A UPS Drive Takes Pics With All The Dogs He Meets On His Route And We Can’t Even

By lheidi - April 10, 2019

Mailmen and dogs have always had a contentious relationship. Whenever the mailman shows up, the dog is bound to bark until it practically turns itself inside out from the effort. And the smaller the dog, the more it’s going to bark. That’s just science. It’s almost as if the dog is trying to keep the house safe from unwanted junk mail and the water bill. And the only way they can do it is by going after the person who brings said unwanted junk mail and water bills – the mailman.

Mailmen and dogs are natural enemies, just like dogs and cats are natural enemies, as well as dogs and their own tails, dogs and their squeaky toys, dogs and their own reflections. But one mail carrier put aside the natural dislike of dogs and mailmen and made friends with all the dogs along his route.


Wag The Dog


We love our dogs, even thought they don’t love our mailmen. In fact, they hate our mailmen.

But it’s time for the the contentious relationship between dogs and mailmen to come to an end. The feud needs to be is officially over.

And it’s time it should end, because we can’t deal with the sound of our dogs barking every single time the mailman comes to the door. We want to see a truce between the two!

Puppy Power


But our four legged friends are finally making friends with our friendly neighborhood mail carriers thanks to one man.

And it’s about time too! We love our dogs, but it’s been hard for us to pick a side.

And it’s hard to get your mail when your pooch is treating your postman like his own personal chew toy. As if our dogs don’t have enough chew toys. They need to take a bite out of a human in addition to the squeaky steak.

Peace Maker


Meet Jason “Jay” Hardesty, the UPS driver who has been paving the way for dogs and mail carriers to live in harmony.

Seriously, Hardesty should get a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in creating a truce.

For real, there’s hope for anyone to find peace now that mail carriers and dogs have put aside their differences to become best friends. We’re going to call up our old childhood rivals and start setting aside our differences, because we know it’s possible now!

The Dogs Of Instagram


And how has Hardesty become a hero, you ask? Well, we’ll tell you what he’s done.

Hardesty has been taking photos with the dogs along his route and posting them on Instagram so all the world can see the cuteness.

Seriously, we love a good dog Instagram, but this is probably the best. It’s almost too cute, like it’s dangerous levels of cuteness, but we haven’t exploded from cuteness yet, so it’s probably fine. We’re saying probably.

Moving On Up


Hardesty says he started taking photos with the pooches a few years ago when they moved his route.

On Hardesty’s old route, the dogs were a lot more unfriendly, which means there’s no way they’d let him pose with them.

“My old route, which was more families, the dogs did not like you,” said Hardesty. There’s nothing worse than a mean dog who doesn’t love posing for Instagram. It’s like, train your dog to be more social media savvy!

Making New Friends


But on Hardesty’s new route, all of that has changed. And thank goodness for us, because these dogs are adorbes!

“They moved me to a different area of town with more people my age, more single people, and the dogs were a lot friendlier,” said Hardesty of his new route.

Isn’t it weird that who the dogs owner is can make a difference in how the dog treats the UPS driver, and if it wants its photo taken?


Day And Night


The two routes are like night and day, or like mean dog and nice dog.

“They come to the door and are happy and let you pet them and stuff,” said Hardesty. Who doesn’t like to be greeted by a big wet dog kiss?

Is there even a point to having a dog if you can’t pet it? Besides companionship. Oh, and also loyalty. And having security. And unconditional friendship? Okay, anything point besides all of those.

On The Way


Hardesty makes friends with the dogs along his route. Because the dogs aren’t man’s best friend, they’re also delivery man’s best friend.

Honestly, we don’t blame them. If Hardesty was our UPS driver, we’d make friends with him, too!

How do we get on Hardesty’s route? Can we, like, pick up our house and move it to New Orleans so that Hardesty can play with our dogs when he delivers our packages? We’d be Amazon’s number one customer.

Man's Best Friend


Hardesty even has dogs on his route that are his favorites. Like these two angels, Oy and Belle.

Hardesty said that one of the dogs was more shy and would run away from him when he came to the door.

But the other dog was friendlier and would always run up to the door to play with Hardesty. Aww! Maybe the dog is shy because she has a crush on Hardesty? She probably has a case of puppy love!

Hashtag Hashtag


Hardesty posts his canine encounters on Instagram, but his account blew up with some help from a friend.

Author Jami Attenberg lives on Hardesty’s route and Tweeted about Hardesty’s Instagram account along with the hashtag #pupsofjay.

The result was that Hardesty’s Instagram account blew up. “I think I gained like 10,000 followers in 48 hours,” said Hardesty. Who doesn’t want to see cute pups in their Instagram feed? Only someone who hates Christmas wouldn’t want that!


Canine Encounters


If you follow Hardesty on Instagram, don’t expect to be overwhelmed with a flood of dogs showing up in your feed.

Hardesty posts in moderation. Hardesty makes it a point to only post photos with dogs on Friday.

Hardesty now has a waitlist of dogs who are all in line to appear on his ‘gram. Damn! That Instagram account sounds like it’s more competitive than a fancy kindergarten! Do any of the dog owners bribe him?


Dog Days


Playing with the dogs on his route and taking photos with the dogs means a lot for Hardesty.

Hardesty, himself, does not own a dog. We get it. It’s like hanging out with your friend’s kid if you don’t have kids yourself.

Honestly, someone get this man a dog, stat! We can’t imagine anything sadder than a man who loves dogs without a dog. It’s like a summer with no sunshine. It’s like a spring with no flowers. It’s sad!

Puppy Love


But it all works out for Hardesty. Both the dogs and the dog owners are happy for Hardesty to play with the dogs along his route.

“They love the fact that their dog loves me and I love them,” says Hardesty.

And so do we, Hardesty, and so do we. Seriously, can we have him deliver mail to our house so that he can play with our dogs? We can’t stand how cute this is!