A Filmmaker Who Was Punched By Buzz Aldrin Says He Has ‘Proof’ Moon Landing Was Made Up

By lheidi - July 26, 2019

The jury is still out on the moon landing. Yeah, it was filmed and broadcast to the entire nation. And yeah, there are photographs of people on the moon. And yeah, there are people who say that they’ve been there and can share their experiences of being on the moon. But we’ve never been to the moon. How do we know for sure that someone else has? And if people have really been on the moon, why aren’t we living there yet? It’s 2019. We should have a small colony of people living on the moon, which we now call America 2. If people had really landed on the moon, this would have happened, and we’d be able to send postcards to our relatives who are moon pioneers.

Some people say that there’s a ton of evidence showing that the moon landing is real. But other people say there’s a ton of evidence showing that the moon landing was fake. Who should we believe?

One Small Step For A Man


The Apollo 11 moon landing happened  50 years ago this year. On July 16, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon and history was made.

Michael Collins was also part of the crew, but he didn’t get to walk on the moon, so he’s pretty much the most left out person in history. Sorry, Michael Collins.

Armstrong and Aldrin are pretty certain that they walked on the moon, but some people think the whole thing was faked.

One Giant Leap


In fact, some people are so convinced that the moon landing was fake, that they’ll even get into a fight over it.

Buzz Aldrin was once punched by documentary filmmaker Bart Sibrel over the whole thing after Sibrel confronted him in public. Aldrin got to go to the moon, so we’re pretty sure he wins no matter what.

Now, Sibrel is saying that he has proof that the moon landing was faked. And here’s where things get juicy…

Nothing But A Number


Sibrel is now saying that he’s gotten his hands on some pretty juicy information about the moon landing.

Specifically, documents containing a list of 15 government personnel who were all given access to the totally fake moon landing.

He also says that he has the name of the secret operation that faked the moon landing. We’re wondering if it’s “Operation Fake Moon Landing,” but that might be too on the nose. But it tells you what it is.

No Names


Sibrel also says that he has a secret source for the information, and won’t say who it is.

He says that the source asked not to be named because he fears for his life. He wants his identity kept secret for a decade after his death.

We’re guessing that it’s Michael Collins, the man who didn’t walk on the moon. His motive? Revenge. He’s bitter because everyone else got to go on the moon and he didn’t. Listen, that’s our conspiracy theory and we’re sticking to it.

Fake Out


Why would anyone fake the moon landing? And why would anyone care if it’s not real?

Well, Sibrel has an answer for that. “”This conspiracy is the most symbolic of government arrogance. It was totally 100 percent contrived – none of it is true – yet they held ticker-tape parade for these guys and gave them congressional medals of honor,” Sibrel told The Sun.

It’s kind of ironic that he talked to The Sun about the moon.


Sucker Punch


According to Sibrel, if you believe in the moon landing, then the joke’s on you.The whole thing was staged.

“It was a needless lie really just done for no reason other than arrogance and greed. And it makes a sucker out of every American who believes it is true,” said Sibrel.

It is true. Nobody really needs a moon landing. But sometimes you just want a moon landing, you know? You can’t explain it. The heart wants what it wants.

Age Old Question


Technology has advanced a lot in the past 50 years, and our cell phones are more advanced than what they used to put man on the moon.

Which actually feeds into  what Sibrel is saying.

“What the United States government is claiming is that they sent astronauts one thousand times farther than they can send them today, with fifty years older technology and on the very first attempt, with all of NASA containing one-millionth the computing power of a cell phone,” says Sibrel.

Hard Surpass


Sibrel really has a lot to say about the technology that they used to put man on the moon. In short, he’s not a fan.

“The alleged moon landings are the only technological claim in the entire history of the world that was not far surpassed fifty years later,” Sibrel continued.

Seriously, if the moon landing was real, we’d all have a “Put a man on the moon app” on our phones. We’d be doing it all the time.

Get A Doctor


Sure, there’s evidence that man actually did land on the moon. There was a video transmission and a ton of photos.

But Sibrel says that the photos have been doctored, and they show evidence of that.

And that doctoring isn’t just Michael Collins drawing mustaches on Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong or writing “The moon sucks. I didn’t want to go there anyways!” all across the photos of the moon. Although, we wouldn’t put it past him. Again our theory and you can’t tell us otherwise.

Shadow Of A Doubt


Sibrel says that there’s one good way you can tell all if the photos are fake.

It all comes down to the lights and shadows. Sibrel claims that the lights and shadows of the surface of the moon in the photos can only be recreated in a studio by electrical light.

Also, Sibrel says that the Van Allen belt is way too radioactive for people to pass through. Either that, or the astronauts were glowing when they came back.

Attachment Issues


Sibrel claims that people don’t want to know that the moon landing was faked because they like it too much.

“”If it were not for people’s emotional attachment to the alleged moon landings, this fifty-year unrepeatable claim, also with only one-thousandth the distance capable five decades later, would also be easily recognized as the fraud that it sadly is,” says Sibrel.

“This truth is being deliberately repressed to hide the enormous and arrogant corruption of the federal government.”

Faking It


Of course, there have been a lot of people who have debunked the claims that debunk the moon landing.

Although, we’re pretty sure that all of the conspiracy theories stating that the moon landing was faked are all fueled by a disgruntled Michael Collins. Yeah…him.

If Buzz Aldrin had just said, “Hey, Michael, do you want to go on the moon instead of me?” none of this would have ever happened and Buzz Aldrin would never have been punched.


Call Me Collins


Although, that Michael Collins is a maniac, and there’s no telling what he would have done had he been allowed to step on the surface of the moon.

Maybe he was left in the lunar module for humanity’s own good?

If he’s willing to start a conspiracy that the moon landing was faked just to get revenge, he probably would have run away from everyone as soon as he set foot on the moon. We shouldn’t put it past him.

Moon Raker


If history had been different, we wouldn’t have had all these conspiracies about the moon.

But every time we looked up at our lunar satellite, we’d think about the man in the moon. No, not the craters that look like a face. The actual man in the moon, Michael Collins, who made the closest celestial body his home.

July 16, 2019 would also be the 50th anniversary of Michael Collins running away from NASA so he could live on the moon.

Oh Heavens


There’s still a lot we don’t know about the moon landing, conspiracy theories or no conspiracy theories.

And by that we mean, did Michael Collins punch Buzz Aldrin when they were up in space? It’s okay. We can learn the truth now.

The American people deserve to know the truth. We demand to know the truth. What is Michael Collins’ entire deal? And when will he finally get to set foot on the surface of the moon?