Blue Bananas Are A Thing And You Won’t Believe What They Taste Like

By lheidi - July 17, 2019

It’s so hard to tell when fruit is ripe sometimes. We know. You’re supposed to knock on a melon to see if it sounds hollow, and that’s how you know it’s good to eat. But time and time again, we take our fruit home from the grocery store and cut it open only to find that the inside has gone to mush. Like, we’ll still eat it. It’s just gross inside. At the end of the day, we’re not picky!

But there is some fruit that goes the opposite way. You think it’s going to be bad inside and it looks terrible, but when you cut it open, it’s the most delicious thing that you’ll ever put in your mouth. And there are some fruits that smell so bad you’d swear that they were made of death itself, but you’ll never taste anything like them. Believe it or not, blue bananas aren’t bananas that are bad.

Feeling Blue


No, you’re not seeing things. These bananas are supposed to be blue. And yes, they’re perfectly ripe and okay to eat.

These bananas are actually officially known as blue java bananas and unofficially known as the “ice cream” banana.

Most bananas have yellow skin, but these bananas are known for their silver-blue color when they’re unripe. You can thank their wax coating for their unusual color. And here we thought that you could only get bananas in yellow.

It Tastes Like Ice Cream


Blue java bananas are also known for their delicious flavor, which tastes more like ice cream than bananas.

Some people say that these bananas taste like vanilla ice cream. Other people say that they taste like vanilla custard. Either way, they sound delicious.

You can eat these bananas raw, or you can play around with them and turn them into – you guessed it – an ice cream alternative just by freezing them. They might be better than the real thing.

Home Sweet Home


These bananas are native to Australia, Hawaii, and parts of Asia. It’s hard to find them outside of these regions.

If you’re in Hawaii, you can pick them up at some farmer’s markets. But if you’re on the mainland, you’re going to have kind of a hard time getting your hands on one.

There’s a company in Florida that allows you to buy them in bulk, but otherwise, you might just have to stick to regular bananas.

Grow Your Own


If you really, really want to try these ice cream bananas, you can always grow your own plant.

There’s a company called Wellspring Gardens that sells the plants on Amazon. It’s hard work, and the plants can grow up to 15 feet tall, but it might be worth it just to taste one of these sweet, sweet fruits.

Of course, there are many other types of weird fruits that are much more common elsewhere in the world…



These spiky fruits are known for their extremely bad smell. You can find them in Southeast Asia – or where people are plugging their nose.

If you can brave the smell, then you’re better than a lot of people. It is said that this fruit smells like fried onions.

Some people light candles that make their houses smell like fruit. We can’t imagine anyone wanting to scent their homes like this exotic fruit. We’ll stick to apples.



This fruit is native to South America, and kind of looks like an artichoke on the outside and an apple on the inside.

The fruit has the nickname of “custard apple” because the white flesh on the inside of the fruit is kind of custardy and also resembles an apple. So that name is pretty appropriate.

You know what they say. A custard apple a day… just actually tastes pretty good but does nothing for the doctor.

Kiwano (Horned Melon)


The kiwano is also known as the horned melon for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who takes a look at it.

This fruit is found in Sub-Saharan Africa, although it looks more like something that should be found on an alien planet.

The fruit has been said to taste like cucumber, although, we’re not going to risk it. What if it’s actually the egg of an alien baby? We don’t want to eat alien babies.

Tamarillo (Tree Tomato)


There’s a lot of debate if the tomato is a fruit or a vegetable, but the tree tomato is undoubtedly a fruit.

This fruit is found in South America, and has tart flesh that you can scoop out with a spoon.

Some people also turn this fruit into a juice, which means that you can take your Bloody Mary to a whole new level. We wonder what it would taste like if you used tree tomato juice?



No, this isn’t a super big durian fruit. It’s a jackfruit. Can you imagine how much it would stink if it was?

Jackfruits don’t stink the way durian fruits do, and they’re becoming quite popular in vegan cuisine these days.

Jackfruits actually smell pretty sweet, and have been likened to pineapple and banana. They also taste sweet, having a flavor that’s similar to mango, pear, peach and pineapple.

