A Company Can Turn Your Kid’s Art Into Jewelry And It Is Everything

By lheidi - April 24, 2019

When we were kids, we’d make artwork at school and our parents would put it on the fridge because they were so proud of us. Even if the artwork was a hot mess, they’d display it as if it was the Mona Lisa and the fridge was the Louvre. The only difference was, international tourists wouldn’t visit our kitchen just to take a look at our art. Also, Tom Hanks wasn’t solving mysteries around our fridge based off of our art. But other than that, our fridge was exactly the same as the Louvre.

But parents are going to be proud of their kids no matter what they do. It’s just the way parents are. If you got sick and threw up all over them, they’d be really proud of your puke and find a way to frame it if it were sanitary. But now, there’s a whole new way for parents to show off how proud they are of their kids.

A Work Of Art


If you’re proud of your kids artwork, there’s a better way to show it off than sticking it on the fridge.

Now, you can show the world how talented your kid is by turning it into a stunning piece of jewelry that you can wear.

A drawing on a piece of paper can transform into a blueprint for a piece of jewelry more meaningful than anything bought at the store. Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Hint hint.

Artsy Fartsy


Turkish artists and mothers Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu and  Özgür Karavit are letting other mothers (and fathers) turn their kids work into jewelry.

Tavukçu is a painter and child art educator, while Karavit is a sculptor and goldsmith.

The two have an Etsy shop that lets parents create jewelry based off of drawings made by their kids. And the results are nothing short of stunning. We’d wear some of these designs even though our kids didn’t make them. They’re so creative!

An Idea Is Born


The duo got the idea for the Etsy shop after Özgür’s son presented his mother with a drawing.

“After Özgür’s perfectly made [sic] brooch from the bull drawing of her son, we started to transform the children art into silver jewelries,” says their Etsy shop.

“We aimed to show the children that their art is so precious and unique.” You can get a necklace or a broach that is truly one of a kind! Can adults submit their drawings, too?

Supporting Young Artists


The Etsy shop is all about fostering the creativity of children, as well as their artistic impulses.

“We believe that the children drawings are the primal building stone of the children’s creativity,” the duo says on their Easy page.

“The best way to support their creativity is to love, respect and give importance to their art.” We can’t imagine a bigger compliment than wearing a broach with something your kid made on it. They’re going to want to color even more!

Drawing Inspiration


The two female artists say that the thing that inspired them most was the children.

“the idea of transforming the children [sic] art into timeless, precious memories was born of our desire to keep the first drawings of our kids and support them,” says their Etsy page.

We wonder how many kids who have their work turned into necklaces will want to grow up to become professional artists? Or even jewelers for that matter. It must be very encouraging!

Booming Business


Tasarim Takarim has grown from a business of two women to a team of four.

“And at our boutique, now we are working four artists together as a team,” says their Etsy page. Artists Ersin Tavukcu and Erdem Karavit now work with Tavukçu and Karavit in Istanbul.

“We are working passionately for the perfect keepsakes of children’s creativity. We are transforming the children’s drawings into silver, wearable art objects,” says Tasarim Takarim. There must be a lot of happy parents and kids out there!

Going International


Although they are based in Istanbul, Turkey, Tasarim Takarim has gained international attention.

Their earrings, keychains, and necklaces have been featured on The Hufflington Post, The Oprah Magazine, Bored Panda, and even Marie Claire.

You know that you’ve made it in the big time when you get Oprah’s attention. It’s almost as if no other coverage in the world matters until you catch the eye of Oprah. You can uncork the bottle of champagne at that point in your career!

One Is Silver And The Other's Gold


If you order a piece of jewelry from Tasarim Takarim, you’re going to immortalize your child’s artwork on a quality piece of jewelry.

“We apply the drawings to sterling silver or gold plated on sterling silver,” says Tasarim Takarim.

And there are lots of options of what you can turn your kids’ drawing into. The company offers necklaces, brooches, and earrings. But they also offer keychains, cufflinks, and even bookmarks. The only limits are your child’s creative imagination!

Cost Of Doing Business


If you want to put your kids’ artwork on a necklace or a leather bracelet, all you have to do is email the company with the picture.

The prices of the items vary, but they’re much cheaper than anything at Tiffany’s, and much more personal, too.

The prices run between $125 to $195 depending on what item you’re planning on ordering. Each piece is unique because every drawing is unique. They’re kind of like snowflakes, but a lot more special.

One Of A Kind


The duo know how special and meaningful the items that they are making are to people.

“Every drawing is unique.So their application solutions and their techniques are also unique,” said Tavukçu of the jewelry making process they go through.

“It’s like a single moment of someone’s childhood becomes timeless.” You could take a photo of your kid when they’re young to remember them, or you could get one of these items. Or you could do both. You should do both.

The Gift Of Giving


These items make great gifts. For Mother’s Day. For Father’s Day. For birthdays as well.

But they also end up being a gift to the child who made it, even if you don’t actually give the kid the piece of jewelry.

“When kids see the jewelry, they become so proud of themselves and feel very happy. They feel so self-confident. They really believe that their art is loved and appreciated by others.” said Tavukçu. How adorable is that?

Happy Customer


The company has customers from all around the world, and they’re happy customers at that!

“The care and attention to detail was fabulous. Customer care excellent. A wonderful piece of craftsmanship,love it,” says one customer review.

“Well worth it if you want a meaningful keepsake.”

Awesome Art


This is a wonderful idea! We almost wish that we could send them our adult drawings!

To be honest, our art probably wouldn’t be as good as some of the designs these kids made, if not all of them.

There are some really talented kids out there, and their art shouldn’t just go on jewelry, it should go in a museum! The Louvre is going to need to add an extra wing to make room for all of this creativity!

Picture Perfect


So if your kid draws a picture of your family in class, now you know exactly to do with it.

Don’t even bother taping it to the fridge, because there are much better things you can do.

Just send it right over to Tasarim Takarim, and they’ll give your kid’s art the tribute it deserves. Because honestly, if you tape it to your fridge only your family can see it. But if you make it a necklace everyone can see it.