Cat Owner’s Are Cutting Their Pet’s Hair To Look Like Dinosaurs, Because Why Not

By lheidi - April 09, 2019

Cats are probably the cutest thing on four legs. Except when they stand up on their two hind legs, then they’re the cutest thing on two legs. You probably thought that it’s not possible to make a cat cuter than it already is. But guess what – cats just got cuter. Now, owners are cutting their cats fur so that they resemble dinosaurs. And this prehistoric haircut takes the cuteness level all the way to eleven.

Although, we’re impressed that anyone’s cat would ever stay still long enough to get their fur cut a) at all and b) in an elaborate dinosaur shape. But even if your cat claws off half your face and arms, it’s still worth it. Because this haircut is the greatest thing to happen to cats since cats happened at all. We know that our cats don’t care about this haircut nearly as much as we do, because our cats don’t care about anything that isn’t a treat.

Grumpy Cat


This cat clearly hates his new haircut, but something tells us he’d have this stank look on his face no matter what his hair was doing.

If he was wearing a hat made out of fish, he’d still look grumpy and miserable. It’s in his nature.

Some cats were born grumpy, some cats will die grumpy. And you can do whatever you want to their hair in the meantime. Because, you guessed it, they’re going to be grumpy.

Feeling Festive


We know what this cat is going to be for Halloween. For starters it’s going to be cute for Halloween.

But it’s also going to be a stegosaurus for Halloween. And a cute stegosaurus at that!

This is a great idea for a cat’s Halloween costume, because it can’t get annoyed with it and shake it off halfway through the night. It proably will be annoyed with it, but at least it can’t take it off on top of it!

My Humps


We found some new prehistoric creature. It’s a cross between a lion and a dinosaur.

It has an Ewok’s face, and the mustache of an old man. And it terrorized the other dinosaurs with its total cuteness.

The kittysaurus rex was the king of all dinosaurs, and could often be seen at its dinosaur scratching post or playing with a prehistoric ball of yarn. Cats have not evolved very much in the past million years. They’re pretty much the same.

To Your Health


If Jurassic Park was populated with dinosaurs that looked like this, it wouldn’t be a scary place at all.

When all of the dinosaurs escaped, they’d roam around Jurassic Park looking for a saucer of milk, instead of a lawyer to ear.

And when they broke into the control room, it would be fine. Because they’d probably just be looking for someone to pet them. And we would do it. We would pet all of these terrifying creatures! Terrifyingly cute, that is.

Pony Up


This cat almost looks as if someone took a bunch of swatches of hair and pasted it down the back of this cat.

Although, we’re pretty sure that didn’t happen because it would take for-ev-er and ev-er.

That cat would not have the patience to have a fake ponytail extension put down his back, not to mention ten. He’d have gotten bored after one, and then tried to play with the rest. If there’s one thing we know, it’s cats. (We’re so lonely.)

Mane And Tail


This little guy got his belly shaved, but they left his feet an his face.

So that means that there are still a few swatches of fur left for you to pet if he’ll let you pet them.

Of course, you can still try to pet his belly. But he’s probably going to swat at you with his little fur stumps. They’re both ferocious and fury, so be afraid. Especially if you’re allergic to cats. Be very afraid.

Snack Time


Even ferocious dinosaurs still eat kitty food. What? They’re the kings of the Jurassic world, but they still get hungry.

And they definitely still require treats from time to time. Just because they’re savage dinosaurs doesn’t mean they don’t like a tuna treat every now and then.

The one with salmon, not the one with chicken! And if you give them the wrong treat, they’ll roar in your face! It won’t be nice. They’re a dinosaur after all!

Case Of The Mondays


You do not want to talk to this cat until he’s had his coffee.

He’s a grouch dinosaur in the morning! He won’t be able to think about anything important until he’s taken a minute to start his day.

So if you see him before 9 am, just back off and let him stare at the wall while he drinks his coffee all the way down. He is not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination!

Laser Cat


This cat looks like a robot and a dinosaur and a cat all had a baby together, and it came out looking like this guy.

He’s about two seconds from shooting lasers out of his eyes at his enemy.

Robo Kitty, actívate! Robo Kitty lasers, shoot! Pew pew! Wait, a responsible pet owner doesn’t run around pretending to shoot lasers from their cat eyes? That’s not a thing you should ever do with a live animal? Our bad!

Kittysaurus Rex


Stegosaurus cat has no time for your games. He’s here to sleep during the day, and he’s only here to sleep during the day.

He will not entertain you picking him up. Nor will he allow you to pick him up and pretend to destroy the city with him.

He is not Godzilla Cat. He is a stegosaurus. He will kindly hope you get the two straight. If you do not, he is fully prepared to scratch.

Downward Facing Cat


Even dinosaur cats need to stay in shape! Practicing your stretches is the best way to stay flexible.

It’s called kitty yoga, and it is what it sounds like. Except there’s no downward dog or upward dog anywhere in sight.

You have to keep your figure nice and trim! Especially when your owners keep on cutting shapes into your fur. Being this cute takes a lot of work! But hey, it’s completely worth it, don’t you think?

Fat Cat


This cat’s two options were to go on a diet or get a trim to make him look like a fat little dino.

Clearly he took the second choice. It was the easier of the two by far.

It was easy to catch him and do this to him. He couldn’t run away. He couldn’t even struggle to be free. He just had to sit there and accept his fate. That’s what he gets for being a chubby little cat!

Cat Nap


Why even have a cat if you don’t make him look like a real life anime creature?

It’s like, if you’re not going to turn him into a real life cartoon, just get a dog, are we right?

Getting to do whatever you want with your pet is half the fun of pet ownership. The other half of the fun is that you can name it whatever you want. Something like “Megosaur” or “Ralph.” Super fun, huh?

Prehistoric Sourpus


This cat knows exactly what he looks like. And he hates it. All he wants in the world are new owners.

Owners who don’t do things like this. Getting a bad haircut sucks. Being a cat who’s been given a bad haircut and is completely self aware of it sucks even more.

We’d feel bad for this little guy, but honestly, if we owned this cat we would have done the exact same thing with his fur. It’s too cute!

King Of The Jungle


We don’t know why or how the trend of shaving your cat to look like a dinosaur started.

All we know is we’re awfully glad it did. Because even though we don’t have a cat, we can still enjoy all these other cats who surely hate their owners.

This cat is probably thinking the most evil thoughts about the people who own him. But we don’t care because his mystery is our delight. Who’s a cute kitty? Who’s a cute kitty?