30 Food Rules The Royal Family Has To Obey

By lheidi - August 05, 2019

Everything the Royal Family does is going to be very different from anything a normal family does. Even brushing their teeth at night has got to be full of rules and etiquette. We don’t know what the Royal Protocol for brushing one’s teeth at night is, but it’s probably going to be super formal, and we bet the Queen is going to have to do it first. You’re going to have to floss from the royal floss holder, and then brush your teeth a total of 76 times in a clockwise direction all while wearing panty hose for some reason. A Royal’s life is super regulated, and that includes making sure you don’t get cavities and tooth decay.

Being a member of the Royal Family has a lot of perks, but all of the rules and restrictions are a major downside to it. They can’t even grab a Big Mac when they want one.

Someone Is In Charge Of Seating The Royals


Even where the Royal Family sits at dinner is a big deal. It’s not just what they eat.

There’s a whole team of people who work to make sure the Royal Family is seated where they should be seated.

They’re called the Office of the Marshal of the Courts. Their they’re to make sure everyone is in their official spots at dinners and events. We’re pretty sure Prince Charles likes to run off, so we’re glad that they’re there.

The Queen Has to Approve The Menu


What the Royal Family eats isn’t just random. The Queen has to approve the final menu before anyone gets to take a bite.

The Queen will get something known as the “Menu Book,” which is just what it sounds like. The Queen approves or disapproves every menu item in the book for that week.

The chefs already know what the Queen likes to eat and what she doesn’t like to eat, so they’re not going blind when they make the menu.

Even Their Dinner Conversation Is Regulated


You would think with all the rules the Royal Family has to follow, they’d go easy when it comes to talking during dinner, but that’s not the case.

There’s a very specific pattern for their dinner conversations. The Queen will first talk to the person on her right.

Then, during the second course of the meal, the Queen will switch to the person on her left and engage that person in dinner conversation. It’s all very thought out.

There's Even Rules On How To Hold A Teacup


Everything is regulated, even down to how you hold a teacup when you drink from it.

You have to hold the cup with your thumb and forefinger clasping the top of the handle of the cup. Since this is really hard to do, especially if the cup is full, you can use your other fingers for support.

But you can only put your middle finger on the base of the handle of it to hold the cup up.

They're Not Allowed To Eat Any Garlic


Garlic is a pretty great way to add a lot of flavor to your food.

But if you’re a member of the Royal Family, eating garlic is a serious no-no. The same goes for eating onions. That’s one way to avoid garlic breath.

“We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions,” Daren McGrady, a former royal chef, said. “We also couldn’t serve meat that was rare, as she liked her meat more well done.”

They Have To Fold Their Napkins


If a member of the Royal Family is using a napkin, they have to fold it in a specific way after they’ve used it.

They fold their napkins in half before they use it. Then, when they go to use it, they use the part that’s on the inside of the fold.

That way, nobody can see what they wiped into the napkin and they don’t risk getting any sauces or food on their fancy Royal clothes.

They Can't Leave Lipstick Stains


The members of the Royal Family who wear lipstick (not you, Prince Charles) can’t leave evidence of that behind.

Or rather, they have to control how they leave the print of their lipstick on a cup.

They can only drink from the same spot so that all of their lipstick stays in the same place and it doesn’t look like they made out with the entire top of the cup. That would just be too messy for a Royal.

The Royal Family Can't Eat Shellfish


The Royal Family can never eat shellfish, and it’s not because they have crazy allergies to the food.

The Queen keeps under water crustaceans off the menu because it can put the Royal Family at risk for food poisoning.

Plus there was that one scene in the Little Mermaid when the lobster ran away, and nobody wants to live out that scene in real life. So it’s just safer to keep all of it off the menu.

They Can't Accept Food Outside Of A Royal Capacity


If a member of the Royal Family moves next door to you and you want to bring them a plate of cookies, don’t bother.

The Royal Family can only take food if it’s in a royal capacity.

When they go to events, the food is arranged in advanced and officially sanctioned, so it’s okay for them to eat what’s there. But they’re not allowed to take anything that anyone hands to them after the event, even if it looks good.

