Dogs Acting Like Humans Are Just The Best

By lheidi - March 12, 2019

Dogs are pretty much the cutest creatures to walk on four legs. And they’re also pretty cute when they walk on two legs while pretending to be human. Actually, they’re probably even cuter when they do that. And if you put a jacket and glasses on a dog standing on two legs, you’ve just made the cutest thing in the history of any and everything that is cute.

Dogs are man’s best friend. Your regular best friend tries to copy you, so why wouldn’t your canine best friend also try to copy you? That’s how best friends work. We wouldn’t be surprised if eventually you see your dog wearing the same shirt as you, rocking the same hairstyle as you. It’s not weird. It’s friendship. Like we said, that’s how best friends work.

Graduation Day


These dogs worked really, really hard in obedience school to make it to this point.

College-level obedience classes are tough. Advanced rolling over is probably one of the most intense courses a dog could ever take.

But they made it. They shook hands. They played dead. And now they’ve all earned their Bark-lers of Science. It’s only a matter of time before they’ll be playing fetch with their diplomas. Who’s a good graduate? Who’s a good graduate?

Slip And Slide


How much do you want to bet this dog is trying to run down the slide?

He’s giving himself way too much work. All you have to do is sit on you butt and let gravity do its thing.

We can practically hear his claws scratching on the plastic as he runs down the slide, face planting into the mulch. Which goes to show, just because a dog can technically do a human thing doesn’t mean he’s going to do it right.

What's For Dinner?


Usually dogs try to get food by jumping up on the dinner table, not sitting down at it.

But this dog has incredible manners, so he is politely waiting for his meal like a total gentleman.

Who could say no to this face? We’d totally give him all of our leftovers. And we’re pretty sure that he’s try to eat them with a knife and fork. Plus he’d know to keep his elbows off the table. He’s just that dapper!

Kitchen Helper


Most dogs are experts at making a mess. Few know how to clean up messes.

So it’s refreshing when you finally see one roll up their sleeves and help out in the kitchen. He’s not afraid to get his hands wet!

The term, “Good Dog” is used so loosely. But this dog actually deserves to get called a good dog. He also deserves to get a gold star on his chore chart. He’s such a handy helpful household helper!

Makeover Magic


Some service animals guide the blind. Other service animals actually work in the service industry.

This service animal is about to serve up some highlights and a fashionable haircut. Provided he can actually hold the scissors.

And he probably won’t get the placement of his foils right. Plus does he even know what highlights will go with this guy’s skin tone? Okay, maybe it’s not the best idea to get a makeover from a dog. We want to see his cosmetology license!

Deuces Up


Human fashion isn’t just for humans to wear! Dogs can totally rock cool hoodies, too.

This dog is totally sporting the latest sportswear for dog. It’s a thing. Take our word for it. Don’t look it up.

Pretty soon all of the young puppies will be wearing fun hoodies and taking selfies. Their masters trained them to make a peace sign, hold an iPhone, take a photo, and post that photo to Instagram. Good boy! You used the Valencia filter!



This dog is smart enough to use a computer, but is he smart enough to delete his browser history?

We’re guessing that the answer is no, and his owner is going to come home to find some very interesting searches.

Most bad dogs just get into the trash and make a mess all over the kitchen. This bad dog is spending all day looking at pure naughtiness. We’re honestly not sure which one is worse. Bad dog! Very bad dog!

Bar None


After a long, hard day of chasing your own tail, sometimes you just gotta get a drink and unwind.

There’s nothing like a nice, cool glass of toilet water to melt all of your troubles away.

This dog better cool it with the toilet water, though. Any more and the bartender is going to cut him off. Does Uber for Dogs exist yet? Is that a thing? Because someone’s got to call him one after this long evening!

Book Worm


Literacy is important, even if you’re a dog and don’t know how to read human words.

Studies show that staring at at least one book a day while wearing glasses can increase your cuteness up to 100%.

This dog has a bright future in front of him! He’s really putting in the work to enrich himself, thus enriching all of the cuteness around him. Way to go, cute, glasses-wearing dog! You’re making the grade! (The cuteness grade.)

