Body Paint Wedding Dresses Are Real, And They’re Gorgeous AF

By lheidi - June 25, 2019

Traditionally, a bride is supposed to wear a white dress, but she doesn’t have to wear that color if she doesn’t want to. Actually, a bride doesn’t even have to wear white. She can wear black, red, off-white, blue, polka dots. Whatever floats your boats goes these days. If we’re going to be honest, a bride doesn’t even have to wear anything at all. There are so many other things that you can put on your body besides fabric held together with thread, like paint.

There’s something so fun about the idea of covering your body in paint in order to make it look like you’re wearing clothes. That is, until you get cold. We’d imagine you’d start to feel like you were freezing after a while. But if you can stand the wind chill, you can always try wearing one of these body paint dresses instead of an actual dress.

Paint By Numbers


If you’ve seen the X-Men movies, then you’re probably already familiar with the concept of body paint.

What, you didn’t think that Jennifer Lawrence turned her skin blue naturally, did you? Her costume is so skin tight in that movie that it literally is her skin.

But body paint doesn’t just live in the movies. People do body paint in real life, and it also looks amazing, even though they’re not making themselves blue from head to toe.

The Bride Wore White


Body paint has been seen on women walking down the alter. It’s perfect for the non-traditional bride.

Yes, women have been using body paint to paint on their white wedding dresses when they tie the knot.

It looks like she even painted on her gloves here. Everything except for her skirt and her flowers is just paint on skin. We have to admire her bravery for being so close to naked in front of her friends and family.

Devil Is In The Detail


As you can see, wedding dresses made from body paint can get pretty detailed. They’re as detailed as a regular wedding dress, if not more.

Plus, with a body paint wedding dress, you don’t have to worry about your dress not fitting you after you bought it.

In fact, you don’t have to go through the whole fitting process at all. You do have to stand there while someone paints on you skin, and that might actually take longer.

Bride And Groom


Body paint doesn’t have to be exclusive to the bride. There’s a whole world of body paint that you can explore at your wedding.

You can also make the groom paint on a body paint tuxedo.

You know he’s going to complain about having to stuff himself in a suit. You might as well just save the ordeal and let him wear body paint instead. It’s going to be much more comfortable on top of it all.

One Of A Kind


One of the other benefits of a body paint wedding dress is that you’re guaranteed that nobody will have the same dress as you.

Your outfit is literally the most custom made you can get, seeing as how it’s painted directly on to your skin.

Body paint wedding dresses are like snowflakes. – no two are alike, and also they’re white, and also they’ll melt if you get them too hot or if you get water on them.

Is This Real Life?


We can’t believe that this dress isn’t actually a dress, but instead it’s just strategically placed paint.

The only downside is that there’s no way to save your body paint wedding dress in case you ever want to wear it again.

Not that you end up ever wearing your wedding dress again. It usually just takes up space in your closet. You also can’t pass down the body paint wedding dress to your daughter when she gets married.

Feeling Touchy


If you’re going to go with the body paint wedding dress for your big day, you’re going to want to have help on hand.

Body paint wedding dresses require touch ups throughout the day, so it’s best to have someone there who can spruce up your dress in case it rubs off.

Otherwise, you might end up “wearing” next to nothing at the end of the reception because your “dress” rubbed off on the furniture and other guests.

Rain Or Shine


They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day, but that’s not the case if you’re rocking a body paint wedding dress.

You better hope that the sky stays dry when you’re getting hitched, otherwise your dress might melt right off.

Then you’d have to put on a regular dress, and what’s the point of sitting through hours of a body paint session if you’re just going to end up wearing conventional clothes at the end of it?

Bridal Party


One of the great things about being a bride is that you can make your bridesmaids wear whatever you want.

It’s the perfect revenge if your friends and family were ever mean to you when you were growing up.

You can make them wear body paint bridesmaids dresses, which is arguably worse than making them wear a tacky polyester dress that has more ruffles and bows than one of those creepy porcelain dolls with big glass eyes.

