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All The Uses For Toothpaste (Besides Brushing Your Teeth)

By lheidi - May 16, 2019

Why does toothpaste taste so delicious if you’re not supposed to eat it? It’s almost like Crest and Colgate are messing with your head. If you put something in your mouth and you enjoy the way it dazzles your tastebuds, you should be allowed to swallow it. That should be the rule, and that rule should be hard and fast. But it’s not. Toothpaste is not food, nor will it ever be. And that makes us sad each and every day of our lives when we mournfully knowing we can’t swallow the foamy toothpaste that’s swirling around in our mouths. It’s such a mean joke to play on us.

Even though you can’t eat toothpaste, you can do so many other things with it. Brushing your teeth is just the tip of the toothpaste iceberg. You’re going to be amazed at what toothpaste can do, and that will make you less sad that you’ll never be able to ingest it.

Clean Swimming Goggles


The whole point of wearing goggles is so you can see underwater when you’re swimming.

But that isn’t always the case, because sometimes they fog up when you’re underneath the water. But now you can stop that from happening.

Rub a thin layer of toothpaste over the lens of your goggles. The toothpaste will prevent your goggles from fogging up, and you’ll be able to see when you’re swimming, almost like you’re a fish with fish eyes.

Get Rid Of A Zit


Toothpaste might be the most cost effective pimple remover you have in your medicine cabinet right now.

If a pimple sprouts on your face, just spread a little bit of toothpaste over the blemish when you’re ready to go to bed.

The toothpaste will dry out the zit, and you’ll wake up to clearer skin. Just make sure you wash the toothpaste off, because having toothpaste on your face all day is worse than having the zit.


Clean Your Phone


It’s annoying how quickly your phone gets dirty. It’s almost like it gets dirty as soon as you clean it.

You can actually use toothpaste to clean your phone and disinfect it from germs, so you can actually see your screen for a change.

Although, if you drop your phone and crack it, toothpaste will do nothing to mend those cracks, so you might want to be careful when you’re holding your phone and walking around outside!

Make Your Shoes Smell Better


You don’t have to live with stinky shoes as long as you have a tube of toothpaste lying around.

Just squeeze out some toothpaste and rub it on the soles of your shoes. Then, let the toothpaste dry completely.

You’re ready to put your feet inside your shoes that are now stink free! Your feet will be as minty fresh as your mouth is, provided you also brushed your teeth while you were waiting for the toothpaste to dry.

Soothe Mosquito Bites


Mosquito bites can itch like crazy, and it’s not a fun experience to go through.

But toothpaste can actually act as an amazing itch relief. Just put some toothpaste on the areas when’re you’ve been bitten, and you’ll stop wanting to itch almost immediately.

If you’re going camping, you might want to bring some along. You’re going to need it to brush your teeth, of course! Why wouldn’t you pack along toothpaste if you’re planning on going somewhere?

Fix Car Scratches


Getting minor scratches in your car fixed professionally can really get to be pretty expensive.

But you can actually fix those tiny scratches yourself using just a handy tube of toothpaste. Grab yourself a cloth and some toothpaste, and get to scrubbing.

Your car will be almost as good as new, and now you can park on the street without having to worry about the other people parking around you getting to close to your precious vehicle.

Get Rid Of Nail Polish On Your Skin


When you do your nails at home, or when you have a child do your nails, it’s likely that you’re going to end up with nail polish on your fingers.

But you can easily clean up all of the excess polish that gets everywhere that isn’t your nail.

Rub some toothpaste over the nail polish that got on your skin, and it’ll be gone in no time! It sure beats taking some nail polish remover to the area!

Get Gum Out Of Your Hair


If you get gum in your hair, you don’t have to cut all of your locks off.

Just put some toothpaste over where the gum in your hair is. The toothpaste will break down the sugars in the gum that are keeping it stuck to your strands.

Eventually, the gum will crumble into pieces, and your hair will be free from the sticky substance that trapped it. Put those scissors away because you don’t need them anymore!

Hang Posters


Toothpaste can actually be used as sort of a glue when you’re trying to get posters to stick to the wall.

Toothpaste can act as an adhesive, but it also has the advantage of not damaging the wall.

If you can’t put nails in your wall, but you really want to put up that Farrah Fawcett poster from the 70s, some toothpaste is going to do the trick, and you won’t end up with holes when you take it down!

