Beanbag Onesies? The World May Never be The Same

By lheidi - April 23, 2019

Bean bags are pretty much the most comfortable chair ever. Can we even call them a chair? They’re so soft, it feels like they’re a result of the cross breeding between a cloud and a sack filled with other clouds. We have a hard time with calling them chairs. Chairs are stiff and rigid. We’re forced to sit in them in school. We’re forced to sit in them at work. They hurt our backs. They just suck.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we only sat in bean bags? Work wouldn’t be boring. It would be a party. And our butts would feel like they’re being caressed by softanium, the softest substance on earth (and something we just made up). Can we just pass a law stating that all chairs have to be bean bag chairs from here on out? One company had a great idea when it comes to bean bags…

One Of A Kind


Recently, Think Geek launched a new innovation in onesie wear. It’s called the Bean Bag Onesie, and it picks up where the Snuggie left off.

The Bean Bag Onesie is basically what you think it is.

It’s a onesie with a bean bag sewed into the butt, so you can take your bean bag with you wherever you go. You’ll never be without a place to sit when you wear a bean bag onesie! Plus you can stay warm!

Tricked Out


The Bean Bag Onesie went on sale on the company’s website for a cool $89.99.

“We’ve all envied that one person who brings a chair, but sometimes carrying around a fold-up chair is just too much,” reads the Think Geek website.

“Why hasn’t someone fixed this yet?” the Think Geek website’s description continues. “Oh wait. We have. We’ve given the most comfortable clothing option a huge upgrade… or trunkgrade… Now you can sit wherever you want.”

Colors Of The Wind


The website says that the Bean Bag Onesie only comes in one color – Gumby Green.

But they said if you want more colors, you can ask them on social media. You can get anything you want by posting about it on social media.

The Bean Bag Onesie is made of “Cotton, filled with cotton and polyester fiber mix and polystyrene balls.” And no, one size does not fit all. The item comes in six different sizes.

April Fool's


But the Bean Bag Onesie isn’t real. It’s an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank from the company.

If you click on the “buy now” button, you’ll be taken to a different page with a very special message.

“Gotcha! No need to bae all salty! Happy April Fools,” reads the page. The page also encourages you to go fool your friends. Because April Fool’s Day pranks are the gift that keeps on giving if you share them around.

You Got Punk'd


Some people were mad about being pranked, probably because they wanted it to be real so bad.

Dozens of people left comments expressing how upset they were that the item was fake. We would be, too!

“My 5 yr old totally wanted one of these when he saw the pic yesterday… Had to explain April Fools Day and he said ‘that’s not very nice,” wrote one user on Think Geek’s Instagram account. We all want it to be real.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 8.23.27 PM


One week after April Fool’s Day, the company revealed it was a joke and how they made it.

“Shout out to master seamstress and cosplayer @geordiehollyxo for helping make our Bean Bag Onesie dreams a reality!” they wrote in an Instagram post.

“We gave her a weird concept and she ran with it. Thank you, Holly! #AprilFools,” As we all know, things get kind of fun when corporations participate in April Fool’s Day.

The Chocolate Whopper


Burger King announced the Chocolate Whopper as an April Fool’s Day prank, which sounds either nasty or delicious, depending on how much you love chocolate.

The Chocolate Whopper had chocolate syrup instead of ketchup and white chocolate rings instead of onions.

It also had a flame-grilled chocolate patty, milk chocolate lettuce leaves, and it was topped with candied blood oranges. And now we’re hungry for this thing we can never buy because it was just a prank.

The Spaghetti Tree


In 1957, the BBC created one of the greatest April Fool’s Day pranks of all time.

The BBC reported on the spaghetti tree, which seemed to show a family in Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from a tree in their backyard.

Nowadays, it sounds instantly unbelievable, but back in the 1950s, not that many British people had heard the word “spaghetti.” Some people who watched the broadcast ended up reaching out to the BBC asking how they could grow their own spaghetti tree.



For April Fool’s Day this year, One Next came out with a prank that was a total parody of Tesla.

One Next announced the #warpcar. “The OnePlus #WarpCa is coming. Are you ready to say goodbye to gasoline? #NeverSettle,” the company wrote in a Tweet.

Although the car was supposed to rival the Tesla, the ad for it said it just wasn’t as good.