Birthday Boy


It’s this dog’s birthday. And, like a human, he’s eating a cake to celebrate it.

And, also like a human, he’s being a total diva over the fact that it’s his birthday. He’s mentioned it, like a thousand times.

He’s also been checking his Facebook every two seconds to see who wished him a happy birthday. Plus, he’s holding a petty grudge against the people who didn’t post anything. He’s so much like a human, isn’t he?

Backseat Driver


Look at this little guy! He ran in front so he could get the shotgun seat!

He wanted it because it gives you a better view from the window. He can poke his head out of it.

He also wanted it so he could be in charge of the radio. He made a really great Spotify playlist for this road trip, and the only way everyone in the car will let him play it is if he sits up front!

Desk Pet


This dog looks lost. Like really, really lost. What is he doing there? What’s that thing in front of him?

Why does this thing have pages? Where are all the screens? There aren’t any apps on it.

He’s used to technology and has no idea what paper is. Poor Dog! It’s called a book! It’s what people used to use to gather information before iPads and computers. And you use it by opening it, then turning the pages!

Hard At Work


We all know the old, familiar excuse to get out of having to turn in your homework.

“Teacher, my dog ate my homework!” It’s worn out at this point, and everyone knows it’s not even true. So don’t even try.

But this person is trying to come up with a new excuse for getting out of having to do after-school work. “Teacher, my dog did my homework! That’s why it doesn’t make any sense. Literally a dog did it!”

Hooded Hound


And now we have Chantal modeling one of the latest looks from Paris Dog Fashion Week.

This hooded number elegantly drapes over the doggy shoulders, and makes the doggy legs look elongated and oh so chic.

Do a little spin for us, Chantal! Show off the craftsmanship on this beautiful dog coat! You’ll be the belle of the obedience school in this navy number. Of course, it also comes in red if you’re not feeling it in blue.

Lawnmower Man


This dog got a summer job so he could make some extra cash when school isn’t in session.

He’s a pretty good gardener. He mows the lawn so it’s even. And he trims the hedges pretty nicely, too.

The only drawback is that he keeps on running after squirrels when he’s supposed to be working. It’s hard to keep your lawn looking nice when your gardener is barking up a tree. But other than that, he’s great!

Let Me In!


“Hey. Hey. Can you let me in? Knock, knock! I’m standing out here! Remember me?”

“Ha ha, Sharon. We’ve all had a good laugh over this. Can you just open the door. It’s starting to get cold out here right now.”

“Sharon. Sharon. Just open the door, Sharon. You made your point. This really isn’t funny anymore. Sharon. For the love of everything canine, please just open this damn door, Sharon! Sorry for raising my voice. Sharon, let me in!!”



And the title of “Goalie of the Year” goes to none other than our star player, Pooches!

Pooches was able to successfully bring our team to victory despite the obvious handicap of, you know, being a dog.

They called us crazy when we decided to make a dog our goalie, but after an undefeated season, now who’s laughing? It’s certainly not us. And it’s certainly not Pooches. Dogs’ vocal cords are unable to make the sound known as laughter.

Rain Man


When your dog wants to go for a walk, but also she doesn’t want to get her hair wet.

And also she’s pretty nearsighted so she can’t see anything on the walk without her glasses on.

And also she’s really concerned about returning her library books on time, so can you guys just hurry up and get this walk over with? She wouldn’t go out in the rain, but you know, nobody wants to acquire late fees!



Alright, easy there Rover. We all get that you’re jealous your owners now have a child.

You used to be the baby, and now the actual baby is the baby so you want to act like you can be the kid, too.

That’s not how it works, Rover. Your parents still love you. They just also love their new child. So you can get out of the swing set and stop acting out, Rover! It’s not cute. Just kidding. It’s completely cute.

Quiet Please!

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“Excuse me. Sir. Sir. You need to lower your voice. Sir. Please. Sir. You can’t do that in here.”

“I’m fully prepared to call my manager if you make me. Oh, you want to talk to my manager now?”

“Well guess what, I am the manager. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? And I am politely asking you to leave the premises. We have the right to refuse service, and right now I am fully exercising that right. Sir. Sir. Sir.”