A Giant Python Devoured A Crocodile…Because Australia

By lheidi - August 07, 2019

Australia is a magical place where anything can happen. It’s the only place in the world where you can see a kangaroo get into a boxing match with a koala. Or you can see a kangaroo get into a boxing match with a Tasmanian devil. Or you can see a kangaroo get into a boxing match with Crocodile Dundee. Those kangaroos are pretty dangerous. They go around punching people and things just because they feel like it and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them. But that’s just the way it goes Down Under. There are no rules whatsoever in Australia, especially when it comes to kangaroos.

Nature can get pretty crazy sometimes, and it doesn’t just stop at kangaroos. Some animals eat other animals, and it’s both majestic and disgusting at the same time. Just take a look at this giant python who at an entire crocodile in Australia.

Snake Vs. Crocodile


Snakes and crocodiles have one thing in common. They’re both equally terrifying if you catch them in your house.

But when it comes to battling each other, it turns out that snakes and crocodiles aren’t an even match.

If a snake were to fight a crocodile in a death match, the crocodile wouldn’t come out so hot. In fact, the snake could totally beat the crocodile, provided it were the right kind of snake. That is, a huge one.

Is This Real Life?


This terrifying showdown actually happened in real life in (where else?) Australia. As they say, pics or it didn’t happen.

Well, it definitely happened and there are definitely pics. They prove that nature is a wonderful and horrible place all at the same time.

The photos were posted on the Facebook page of GG Wildlife Rescue Inc, and they’re the kind of thing that we can’t look away from no matter how much we want to turn away.

Battle Of The Beasts


The photos depict a struggle between an Australian freshwater crocodile and an olive python.

Or rather, it seems like only the crocodile is struggling in the situation. The olive python just seems like he’s having lunch.

The photos were taken by Martin Muller when he was kayaking in Mount Isa in Queensland, Australia. And no surprise, the photos have gone viral. What would you have done if you saw this IRL? Jump out of the kayak?



“SSSSssssssssensational,” read the caption for the photos as they were posted on the Facebook page.

“Amazing pictures of an olive python Australis 2nd largest snake & Western Australia’s largest having a feed on an Australian freshwater crocodile (crocodylus Johnstoni ) these pictures were taken by Martin Muller while kyaking . Mt Isa Queensland,” it continued.

“Wow amazing nature, I love both these creatures & understand the need to eat.” We get hungry all the time but have never done anything like this.

Hungry For More


The awe-inspiring photos show the snake squeezing the life out of the crocodile before it eats it.

The photos then document how the snake slackened it’s jaw so it could fit the crocodile down its throat. The entire crocodile. In one piece. No chewing or anything.

The snake was able to get the crocodile into its mouth and devour it while still holding on to the crocodile with the rest of its body. We’re disgusted and impressed.

A Common Occurrence


It turns out, it’s actually not weird for a python like this to devour a whole crocodile.

So as amazing as this feast is, it’s not the only time it has ever happened. As it turns out, “It’s common for snakes to eat pretty much anything if they can fit it in their mouth,” says GG Wildlife Rescue Inc. owner Michelle Jones.

And it seems like this snake has a pretty big mouth. Let’s hope that its mouth isn’t big enough to fit a whole human.

Completely Unhinged


Michelle should know a thing or two about snakes, because she has two olive pythons that she keeps as pets.

Again, we really, really hope that they can’t fit a human inside that hungry jaw of theirs.

It might be possible, though, because according to Michelle, the python can “unhinge their jaw” in order to make their bite bigger. Imagine if people had the ability to do that. We’d probably use it to eat a whole cake in one sitting.

Safe And Sound


If you’re now freaked out about an olive python doing to you what it did to this crocodile, don’t worry your tasty little head off.

It turns out that olive pythons will not attack people, unless their acting in self-defense. So don’t go poking it with sticks, otherwise you might end up like this crocodile.

So we’re not very worried about Michelle keeping them as pets. But if we see one with a human shape inside it, we know what’s up.

Pick Your Poison


On top of the fact that olive pythons don’t normally attack humans, they’re also not venomous.

So you don’t have to worry about the snake injecting you with poison, then dying slowly from it because you got too close.

Again, we just saw what it did to an entire crocodile, but we’re not going to be fearful of these snakes because there’s no reason for us to be. That’s just what we’re going to keep on telling ourselves.

Bigger Is Better


The olive python is actually only the second biggest snake in Australia, even though it looks pretty massive.

We’d hate to have a run in with the first biggest snake in Australia, especially if we were a crocodile and that snake was hungry.

Actually, we’d hate to have any run ins with any snakes period. Can someone please remind us what is supposed to be the point of snakes? Is it to keep the crocodile population under control?

All Bets Are Off


Not surprisingly, the photos got a pretty big reaction from the people who commented on them on Facebook.

“Amazing pictures! I thought the croc would have won,” wrote one Facebook user. We did, too, and now we question everything we know in this world.

“My only questions is why the f*** would any sane human being be kayaking in a place where there are snakes that can swallow a crocodile whole?” asked another Facebook user. Well put.

Top Ten List


One person posted the very thing that we were all thinking once we got a glimpse of these photos.

“This is definitely on my list of top 10 ways I don’t want to die,” wrote the Facebook user.

Again, we’re told that we can’t die this way, unless we’re asking for it, but that’s not going to stop us from having nightmares about that snake crawling into our bed at night and making us into its midnight snack.

Down Under


It turns out, the likelihood of an olive python creeping into our beds is slim to none. And honestly, it’s probably just none.

Olive pythons are native to Australia, and they are found in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

They like to live in savannah woodlands and mountain ranges. They also like to live near water. So note to self, don’t build your house near water in a savannah woodland in Western Australia anytime soon.

Day And Night


Olive pythons are also usually nocturnal animals, meaning they only come out at night. These photos were taken during the day, however.

During the day, they like to hang out in caves or rock crevices. They’ve also been found in hollow logs or burrows under rocks.

Not only that, but they’ve even made their way into man-made water sources, like recreational lakes or sewerage treatment ponds. We’d hate to find one of those guys creeping around in a swimming pool.



So, to recap what we learned:

  • Olive pythons are absolutely terrifying and we didn’t know how disgusting their eating process is until just now.
  • Olive pythons can eat a whole crocodile and nobody said that they can’t eat a human
  • But it’s likely that an olive python won’t eat an human and there’s nothing to worry about and we’re fine.

We’re fine. We’re just going to never go to Australia so we never have to see this nightmare fuel.