sleep in a tent, but their parents would never let them.

It’s like a big middle finger to mom and dad who said that you had to sleep in your bed, and you weren’t allowed to pitch a tent in your bedroom

Well guess what? Now you live in a tent. And there’s nothing your parents can do or say that can stop you from living your life.



What in the world is going on with this house? Seriously, what is its deal because we can’t even begin to guess.

Why are there no windows, except for what looks like a secret spy window coming from the basement.

And why is the roof so flat, but curves up at the sides? Is this supposed to be used as a helipad or used as a skate ramp? Or maybe it’s just supposed to be used as both?

Black And White


If you think about it, this house really says a lot about the duality of man’s nature.

Man has two sides to him, and both of those sides clash completely with each other. They clash so much that it looks like they don’t belong in the same space at all.

In fact, the two sides of man’s personality should just have nothing to do with each other and did the architect of man even know what he was doing?

Strip Search


You have so much space to build your house, but why would you take it when you can just have your house on a thin strip?

It’s that whole “airplane runway chic” that’s so popular nowadays.

There’s nothing like having a big patch of dirt surrounding your house. It makes you feel like you live in a desert and the small strip of land that your house is on is the desert oasis. It’s such a fun feel.

A House Askew


It looks like they starting building this house a little bit crooked and instead of fixing their mistake, they just decide to commit to the mistake that they made.

You would think that there’s no reason for a house to be crooked, but you’d be wrong.

This house lets you better look into your neighbors windows, which makes it easier to spy on it. We wonder why more people don’t build their houses slightly crooked like this, too.

Male Box


There’s not much wrong with this house, right? Out of all the houses on the list, this one shouldn’t be here, right?

Take another look at it. Take a long, hard look at it. Turn your sights to the mailbox at the end of the driveway.

Do you think that they designed the mailbox to look like this on purpose, or was it just a Freudian slip on the part of the architect? Because that is a huge slip.

Little Guy


It must be hard being the baby house that’s wedged in between to regular houses. You probably get picked on a lot.

But you probably don’t get picked on nearly as much as this house that has too many windows for its own good.

We hope that these two houses can get together and talk about their feelings about how hard it is to be an ugly house when every house next to them is normal and not ugly.

What A Story


Don’t look, but this building has another building growing out of the top of it.

It’s like some kind of weird building horn that’s just sitting on top of a regular building. We didn’t even know that buildings could do this.

Is there some sort of surgery that the building can get to remove the growth coming out of the top of it? Can someone start a Go Fund Me to help out this poor building with a growth?

Goes Down Smooth


If you love skylights but hate windows, then this house is probably going to be your dream house.

Seriously, you can’t build a house with no windows completely. You have to have a little something, even if they’re skylights that feel like they might have been an afterthought.

There’s no way a robber is going to come through the window of your house, unless they drop in by using ropes dangling from the skylights, so that’s a danger.

Seeing Squares


This person loves ska music so much that they decided to deck out their house in the black and white checks that are so popular in ska culture.

We’re pretty sure that if you drive by here, you’re going to hear ska music blaring really loudly, too.

Nobody tell this person that ska is dead and that their house is tacky. We don’t want them to make them feel sad about either of those things, even though they’re true.

Swiss Cheese


Apparently, making your house look like Swiss cheese is actually pretty popular in architecture these days.

If you live in one of these houses, you just have to watch out for mice coming up to it and trying to nibble on it because it looks too much like cheese.

And if you get hungry, you might even try taking a bite out of the cheese on your own. But it’s not cheese. It’s a house. Don’t forget it.

Twice As Nice


These two houses used to be so close that they were inseparable. They were one house, united.

But then something happened, they got into a fight, and they decided to separate and turn their backs on each other.

Now, a tree sits between them as a reminder that they will never be whole again. The house on the left knows what it did, and it won’t apologize for it. But the house on the right will never forgive him.

King Of The Castle


If you really like the design of a castle, but don’t want to commit to a full castle, you can still have your dream house.

You can always plunk a roof that looks like the letter “A” on top of two castle turrets and then call it a house. The secret is that you use the word “house” to let people know that’s what it’s supposed to be.

We love the crown over the door. That’s not tacky at all.

Flag Stand


The great thing about living in Belgium is that you can paint your house to look like the Belgian flag, and nobody will be like, “Maybe you shouldn’t do that?”

You know that you have a tacky house problem in your country when the least tacky thing you can do to your house is paint it the same colors as the flag.

These colors don’t run, baby, because they’re painted with waterproof and weatherproof paint that will make them stay.