A Mom Created Medical Alert Seat Belt Covers And Is Saving Lives

By lheidi - June 20, 2019

There are so many amazing inventions out there that have impacted our lives. There have been a lot of things better than the invention of slice bread since someone invented a loaf of bread that had slices in them. There are too many to count, but we can count exactly how many inventions were better than sliced bread before sliced bread came about, and that number is exactly zero. Otherwise, we would say, “This is the best thing since the invention of the zipper” or “This is the best thing since the invention of the wheel.” The wheel has nothing on sliced bread.

But there’s one invention that’s come about in our post-sliced bread life that gives the baked good a run for its money. And it can actually save lives. Nobody’s had their life saved by a loaf of bread that comes pre-sliced. Click through and see how people’s lives are being saved.

Meet Natalie


Natalie Bell is an Australian mother of five who runs a business selling customized products for people, like this fancy clock.

This Auslan clock has sign language on it instead of traditional numbers for a very important reason.

When Natalie’s daughter, Shae, was a baby, she lost her hearing. Now, Natalie tries to make the world a little bit more accessible for Shae by creating customized products specifically intended to make her life just that much easier.

In Case Of An Emergency


Natalie also made this customized seat belt cover that lets people know about her daughter’s condition in the event of an emergency.

Natalie’s daughter has a coclear implant, which means that she can’t get an MRI. The seat belt lets everyone know that.

This is something that rescue personnel might mis if there was an emergency, but now, thanks to Natalie’s customized seat belt, her daughter is going to be safer if anything ever happens to her.

Brace Yourself


The seat belts are supposed to function similarly to medical alert bracelets that have someone’s medical information on it.

But the seat belts are bigger, so they’re hard to miss in the event of a car accident.

“It’s a safety thing…because anyone can be a first responder at the scene of an accident,” Nat told ABC News. “So having the details and they’re clear, they’re noticeable, it’s the first thing you’ll see when you open up that car door.”

Custom Fit


The seat belt covers are customizable, so Natalie can include the medical information specific to the child.

The covers are meant to wrap around a seat belt, and are secured with velcro. They are brightly colored so that they stand out and can’t be missed.

Additionally, they have the symbol of the condition of the child, so that medical personnel can easily identify what the need of the child are going to be when they come to the rescue.


Strapped In


The seat belt covers can also be used outside of the car, in case there is an emergency if the child is out and about.

The covers can easily be put over the straps of a backpack to let people know what the child’s medical needs are.

It’s important to have the information on hand and easily accessible just in case something happens to the child and the child cannot let people know they require special attention.

Good Idea


Natalie posted her customized seat belt covers on her Facebook page and they ended up getting a lot of attention.

Natalie’s post ended up receiving  more than 200,000 reactions and 750,000 shares. A lot of parents were into the idea.

Natalie was surprised that there was so much interest and that she would have to fill so many orders for the seat belt covers.  “Overnight my phone did not stop,” she said. “I did not expect it to go worldwide.”

First Response


But it isn’t just parents who think that the customized seat belt covers are a great idea for their kids.

Medical professionals, such as Craig Bennett of Diabetes Victoria thinks that the seat belt covers are perfect for diabetic children who need insulin regularly.

“If there was an accident, it could be helpful for paramedics, bystanders or medical responders to be aware of relevant health conditions for those involved in accidents,” he said of the customizable seat belt covers.

In Demand


The fact that Natalie’s seat belt covers are so popular are creating new challenges for the mom.

She says that people who order them should expect two to four weeks for delivery because they are so in demand.

But Natalie’s seat belt covers aren’t the only inventions that are making the lives of parents a lot easier and safer. Click through to see some of the other products that are making things easier for parents and their kids.

Bed For Parents And Baby


When you’re a new parent, it makes sense that you would want to sleep in the same bed with your child.

But you risk accidentally rolling over on your new baby in the middle of the night.

This bed allows new parents to sleep in the same bed as their baby, but it makes the whole situation a lot safer. There’s a nice little nook for your baby to rest inside while you can try to get a good night’s sleep next to them.



This tracker will help you keep tabs on your child, and let you know if they end up straying too far.

It’s almost like the find your phone app, but for your kid. There’s nothing more terrifying than not being able to find your child.

But this handy ankle bracelet will let you know where they are, and prevent you from a having a mild heart attack when you take them to the playground to run around.

Safety Bath Mat


This bath mat makes bath time a whole lot safer for both you and your child.

Not only does it give you a place to rest your knees so you don’t slip around, it also has a handy storage compartment so you can keep your child’s soaps and shampoos in one place.

Now, if your baby splashes around in the tub, it won’t make the whole bathroom a slippery, dangerous mess because there’s a mat that will absorb everything.

Sturdy Cardboard Fort


Cardboard forts are really fun, until they collapse and things get broken, sometimes even bones.

But this structurally sound cardboard fort lets your kids play cardboard box architect in a safer, less collapsable way. They can still have all the fun of a fort without the danger of everything falling down on them.

And you can rest easy knowing that they’re not going to try to stand on something that wasn’t meant to carry any weight whatsoever.

Sanitary Pacifier


Pacifiers can get really gross really quickly. And then they go straight back into you child’s mouth after they’ve been rolling around in dirt.

But this pacifier comes with a built in cover that protects the pacifier from getting germs all over it, and prevents those germs from getting into your child’s system.

Of course, you have to make sure your child doesn’t stick the pacifier cover into their mouth, because you know they’re going to try that.

Crib That Mimics A Car


There are some kids that can only go to sleep when they’re in a car.

But then, when they’re finally asleep, you have to carry them back inside and risk waking them up and having to do the whole thing all over again.

But this crib makes your baby feel like they’re in a car, so they can be rocked to sleep, and you don’t have to pick them up and move them anywhere, or even waste gas.

Diaper Changing Clutch


For some reason, kids love sticking their hands in their dirty diapers right when you’re trying to change it.

And then you have to hold their hands while you try to change their diaper with the other hand, and that just makes everything harder.

This handy clutch keeps your kid’s hands out of their diaper, so you can change it they way you should – with both of your hands. And life is that much easier for you.