Taking The Plunge


Seriously, if you want to paint on your wedding dress, then you should go for it.

Honestly, the idea of wearing nothing but paint in front of all your friends, family, and a priest is actually a lot less scary than tying the knot at all. You’re already doing something scary. You might as well go all in.

You’re technically still wearing white, so it’s totally fine. Because the only rule to weddings is you have to wear white.

Bird Brain


But making wedding dresses or turning Jennifer Lawrence blue aren’t the only cool things that people can do with body paint.

You can do so much more with body paint. The only limit is your imagination. And if your imagination isn’t limited, then you really have no limits, actually.

This artist clearly has an imagination with no limits. Believe it or not, this is actually a photo of a person wearing body paint, and not a painting of a bird.

Animal Planet


American artist Shannon Holt will use body paint to create the most amazing designs ever put on human skin.

She turns people into animals just by using body paint placed in clever spots on the human body.

We legit thought that this was a photo of a crocodile, and not someone who is rocking body paint. Can you imagine if you got married while you were painted like this? It’s not white, but it’s still pretty cool.

Be A Deer


It’s almost hard to spot the human in this photo. Partly because the human is so cleverly hidden, and partly because the painting is so good we can’t keep our eyes off it.

It must be amazing to be turned into a human work of art like this.

Sure, it probably takes hours of sitting still while Shannon paints on your body, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it. We’d never want to take this paint off.

Two For One


This is the coolest yoga pose we’ve ever seen, because the person holding it has two birds on her.

If someone drew birds on us and then asked us to hold yoga poses, we would be so buff.

It’s mostly because we would be too scared to move. We wouldn’t want to smudge the paint, so we’d be stuck doing warrior two or downward facing dog for hours at a stretch. Our arms would look so fit.

People Pleaser


It’s hard to tell how many people went into the making of this cool fox.

We’re trying to count the arms and legs, and every time we do, we end up with a different number. We’re pretty sure there are three people in this photo, but then again, you never know.

Somebody could always be crazy flexible in a way that only contortionists and rubber can be. So we won’t rule anything out when it comes to this painting.

Into The Woods


But Shannon isn’t the only artist who uses body paint to create amazing works of art.

The artist Vilija uses body paint to make her models blend into their surroundings. It’s like the ultimate camoflauge. We’d like to see the army hire Vilija in order to make their troops blend into the desert.

It took us a minute before we noticed that the tree is actually a person, and the person is actually a tree. She’s so well hidden.

Natural Beauty


Okay, so this one is a little bit more obvious. We immediately knew that the model was there.

But it still looks pretty cool, and if we didn’t have our glasses on, we would totally be tricked.

But then again, when we don’t have our glasses on, everything blurs into everything else. We’d probably miss that there was an elephant sitting in the middle of a room if we weren’t wearing our glasses, that’s how bad it is.

A Room Of Your Own


Maybe Vilija doesn’t include people in all of her artwork. Maybe some of her artwork is just of an empty room, right?

Wrong. Believe it or not, there’s actually a person sitting in this room. Can’t find it? We’ll give you a minute to look.

She’s sitting on a chair by the window. She’s so faint, that she almost looks like a ghost. We can’t be sure that she isn’t a ghost, but we’ll just assume that she’s alive.

Barely There


Again, this is another picture where you’ll have to hunt around for the person inside of it.

It almost looks like there’s a vague outline of a person sitting in the middle of the room. But it is actually a real, complete human.

How still do you think she had to sit? Both while she was getting her body paint and while she was taking this photo? She might actually be a statue and not a person.

Mountain Man


It almost looks like Vilija captured the spirit of nature, and not an actual person sitting on a rock.

We would think that this is some kind of representation of Mother Nature, or actually Mother Nature herself. She’s never been photographed until now.

Vilija’s artwork is truly incredible. We’re just worried that when this person gets up, it’s going to have gotten smeared all over the rocks. Can someone get a towel to clean up these rocks, please?