Discocover Weekly


We’re all familiar with Spotify’s algorithm produced playlist, Discover Weekly. So when they came out with Discocover Weekly, it seemed like a typo.

But it wasn’t. It’s a playlist of disco covers chosen for you by artists that you tend to listen to.

Honestly, we’re kind of more into Discocover Weekly than we’re into Discover Weekly. Can this playlist be a real thing we can listen to each and every week? Why does it have to be a prank?

Cup Noodle Headphones


The Cup Noodle headphones were an April Fool’s Day prank done in collaboration between two companies – Hyperx and Nissan Cup Noodles.

With these headphones, you’re supposed to be able to eat Nissan Cup Noodles while gaming.

Two cups go neatly over your ears, and there’s a fork instead of a microphone. Or is it a fork that’s also a microphone? We have so many questions about this prank that we know we’ll never be able to get answered.

Tinder Height Verification


People lie about their height on Tinder all the time. We’d like to see a crackdown on height liars.

Which is why this prank hurts to bad. Tinder said they were coming out with a height verification feature.

We’re expecting to see a huge decline in the 80% of males on Tinder who are claiming that they are well over 6 feet. That’s fine by us — as long as we’re all living our truths,” Tinder said.

The Press Paws Remote


We already have way too many remotes. For April Fool’s Day, Roku said that they were going to give us another one.

But this one was meant for dogs. The Press Paw remote was specifically designed with your four-legged friend in mind.

The Press Paw was supposed to come with, “bark assistant technology, a built-in sub woofer, and animal appropriate shortcut buttons” which basically means it would pull up Animal Planet for your dog to watch. Woof!

Via Tandem


Sometimes your Uber Pool feels more uncomfortable than a bicycle built for two would feel.

Ride share app Via said they were coming out with a new ride share service called Tandem. Yes, Tandem as in tandem bicycle.

Users could find someone to share a bike with them. The older user would sit in front so they could steer. The other rider would sit in back and ensure the front person that they haven’t fallen off the bike yet.

Dippin Dots Deoderant


Dippin Dots is the ice cream of the future, but for April Fool’s Day they came out with the deodorant of the future.

“You can Taste the Fun with your favorite flavor of Dippin’ Dots ice cream, and now you can Smell the Fun with NEW Dippin’ Dots deodorant!” read their website.

“It starts out colorful, and stays cool! Dippin’ Dots deodorant comes in three delicious smelling scents: Bubble Gum, Strawberry, and Cotton Candy.” We’d probably try to eat it!

Find My Brick App


If you’re tired of losing your Legos, then the toy manufacturer’s April Fool’s Day prank is going to make you super sad.

The Find My Brick App was a parody of iPhone’s Find My Phone feature.  So high tech!

The app would have let you find your missing Lego pieces in a pile of other bricks. Those who weren’t fooled by the prank asked Lego to make the Find My Brick App a real thing, but to no avail. That must have hurt worse than actually stepping on a Lego.

Google Screen Cleaner


Google came up with a Screen Cleaner feature for April Fool’s Day this past year.

The feature, if it were real, would use software to identify dirt and smudges on your phone. It would then clean your phone for you.

It then would create a long-lasting non-stick shield on the surface of your phone. This feature might not actually be real right now, but a couple of years from now, this is actually going to be a thing.

Audible For Fish


Fish can’t read books, which must be why Audible came out with Audible for Fish this year.

“We can’t forget our fishy friends, who need company just as much as our furrier pets!” the company wrote in a Tweet.

“‘Audible for Fish’ is designed to ensure these scaly sweethearts have a whale of a time in the tank when home alone.” We were so worried that our fish would get bored when we were away at work!

Duolingo Push


For April Fool’s Day, Duolingo decided to pull a prank based off of their push notifications.

With the Push feature, a large green owl appears in real life and pushes you to study your foreign language.

The owl comes in three modes – encouraging, disappointed, or passive aggressive. We don’t want to disappoint the owl! We better practice our foreign language lessons! Also, we don’t want a large green owl to show up inside our actual real life houses.

eHarmony For Dogs


eHarmony has been great for helping humans to fall in love. So for April Fool’s Day last year, they said they were branching out to help dogs find love.

With the Furever Love service, the dating site would have helped man’s best friend find a long term relationship with something that’s not a fire hydrant.

The prank even said that they had a study on “Love and Canine Relationships in America.” Hey, it has to be legit if there’s a study attached!