A Guy Cashed In His Frequent Flyer Miles To Fly The Most Insanely Luxurious Airline Ever

By lheidi - May 29, 2019

Flying is so expensive, especially if you want to travel in style. Traveling first class can be more than you monthly rent. But it’s worth it, because it means that you’re not stuck sitting with your legs over your head. You actually get a legitimate snack for your flight, instead of a handful of overly salty nuts and a thimble full of soda. You don’t have to sit next to any crying babies, and your flight is actually enjoyable instead of feeling like you’re jammed inside a glorified bus with wings.

We understand why people would dish out so much money to make their flight experience better. Flying is absolutely the worst. Anything you can do to not have a miserable flight is worth it. This guy had the most amazing flying experience, and believe it or not, he did it using frequent flyer miles. Yes, that’s something that’s possible!

First Class Service


Travel blogger Derek Low has racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles during his travels.

So when he found out about a luxury flight option from Singapore Airlines called Suites Class, he knew that cashing in some of his frequent flyer miles would be worth it.

The average ticket was $18,400, but is the price tag worth it? Right from the start of his trip, Derek was treated with first class service, even when he walked through the door to the lobby.

Luxury Lobby


Derek said that the lobby looked like a hotel. There was even a bellhop and a concierge waiting to help him out. Derek was about to travel from the Philippines to New York City in style.

After Derek checked in with the front desk, he received a pass for the Private Room, a luxury waiting area.

Because when you travel Suites Class, the normal waiting area won’t do. You need a fancy waiting area of your very own.

The Private Room


Derek says he was ushered to the Private Room very quickly because the staff was “seemingly afraid that I would be disgusted by the presence of the working class.”

When he was there, the staff greeted Derek by name.

The waiting area was huge and stunning. It was a very different experience from the normally crowded terminal that most people have to wait in. Even before Derek started his luxurious flight, he was treated to nothing but luxury.

Fast Food


Normally when you fly, you have limited options when it comes to getting food before your flight.

You have the choice between overpriced Starbucks and overpriced cold pizza. But not Derek. He was treated to a five-star meal.

The dining room in the Private Room had baked lobster, USDA Prime beef burgers, and champagne. Of course, Derek tried everything on the menu, because when you are given the option to not have overpriced Starbucks, you take it.

Separate Entrances


When it was time for Derek to board the plane, he found that was an experience as well.

He was given a separate entrance to board, kept apart from the people who were traveling coach. They really want to keep them away from the common people, don’t they?

The airplane had what can only be described as a hallway between the suites, and that was carpeted. They literally rolled out the red carpet for the people in Suites Class.

Sweet Suit


Derek’s suite was in the middle row, which actually was better than the side rows.

Derek was able to remove the center partition, which means that if he felt like it, he could have two connected suites when he flew.

The suites came with a comfortable chair, and a ton of leg room. This suite seriously looks bigger than most New York City apartments. How much would it be to rent one of these suites instead of an apartment?


Complimentary Champagne


Most flights offer a complimentary drink during your trip, such as soda or a tea.

But in Suites Class, they take it a step further. Derek was treated to complimentary champagne. The steward poured flutes of Dom Pérignon Champagne for Derek to enjoy during his trip. It wouldn’t be luxury if there wasn’t champagne. Champagne is the international symbol for “being fancy.”

Derek was also given newspapers, like the Business Times and Financial Times, because this is a flight for businessmen.

The Trip Begins


Derek settled into his suite. He found that there wasn’t a tray table in front of him to ban his knees on.

He buckled himself into his chair that looks like an upscale recliner, and his first class trip across the world was about to begin.

Derek soon found that there was a ton of free stuff for him in his suite, and it wasn’t just champagne. But if you’re paying $18,000 for a ticket, you should get more than just nuts.

Noise Cancelling Headphones


Derek found a complimentary of Bose noise cancelling headphones for him to use on the trip.

He also found that there were many amenities for him to use in his suite.There was a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit, as well as Givenchy slippers, blankets, pajamas, and pillows.

Note to self: on’t pack anything when you’re traveling Suites Class because they’ll just give it to you when you’re on the plane. That’ll save you the $25 checked bag fee, right?

