A Study Shows That Dog Owners Take More Photos Of Their Pups Than Their Spouses

By lheidi - July 26, 2019

We love our dogs. We probably love our dogs more than our spouses. And we definitely love our dogs more than our human children. Seriously, our dogs don’t come home from school with a bad report card, and we know that our dogs aren’t going to get moody and start hating us for no reason once they become a teenager. Our dogs are going to love us forever and ever, even when we’re being a jerk. And for that, we should lavish our dogs with love and praise and milk bones. They deserve it more than the humans in your family. The humans would just be like, “Ugh! Why are you feeding me milk bones? These are for dogs!” because they’re just ungrateful like that.

It turns out, when you have a dog, you give it more love than the humans around you. Studies don’t lie. Don’t believe us? Click through.

Photo Finish


You know when you’re staring at something, how they say, “Why don’t you take a photo? It’ll last longer?”

Well, apparently that saying applies to some people and their dogs. Because they’re so in love with their dogs, they can’t help but snapping it’s pic.

And it turns out, they snap a pic of their pooch more than they’ll take a photo of someone they took a vow saying that they love. That someone being their human spouse.

Study Says


A new study conducted by found something that we probably all kind of new was true.

Dog owners are more likely to take a photo of their dog than their spouse. And we get it. Dogs are super cute. Spouses? Not so much.

The study found that a whopping 65% of dog people “admitted to taking more photos of their dog than their significant other.”

Feeling Social


But the preference that dog lovers give to their dogs doesn’t stop with just taking photos. It also extends to sharing photos. says that 29% of dog lovers will “share more pictures online of their dog than of friends and family.”

So you might not know what your married friend’s spouse looks like, or even if they truly exist. But you’re absolutely going to know what their dog looks like, and at every single angle, too.

Pick Me Up


We bet you’re wondering what dog people do with all those dog photos that they took. Do they just leave them to gather digital dust?

It turns out, they actually put them to good use. The survey says that, “3 out of 4 pet parents use their dog or dog videos as a pick-me-up during a rough day.”

You could turn to your significant other, or you could look at your dog’s big, wet nose. Either work.

Puppy Love


But the study dug in deeper than just the participant’s camera rolls on their phone.

It turns out, dogs play a larger part in the love lives of dog people. The study found that 47% of dog people who have “a significant other admit they’d find it harder to leave their dog for a week than their human partner.”

Your spouse may or may not love you unconditionally, but your dog always does, so we get it.

Family Friend


It turns out that these attitudes toward dogs might not be so crazy after all.

The study also found that almost all dog owners “consider their dog a part of the family.” A whopping 94% of dog owners feel this way.

Your husband or your wife might be literally family, but your dog is family, too. And for that, shouldn’t you be able to take a ton of photos of them without any judgement? They’re family after all.

Meet And Greet


But the love that dog lovers show to their dogs doesn’t stop there. In some ways, it’s better to be a dog than a human.

The survey says that, “Fifty-six percent of dog people say hello to their dog first when they come home, before greeting the rest of the family.”

Wow. If you want your spouse to pay more attention to you, you should probably dress up as a dog. It’s a lot more effective than being a person.

Precious Moment


Not only that, but dog people want their dogs to participate in their lives the same way they’d want people to.

The survey says, “The majority of dog people (78 percent) would include their dog in family moments like marriage proposals, holiday cards and vacations.”

You can’t propose to your dog, but you can have your dog in your proposal. Honestly, if you could propose to your dog, we wouldn’t be surprised if some people would do it.

Happy Birthday


Since dogs are part of the family, they get treated like they’re part of the family. And that includes celebrating more human milestones.

The survey revealed that “The majority of dog owners (56 percent) have celebrated their dog’s birthday.”

Again, if you have an Instagram account, none of this information should be surprising to you. We’ve seen more dog birthday celebrations on that place than we’ve seen child birthday celebrations. And we kind of like the dog ones better.

Separation Anxiety


Maybe dog people take so many photos of their dogs because they don’t like to be away from them?

The survey found that “One in three pet parents have shed a tear when leaving their dog at home.”

And as for their spouse? They probably give them a kick in the butt to get them out the door. When your dog licks your face, it’s cute. When your spouse does it, it’s disgusting. It makes total sense.

Sing Along


The behavior of dog people gets weirder and weirder. Or more and more normal, if you happen to be a dog person.

It turns out that 24% of dog people will ” make up songs to sing to their dogs.”

We’re kind of shocked that that number is so low. Our guess is that 100% of dog people do it, but only 24% are willing to admit it when someone asks them if they do it or not.

Deal Breaker


If someone has a significant other and a dog, the dog might actually have more seniority than the significant other.

According to, 54% of dog people “will even consider ending a relationship if their dog doesn’t like their partner.”

If you’ve been married for 20 years, and a dog owner for two years and your significant other doesn’t like you’re dog, you’re going to have to make some tough choices. Mostly, which divorce lawyer to choose.

Home Sweet Home


There might be a really good reason why people are so into their dogs, and it has to do with the way we live.

“Young Americans are less likely to be homeowners or parents than previous generations, but one category they lead in, is pet ownership,” says Brandie Gonzales, pet lifestyle expert.

“They shower their dogs with attention and splurge on expensive gifts because their dog is their best friend, and they want to be their dog’s best friend too.”

Preferential Treatment


It’s not that dog people don’t care about the people in their lives. They just really care a lot about the dogs who love them.

“Dog people are deeply concerned about their dog’s feelings and well-being. And we’re seeing that reflected in everything from how people name their dog to what they feed them, and the type of pet care they prefer,” says Gonzales.

If someone gives you unconditional love, you give it right back to them.

For The Love Of Dogs


So if you love your dogs a lot, just know that you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority of people.

There’s nothing wrong with showing your dog as much love as they show you.

Just don’t kiss your dog on the mouth. Because that thing is covered with so many gross germs. Seriously, you should probably keep your kisses just for your significant other. Otherwise, they might end up feeling left out of the love.