A Family Thought They Lost Their Dog…Til They Found Him 60 Miles Away

By lheidi - July 11, 2019

Your dog isn’t just a pet that your family keeps in their house. Your dog is part of your family just as much as your brothers and sisters. And in some cases, your dog is more of a family member than your brothers or sisters. They know what they did to make the dog a higher ranking than them. We don’t need to get into it here. So when a dog goes missing, it can be an absolutely heartbreaking experience. Seriously, we’d rather have our brothers and sisters go missing than have our dog go missing. Again, they know what they did.

When your dog goes missing, you want to send out a search party to track them down as soon as possible, because every single second you’re separated from them is heartbreaking. One family had a heartbreaking experience with their dog, but fortunately, it ended up having a happy ending.

For The Dogs


No pet owner wants to lose their pet, but sometimes animals get out and the worst case scenario happens.

One family living in Turkey, the Araç family, had to go through the worst thing a pet owner can go through.

One day, their family dog, Leo, went missing. Animals literally have a mind of their own, and sometimes they get out and disappear whether you want them to or not. And sometimes even they don’t want to go missing.

Where's Leo?


The Araç family looked everywhere for their little dog Leo, as you do when you’ve lost a pet.

Of course, it would have been nice to see their dog come home shortly after he went missing, but this wasn’t the case.

Even thought the Araç family put in a good search, they had to ultimately concede that their dog, Leo, was gone for good. There was a very real possibility that they would never see him again.

A Trip Of A Lifetime


But the Araç family was in for a surprise. One day, their son, Sertaç,  went to visit another town to do some work.

The town was 60 miles away from where they lived, which is too far for even a human to walk. Your legs would get tired and you’d probably give up part of the way through. It’s much faster to drive.

Sertaç wasn’t expecting to see what he saw that day, but he received quite a surprise.

Stray Dog


Sertaç decided to sit at a cafe outside. It was a choice that was going to change the rest of his life.

While Sertaç was sitting outside, he noticed a stray dog. The dog was very dirty, and look tired. He was in poor condition for sure.

Furthermore, the dog didn’t seem like he had an owner. Who did that dog belong to? Why was he just hanging out on the streets by himself? What was his story?

Looking Like Leo


There was something in the dog’s face that was very familiar, even though he was kind of a mangy stray.

The dog looked a lot like Leo, the dog that Sertaç’s family had lost so long ago.

Because the dog looked so much like Leo, Sertaç had to share an image of the dog with the rest of his family. “I took a picture and sent it to my mother and father,” said Sertaç. “I was in doubt.”

Chance Meeting


It was unlikely that the dog would be Leo. After all, they are 60 miles away from where Leo lived with the family.

It had to be a really big coincidence. After all, the odds of Sertaç running into their lost dog 60 miles away from their house were really slim.

This dog had to just be a random stray dog who looked a lot like Leo, and Sertaç was seeing what he wanted to see, right?

Seeing Is Believing


But the dog looked so much like Leo that it couldn’t just be a coincidence.

Sertaç’s family decided that they needed to check out this dog for themselves. There was a chance that it could be the same dog that went missing.

Sertaç’s parents got in their car and decided to drive the 60 miles to where Sertaç was hanging out with the stray dog. This stray dog mystery was going to be solved once and for all.

Meet And Greet


When Sertaç’s parents finally saw the dog with their own eyes, they received a huge surprise.

If anything, they could have gotten some closure on Leo’s disappearance or picked up a new pet that looked like Leo, even if it wasn’t the same dog that they loved.

But as it turns out, the stray dog that was 60 miles away from their house was Leo after all, and there were no doubts in their minds about it.


Puppy Love


As soon as Sertaç’s parents walked towards the stray dog, the dog got very excited.

The parents weren’t sure if it was their dog, but the dog was sure they were his owners. There were no doubts about it.

Leo rushed towards the family and jumped on to Sertaç’s dad. He was extremely excited to see the family that he had been separated from. It’s crazy cute how much dogs love their owners, even when they’ve been away from them.

Reunited And It Feels So Good


Whatever happened to Leo when he was separated from his family must have been rough on the poor guy.

Nobody knows what happened to him to make him appear 60 miles from his home. But they did know that the dog was hungry and dirty. He had to live for months as a stray.

The family took Leo back, and they’re all together again. Leo doesn’t have to live as a stray dog anymore, which must be a relief.

Home Sweet Home


There is one possible explanation for Leo’s disappearance, and it’s not because he escaped through a hole in the fence.

It’s a lot more serious, and actually kind of sad, and it makes Leo’s return so much happier.

There’s a very real possibility that dognappers ended up capturing Leo and stealing him away from the family that he knew and loved. Yes, there actually are some people who go around stealing dogs from their owners and it’s not cool.

Double Trouble


The Araç family actually had two other dogs that went missing around the same time as Leo.

The fact that all three dogs disappeared around the same time is pretty suspicious, and it seems to point towards dognapping.

It’s highly likely that there’s a dognapper who’s doing some dirty work in the areas that the Araç family live in. Stealing someone’s pets is probably one of the meanest things we can thing of. Those dogs deserve to stay at home.

Keeping Hope Alive


Leo was returned to the family through what can only be described as a miracle.

Because of this, the Araç family still has hope that they’ll find their other two dogs, and the family will be complete again.

We’d love to see the two missing dogs return to the family. Who knows how far they ended up? If only Leo could talk and tell the family what he knows, they might have some clues as to where the other dogs are.

Continuing The Search


The family says they will continue to look for their other two dogs in hopes they can find them.

“We’re so happy Leo is home. I will look carefully everywhere I visit in hopes we find [the other two dogs],” said Sertaç.

“My father and mother will continue to search as long as they can because they see them as their sons and love them.” We’re crossing our fingers for them and hope that they come back soon.

A Happy Ending


We’re also happy that the Araç family was reunited with Leo, even though the circumstances were very bizarre.

But the Araç family’s story is also a good reminder to anyone who owns a dog. It’s important to keep your pets safe in the event of a dognapper.

It’s nice to know, however, that even if some dogs go missing under nefarious circumstances, there can still be a happy ending and the family torn apart can become whole once more.