They Also Can't Refuse Food


Even though they can only eat food in a royal capacity, they also can’t refuse food when they go to those same events.

If they’re at an officially sanctioned event and someone hands them, say, a bite of a brownie and the Royal doesn’t want to eat it because they’ll break out, they still have to eat it.

A lot of the time, they’ll take a polite nibble or sip of whatever is offered to them to be nice.

The Queen Isn't A Fan Of Carbs


The Queen likes to keep things healthy, and since she’s the Queen, she has the power to make everyone else eat healthy, too.

The Queen will never approve spaghetti or other pasta on the menu. She also doesn’t like to have rice or potatoes on the menu either.

We bet Prince Phillip still sneaks down for some lasagna after the Queen’s gone to bed, though. Pasta is really good! We kind of feel bad for the Royal Family.

The Queen Is Really Hands On With Her Menu


Approving the royal menu isn’t a job that the Queen takes lightly. She’ll actually go through it and pick out what stays and goes.

She won’t just sign off on it after glancing at it for a second.

“I found a new dish called ‘Veiled Farmer’s Daughter’ and sent it up as a suggestion to the Queen and she could look at it and decide if was to her liking,” The Queen’s former chef Darren McGrady said. “She sent a note back saying who or what are the ‘Veiled Farmer’s Daughter’.”

You Have To Wear Formal Wear When Eating With The Queen


Technically, the Queen is just Prince William and Prince Harry’s grandmother. But their relationship isn’t quite as informal as you’d think.

Even if Prince William and Prince Harry sit down to have dinner with their grandma, they still have to dress up.

If you’re planning on dining with the Queen, you have to show up in full formal wear. It’s kind of like a no shoes, no shirt, no service kind of thin, but a lot more elegant.

Sometimes They Bend The Rules


It would be hard to follows these super strict rules all the time, every time they sit down to eat.

But fortunately for the Royal Family, that’s not the case. They are allowed some leeway when it comes to eating protocol.

Sometimes, they’re allowed to bend the rules when they’re out and about in public, otherwise they might come off as rude. We bet they’re pretty happy to bend the rules when someone’s serving garlic and pasta.

It's Ok To Have A Sweet Tooth


You would think with all the rules that the Royal Family wouldn’t be able to indulge in sweets whenever they want.

We feel like there would be some weird rule about no cake after 8 pm, unless it’s a Sunday, but only if it’s before the Summer Equinox.

But no such rule exists, so if you’re a member of the Royal Family and you have a sweet tooth, you can go ahead and eat as much candy as you want.

The Queen Eats Small Portions


Some nutrition experts say that eating four small meals a day is the way to go when it comes to your food.

And that’s exactly what the Queen does. She eats very small portions, and will eat four meals a day, instead of three.

We’re wondering what that fourth meal is called? Maybe she goes for a second breakfast or maybe a pre-dinner. Our it could just be Lunch One and Lunch Two. Who really knows what it is?

They Also Have To Follow Normal Table Manners


On top of following all these crazy Royal eating rules, the Royal Family still has to follow normal eating rules.

They aren’t allowed to not have good table manners just because they’re Royals. They still have to do normal things like putting your napkin on your lap when you eat or chewing with your mouth closed.

It would be great if you had to dress formally for dinner but could eat with your mouth open, but that isn’t life.

They Have To Use Their Utensils In A Specific Way


The Royal Family even has to use their utensils in a very specific, very royal way.

They have to hold their knives in their right hands, and their forks in their left hands. The fork also has to face towards the plate.

And if that wasn’t enough, they have to scoop food on to the back of their forks using their knives, and then balance their food like that while they eat it. How weird is that?

There's An Order As To How They Enter The Room


The Royal Family has to follow the Order of Precedence at all times, even when it’s dinner time.

What this means is that the Royal Family has to enter the room according to the order of how they’ll take the throne. So it would be Prince Charles before Prince William who enters before Prince Harry.

So if they’re sitting down for dinner, they have to enter their dining room in this super specific way. Nobody gets to cut.

You Still Have To Do The Regular Royal Rules When You're Eating


Just because you’re at dinner doesn’t mean you can suddenly stop following all of the regular Royal Family rules that you have to follow during the day.