Wash Your Hands


If you don’t have soap, but you need to wash your hands, you can always use toothpaste as an alternative.

Toothpaste will actually clean your hands better then soap, giving them a deeper clean than a traditional bar of soap.

It also has the advantage of making your hands smell like mint. Now, your hands and your mouth will smell the same, which is something you won’t know you actually want to have until you achieve it.

Fix Nail Holes


Toothpaste can actually function as an alternative to spackle if you have small holes in the wall you want to get rid of.

Just squeeze some plain, white toothpaste into the holes and then let it dry.

The toothpaste will fill in the holes in your wall. And now, you can go ahead and get your deposit back thanks to your good friend toothpaste. Are you amazed at everything toothpaste can do? Because we sure are! It’s so versatile!

Clean Up Permanent Marker


Permanent marker marks don’t have to be permanent, as long as you know how to squeeze toothpaste from a tube.

Just put some toothpaste on the marker mark, then rub it using a sponge, a cloth, or even your fingers.

Let it sit for a few minutes, then clean the toothpaste up. Now, you can give your kids a set of Crayolas without having to worry about the damage that they’ll do to your walls and tables.

Soothe Poison Ivy


Poison ivy can hurt like nobody’s business, but toothpaste can be a pleasant relief to your rash or burn.

Just put some toothpaste over the area that has been affected by the poison ivy. Then, let it sit on your skin for 10 minutes.

Wash the toothpaste off with soapy water. The itching and burning should have subsided. If it doesn’t, you can repeat the process again until you feel better. And we hope that you do!

Clean Piano Keys


We know, we know. When your piano keys get dirty, you just want to throw out the whole piano.

Now you don’t have to! Toothpaste doesn’t just clean the ivories in your mouth, it also cleans the ivories on your piano.

Now, you can tickle the ivories without worrying about leaving your dirty paw prints behind, because they’re easily removed thanks to this new all purpose cleaner you just found out about, this thing we call toothpaste.

Clean Your Curling Iron


When you do your hair a lot, your curling irons and flat irons can get as much product build up on them as your hair does.

Remove the product build up that settled on your hair styling tools by putting some toothpaste on a soft cloth.

Then, rub the toothpaste on your curling iron or flat iron. Wipe it off using another clean, soft cloth. Of course, make sure that they’re off, otherwise you might burn yourself!

Clean Your Keyboard


If the keyboard on your computer gets grimy from running your hands over the keys all the time, you can clean things up with toothpaste.

Just put a tiny little bit of toothpaste on your finger, and use it to clean your keys.

Just make sure you don’t get any toothpaste in the cracks of your keyboard, because that’s just a disaster waiting to happen! Those cracks aren’t cavities. They don’t need to get fluoride in them!

Clean Your Sink


Cleaning chemicals can be full of… well, they can be full of chemicals, just like the name implies.

In order to clean your skin, you can just squeeze some toothpaste around the rim of the drain.

Then, let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse the toothpaste. The toothpaste will coat the pipe of your sink with a pleasant smell, and it won’t be so funky and stinky and gross anymore! It’s almost like an air freshener but for your sink.

Treat A Burn


Toothpaste probably isn’t in your first aid kid, but it might not be a bad idea to add it.

If you accidentally burn yourself, first rinse the burn with cold water. Then put a layer of toothpaste over the burn.

The toothpaste should feel cool and minty on your skin. Although, if you’re a bad cook, the toothpaste won’t do anything to fix that. That is all on you. So maybe you should invest in a nice kitchen mitt?

Clean Your Silver


Silver silverware looks very elegant, but it’s also prone to getting tarnished, which can really stink.

In order to brighten your silver, polish it using a healthy squeeze of toothpaste. You can also try this trick on other forms of silver, it’s not just good for forks and knives.

Now, when you’re ready to sit down to dinner, you’ll have a fork that looks like a fork, and not something that was rescued from a sunken treasure.

Get Rid Of Skunk Odor


Getting sprayed by a skunk stinks, both literally and figuratively. And also, it sucks, too.

If you or your pet have been sprayed by a skunk, grab some toothpaste and get in the tub right away!

Rinse off your body or your pets body. Then, put some toothpaste over your body or your pets body. The fluoride in the toothpaste will help neutralize the smell of the skunk’s spray. And you thought it was because toothpaste smells like mint!