Coffee Service


Derek wasn’t sleepy, even though the flight reached cruising altitude at about 1 a.m. So he decided to order some coffee.

The menu featured coffee that was $120 per pound of beans. The Chief Steward on the flight was named Zaf, and he soon brought out Derek’s Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. We hope that it did the trick and kept Derek awake at that price.

The coffee came with a side of nuts, because it wouldn’t be air travel without nuts, would it?

Relaxing In Style


Most airlines have tiny TVs impeded into the seats so people can have a personal TV on their trip.

But Suites Class went the extra mile. Derek had a sizable flatscreen in his suite. He also had an ottoman to put his feet up on while he leaned back in his recliner.

There’s really no other way to travel, is there? It’s like being able to fly in your own personal screening room. We’re assuming that he wasn’t forced to only watch Cars. 

Dinner Is Served


Derek’s flight also came with a five-course meal that included foie gras and vanilla bavarois with raspberry coulis for dessert.

“Having stuffed myself with three entrées back in the lounge,” Derek wrote on his blog, “I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I settled for a five-course supper.”

Hey, even if you’re not hungry, you still gorge yourself when you’re traveling Suites Class. Who knows when you’re going to get food this good again. Certainly not when you’re traveling coach.

Exploring The Plane


Zaf didn’t just give Derek his coffee. He also gave Derek a tour of the plane.

They were able to walk up a flight of stared that led to business class. They then walked down a spiral stairway that led to coach.

But coach is meant for peasants, and if you’re in Suites Class, why would you ever leave? Zaf quickly brought Derek back to Suites Class where he could continue to fly in style, unlike the peasants.

Bed Time


When Derek got back to his suite, he found that the lights were turned down.

This means that it was time to go to sleep, so Derek went to sleep, but not before the stewardess came by and transformed his suite into a bed.

The stewardess brought out a bed from the wall unit, then added a padded mattress to the bed, so Derek could sleep in comfort while he also flew in comfort, which is pretty amazing.

Two Beds


Because Derek had two suites next to each other, he found that he could turn it into a bigger bed.

Derek was able to spread out while he slept. It’s hard to believe that this happened on a plane. We can barely get enough room for one of our legs.

Derek also had two TVs all to himself, which means he was pretty much flying like a king at that point. If he was with someone, he’d have to share.

Red Buttons


In Derek’s suite, he had a panel with red buttons on it. These buttons all had a purpose.

The buttons allowed Derek to adjust the settings of his room. There was even a “do not disturb” button which allowed Derek to get privacy if he desired.

When you’re flying Suites Class, you don’t want to be bothered by the stewardess coming by with more free champagne while you’re trying to sleep on your super soft and spacious bed.



People who fly Suites Class still have to share a bathroom. But even though it was shared, it was still pretty nice.

The bathroom was spacious, certainly much, much larger than the normal bathrooms you find on an airplane which you can barely fit inside of.

However, the bathroom toilet still made weird noises when it flushed. Because Suites Class can only do so much when it comes to not having the toilet sound kind of creepy.

Free Candy


One of our favorite things about going to the airport is getting those Toblerone chocolate bars.

But Derek was able to get one for free on his flight. And they didn’t skimp on the size, either.

If he was flying coach, they would have charged him $100 for just one square of chocolate of that bar. In Suites Class, he got the whole thing for free, and that’s not a small bar of chocolate either. That’s full size.

Lobster Lunch


Derek had a two hour layover in Germany where he received a luxury spa treatment.

Then, he decided he was hungry again and had some more food. Derek ordered the Lobster Thermidor. Of course, he followed it with a tasty dessert.

People who fly in coach don’t get dessert, so when you’re eating your luxury dessert, you’re kind of eating for two, right? You have to do it in honor of all the people who don’t get it.

The End Of An Era


Derek took an afternoon nap, but didn’t feel like going through the trouble of setting up the double bed. The single bed would have to do.

When Derek arrived at his destination, New York City, he found he didn’t want to get off the plane.

If we had just taken that flight, we wouldn’t want to get off either. We would try to live on that plane if possible. They wouldn’t be able to get rid of us.