Everything you have to do during the day as a Royal, you have to do when you’re having a meal.

Yes, they even still have to follow that weird rule that says the women have to wear pantyhose even though it’s 2019 and everyone is probably super hot in them.

You Can Follow The Queen If You Don't Know What To Do


Keeping track of all of the rules you have to follow as a Royal can be pretty confusing.

Luckily, there’s a cheat sheet and it’s called The Queen of England. If you’re not sure about what you should do, just look at what the Queen is doing.

So if you don’t know what fork you should be using at that moment, just see what fork the Queen is using. Don’t use hers, but use the one you have that looks like that.

They Don't Like To Change Things Up


It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but the Queen doesn’t like to change things up too much when it comes to what she eats.

“The Queen was like many elderly ladies in the sense that they like things the way they are, all the time,” McGrady explained. “They don’t like change.”

So if you’re looking for someone to try out a new Thai-Mexican-German-Sushi fusion restaurant, the Queen is not the person you should ask to join you.

You Have To Trade Meals If They Ask You


If a member of the Royal Family thinks your food looks better than yours, it’s not going to end well for you.

If a Royal asks to swap food with you, you pretty much have to let them, otherwise it’s considered rude. Yes, it’s even ruder than asking to take someone else’s food.

Apparently, Prince Phillip is notorious for thinking that his servant’s food is better than his food and wanting to swap. It’s probably full of pasta and garlic.

The Royal Family Eats Seasonally


The Queen likes to eat whatever happens to be  in seasons, so don’t expect to see the Royal Family biting into a watermelon in December.

“You can send strawberries every day to The Queen during summer at Balmoral and she’ll never say a word,” said former royal chef Darren McGrady.

“Try including strawberries on the menu in January and she’ll scrub out the line and say don’t dare send me genetically modified strawberries. She absolutely does eat seasonal.”

The Queen Has An Unusual Way Of Eating Fruit


When you’re the Queen of England, you don’t just bite into an apple like a normal person.

“With a banana, she’ll cut off the bottoms and cut the banana length-wise, and then cut the banana into tiny slices to eat with a fork,” McGrady said.

And when it comes to pears, she does that differently, too. “She eats her pears like boiled eggs,” McGrady said. “She’ll cut off the top and scoop out the insides with a spoon.”

You Can't Leave The Table Until The Queen Is Done


In the world of the Royals, there are certain things that you absolutely do not do.

And leaving the table before the Queen is done with her meal is one of those things that’s a huge no-no.

Even if you somehow finish your dinner before the Queen finishes her dinner, you still have to sit around and wait for her to get done with her food. No matter how loudly the person next to you slurps their soup.

Even The Queen's Dogs Eat Well


It’s good to be a Royal, and it’s just as good to be a dog of a Royal.

The Queen is known for her collection of corgis, and it shouldn’t be a surprise, but the dogs eat pretty well, probably better than some people.

The Queen’s dogs only eat gourmet food, which makes them pretty pampered pets. There’s no Purina Dog Chow anywhere in the Royal kitchen. That would be too beneath them to chow down on.

They Let Staff Know If They're Not Done In Specific Ways


The Royal Family has very specific ways to let their staff know if they haven’t finished with their meal.

Sometimes you have to get up to go to the bathroom while you’re in the middle of a function. The Royal will just say “excuse me,” before they go without any further explanation.

Then, they’ll cross their knife and fork over their plate to let the staff know that they’re planning on chowing down again when they come back.

There's Also A Way To Let Everyone Know When They're Done


If the Royal is done with their food, they also have a very specific way of letting their staff know that, too.

It’s kind of like a secret code, but with knives and forks instead of dots and dashes.

They just point the handles of their knives and forks towards the bottom right of their plate. That means that they’ve finished. So now, if you see a Royal in the wild, you’ll know what these codes mean.

Nobody Eats After The Queen Is Done


If you want to eat all of your meal, you’re going to have to wolf it down.

When the Queen is done with her meal, everyone else at the table has to stop eating, too, even if they haven’t finished their food.

It’s not a great rule if you’re a slow eater, but fortunately, the Queen is considerate and has been known to push her food around on her plate so that everyone can get a chance to eat.