Dragon Fruit


Dragon fruit is the national fruit of Vietnam, so you know it has to be good.

This exotic fruit is actually becoming quite common, and you can probably find it at the grocery store, in case you want to know what the white, dotted flesh tastes like. They taste kind of creamy and have a very subtle flavor.

Dragon fruits also look pretty cool, so you might want to pick one up just to use as a decoration.



We never really sat and thought about what mulberries would look like. We just assumed they look like regular berries.

But they actually look like weird little larva that we would put absolutely nowhere near our mouths.

It’s kind of fitting that they look like larva, because mulberries were used as food for silkworm larva in China, where these berries are native  to. We’d rather it’s silkworm food instead of ours. Seriously, those things look kind of gross.



Rambut means “hairy” in Malay. Which makes it a pretty accurate name for these hairy-looking fruits.

Rambutans are found in southeast Asia, and once you get past the extra fur, you’ll find a fruit that kind of resembles a lychee nut. They’re in the same botanical family as lychee nuts, so that can give you a hint as to what they taste like.

It’s worth getting over how weird these fruit look, because they’re actually pretty delicious tasting.

Fruit Salad Plant


If you’re too lazy to make a fruit salad using different fruits, just make one using a fruit salad plant.

These fruits are native to southern Mexico, but are actually pretty common in Australia. They taste like a combination of different fruits, which makes their name super fitting.

Although, we kind of think it looks a little bit like corn, and we all know that corn doesn’t go in fruit salad. So this fruit is kind of confusing us.



You might not have come across these fruits in America, but they’re actually pretty common in other parts of the world.

These purple, round fruits can be found in Indonesia, Thailand, and Southeast Asia where they’re sold on food carts.

These fruits are very sweet and creamy and worth tasting. But don’t eat their seeds, because the seeds are quite bitter and that can just ruin your whole mangosteen experience. So don’t eat that seed, whatever you do.

Snake Fruit


These fruits are known as snake fruit or Salak. We’re going to stick with snake fruit, because it sounds more badass.

You can find them in Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. They’re actually a species of palm tree.

The outside of the fruit looks befitting of the name “snake fruit,” but the inside tells a different story. The fruit tastes sweet, sour, and juicy. And we’re guessing this fruit doesn’t taste like a snake at all.

Banana Passion Fruit


Is this a banana or is it a passion fruit? The banana passion fruit will never make up its mind.

Banana passion fruits are actually a type of passion fruit, but they’re shaped like a banana, which makes them pretty sneaky.

Their insides are orange and sweet, but their outsides trick us into thinking that they’re a monkey’s favorite food. It’s almost like these passion fruits are permanently attending a costume contest and they’re dressed as a banana.



You’re probably familiar with the candies known as jujube more than you are the actual fruit.

These fruits are native to China, and they kind of look like a date. They’re small and oval and naturally wrinkly.

We’re guessing that these fruits don’t get stuck to your teeth the same way jujube candies do. Seriously, we probably still have pieces of jujube from middle school stuck behind our molars. You can never get rid of those things.



Dragon’s don’t exist, but a fruit known as “dragon’s eye” does. Longan fruits have the nickname “dragon’s eye” because of their shape. Although, nobody’s actually seen a dragon’s eye, so how do they know?

These fruits are found in China, and kind of look like an eye when you take the shell off.

They also look like a lychee nut, but “lychee nut’s eye” doesn’t sound as snappy as “dragon’s eye.” They went with the better branding on this.

Water Apple


The water apple goes by many names, all misleading. It’s also been called the Thai wax apple, bell fruit and rose apple.

But the water apple is actually a berry, and not an apple at all.

It’s shaped like a pear, but it resembles a watermelon because it has a high water content. So if you’re trapped on a desert island, you might want to plant water apples instead of watermelons, provided you can get your hands on these.

Sour Plum


You’ve probably had sour plums before, but when they were ripe and known as what they actually are – plums.

Sour plums are picked in the spring when they’re still green and pretty sour, instead of later in the summer when they’re ripe.

These plums are, as you can probably guess, pretty sour. They’re also a snack food in the Middle East. People eat them dipped in salt, making it a nice combination of salty and sweet.