A Husband Gave His Wife A Birthday Cake Shaped As Her Favorite Thing And He Won The Day

By lheidi - July 30, 2019

Why do we celebrate birthdays with cakes? We get it. Cakes are delicious, they’re easy to make, and they’re even easier to buy. But where did the tradition come from? Why did it end up being a birthday cake? Why don’t we give people birthday watermelons? Watermelons are just as delicious, and you can get them in the grocery store, too. Plus, we’re pretty sure that you can put candles in it, and you can definitely slice them into cake slice shapes. If you tried really hard, we bet you’d be able to put some frosting all over the rind and it might even stay on the rind if you’re lucky.

But the thing with watermelons is that you can’t sculpt them into weird shapes the way you can with cakes. It’s pretty easy to make a cake into whatever you want. Don’t believe us? Then click through and see what this person did.

Total Package


We love getting Amazon packages. There’s nothing like seeing that brown box with a smile on the side in front of your door.

But we can’t possibly love Amazon packages as much as Emily McGuire loves Amazon.

The North Carolina based photographer is addicted to ordering stuff from Amazon. She has been known to receive multiple Amazon boxes a day. But instead of giving her an intervention, her husband gave her something very special instead for her birthday.

Out Of The Box


Emily’s husband, Waylon McGuire, decided to get Emily a cake in the shape of an Amazon box.

Bakers can sculpt cakes into the most amazing figures, but it’s normally something like a dog or a whale, or a Barbie with a really big skirt.

The cake was designed by Sweet Dreams Bakery in North Carolina. It even had a shipping label and packing tape on top of the cake. We’re hopping this is one package the neighbors don’t steal.

Takes The Cake


Emily loved the cake. She said, “In that moment, I knew my husband ‘gets me’.”

The cake looked so convincing that it even confused Emily when she first saw the package shaped baked good.

“I laughed so hard. I thought it was a real box at first,” said Emily. It’s good that Emily had such a good sense of humor about the cake instead of thinking her husband was trying to troll her with it.

Package Tracking


Emily posted a photo of the cake on her Facebook page. The cake quickly went viral.

“It definitely has been an exciting few days since this went viral. Thank you to Mac and Emily for allowing us to make her birthday a little ‘sweeter.’ We hope to create more special cakes for them in the future,” said Trena Norris, one of the bakers.

We’re waiting for the day you can order a cake like this on Amazon Prime.

Cake Walk


It seems like there are a lot of people who want a cake as clever as this one.

But not all cakes turn out so well. In fact, some cakes are epic fails on the level of the Titanic, but with cake.

Sometimes someone has a great idea and the baker isn’t just able to follow through on it. Click through to see some cakes that didn’t turn out so great and are better off in the trash.

Bloody Mess


We know that this cake says, “Birth” on it, but why do we think that the person who wrote is has death in mind?

This cake looks like it belongs in some kind of a slasher movie.

Who is this cake supposed to be for? Jason Voorhies? Michael Myers? The creepy girl from The Ring? If we got this cake for our birthday, we would keep on looking over our shoulder to make sure there wasn’t a killer behind us.

Not What It Looks Like


Okay, here us out. This cake is totally innocent, even though it might not look that way.

This is actually a cake of a number 1 and it says “Emma” on it. Trust us. It’s just that and nothing else. Nothing else at all.

We don’t want this cake to go anywhere near children, but it’s, you know, it’s fine. Really it is. If you think that this is anything else than a number 1, you’ve got a dirty mind.

Twice As Nice


Sometimes the person who’s making your cake follows the instructions a little too closely and you end up like this.

Technically, the person did write “Happy Birthday” on both cakes, so you can’t really complain, even though they added a little extra words to it.

If you go back to the cake makers, they’re just going to point that out to you and not give you a refund. So just be happy to get what you got.

Let Me See That Tootsie Roll


No, this person didn’t turn a kitty litter box into a cake by just adding candles to it.

This is actually an edible cake with tootsie rolls taking the place of cat poop, and it’s a very elaborate troll from someone’s mom.

The person who received this cake hated cleaning their cat’s litter box so much that their mom made a cake in the shape of a litter box. Hopefully, that person learned their lesson to do their chores.

Eat This


Some cake makers will put anything on a cake. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

This person asked Baskin Robbins to put this and exactly this on a cake as a joke order. As it turns out, Baskin Robbins actually did do it.

We’re wondering if they read the cake order, or if they just put that message on there without thinking about it. Part of us feels like they might have actually done the latter thing.

Pretty In Pink


We’re not sure why, but this castle kind of reminds us of the original cover of the Little Mermaid VHS.

You know, the cover that Disney eventually had to change because too many parents complained about how one of the towers in the castle didn’t look like a tower at all.

Yeah, this cake is a castle full of those towers. It must have been designed by the same artist who did the cover of the Little Mermaid VHS. What’s with that guy?

Hole In One


We know that there’s nothing technically wrong with this chocolate cake, but for some reason it looks so wrong.

This is a baking fail of epic proportions. Can you imagine being the person who got this cake for their birthday?

We’re hoping that they at least put frosting on it to make it look less bad. On a second thought, adding frosting to it might make it look worse. There’s no way to win with this cake.

Tumbling Around


It was bound to happen sooner or later – that someone would put a Tumblr thread on a cake.

The real test of this cake is to see how well it does when you post it on Tumblr.

As it turns out, this cake was based off of a real Tumblr post. So it’s life imitating art. Or maybe it’s art imitating life? Or maybe it’s just as sign that the internet is everywhere. It’s even IRL.

In A Flash


Someone handed the cake maker a USB drive and said, “Here’s the picture.” Little did they know…

The cake maker put a picture of the USB drive as the picture on the cake, and not the actual picture that was meant for the cake.

What photo was supposed to go on the cake? We’ll never know now. It might have been a baby. It might have been a cat. It might have been a different USB drive.

What's In A Name?


Sometimes a cake maker thinks something that’s supposed to be a joke is serious. And sometimes a cake maker thinks that something that’s supposed to be serious is a joke.

In either scenario, nobody wins, because you end up with stuff like this.

We’re glad that the person who posted a photo of this cake also included the text chain, otherwise we wouldn’t have believed it actually happened. But it did. And we feel really bad for Roch.

Graduation Day


Why do we get the feeling that the person who made this graduation cake never had a graduation of their own?

Of course, this doesn’t have to be exclusively a graduation cake. It could be to celebrate anything that a person done.

If you got promoted? Someone needs to celebrate that you done that. If you got married? Again, that’s something you done where congratulations are in order. Using “did” correctly? Again, you done that and it should be celebrated.

Life Choices


We’ve never seen a cake with a more honest piece of writing on it than this one.

If you order this cake, don’t ever eat this cake. Just keep it in the fridge so you can remind yourself to not make bad decisions when you’re drunk, like ordering an entire cake from a bakery.

We wonder if the person actually requested this message or if it was a result of the baker just passing judgement on the person?

Mad Men


This cake was supposed to be for a kid who was having a superhero themed swim party.

Which is kind of surprising, because we though this was for Wolverine’s birthday celebration in Palm Springs. Why is Iron Man flexing so much? Why does nobody have their shirts on?

This must be some kind of weird Eyes Wide Shut thing that we don’t want to go anywhere near. One where people wear superhero masks instead of those weird masquerade ones.

Phony Business


Well, now we know that the person who ordered this cake did so by sending an email over their phone.

If they’re going to try to lie about it, they can’t, because the cake makers put some cold hard evidence right on the surface of the cake.

“I went into the cake maker in person. Honestly, I did.” No, you didn’t. We can see loud and clear that that’s not true. And don’t try to say the cake maker framed you.

The Name Game


Honestly, we think that this cake maker did a pretty good job on coming up with a name for the cake.

Now this guy is going to have to change his name to Steve. The cake says he’s Steve, and the cake cannot be wrong.

It seems like it’s going to be a pain in the butt, but it’s actually pretty common. The form to legally change your name actually has a box you can check that covers this.