Elderly Couples Recreate ‘Engagement-Style’ Photos And It’s Just The Best

By lheidi - July 26, 2019

Engagement photos are getting out of hand. It’s almost like you can’t get married without taking a photo of you and your soon to be spouse holding hands in a quaint apple orchard that is also on top of rustic train tracks that’s located on the top of a cliff that’s right beside an active volcano. How else are people going to know you’re engaged? They’ll just think they’re looking at a normal photo of you and your significant other holding hands, looking lovingly at each other, and showing off a giant ring. That could be anything. No, to let people know you’re engaged, you have to go up into space and take a photo of the both of you floating around with the stars as a backdrop.

This elderly couple has everyone beat when it comes to the super extravagant engagement photos. So everyone can just pack up their cameras and go home.


Love Struck


We love a good engagement photo. There’s nothing more magical than seeing a young couple in love and full of hope.

Except for maybe seeing an old couple still in love and full of hope. Knowing that the couple in the photo has gone the distance makes it all the more special.

We’re fully aware that they’ve been through their challenges, and yet, they’re still able to look at each other the way they did when they were young.

Crazy In Love


We’re not the only ones who love seeing old people in love and all happy.

London photographer Sujata Setia loves cute old couples just as much as we do, apparently. The photographer has been doing a series of older couples striking similar poses to young couples who just got engaged.

And honestly, these photos are so beautiful, they’re making us believe in love all over again. We just want something as sweet as what these people have.

Want You Back


One of the things that makes these photos so special is knowing that there’s a back story to every photo.

The couples in the photos have known each other for quite a while now, and they have an amazing history together.

Some of the couples have known each other and been together for literal decades. It’s definitely something that’s inspiring. We look forward to having a love this strong even when we’re heading into our golden years.

Senior Moment


One of the things that’s so amazing about Sujata’s work is that her photographs don’t even look like photos.

Instead, the photos look like photorealistic paintings. They all have a very natural look to them, as if she caught the couple in the middle of a moment. The photos have soft, natural light that seems to illuminate the couples.

We’d be impressed if these photos were paintings, but knowing that they’re not makes them somehow even more impressive.

All Around The World


And the couples in the photos are actual couples. Yes, they really are this happy and in love.

Sujata will travel around the world teaching photography workshops. She’s been pretty much everywhere, even Ireland and Dubai.

On her travels, she’ll stop older couples and she’ll ask to use them as models for her and her students. We love that they’re up for posting for Sujata and her photography students. How could you turn something like that down?

Warm Ups


Not all of the couples know what’s going on at first. Sujata says that sometimes, the couples are confused when she asks them to model for her.

But eventually, the couples will come around. Sujata will give the couples instruction and then they’ll start warming up for her.

Sometimes, Sujata asks the couples to hold hands or to kiss, to which they usually laugh. We’re sure that they’re okay doing it in private, but it’s weird if a stranger asks.

Live, Laugh, Love


The couples eventually loosen up after a little bit of instruction and some time to get used to it.

“I tell them to hold hands, kiss. The couples always laugh first, the husbands mostly,” said Sujata. “And then the shoots are always so full of laughter because both husband and wife are endlessly giggling.”

It doesn’t take much to turn an old elderly couple into a couple of giggly teenagers in love. It just takes some asking.

Stop Kiss


Sometimes, the couples will get into it more than they should, which can make for a funny moment.

“The weather was ridiculous that day. There was rain and thunderstorms and the couple was freezing but the lady would not stop kissing her husband,” said Sujata of one shot.

“I had to literally shout, ‘Mary, will you stop kissing your husband. I need to take different shots!’” You know what they say, every photo has a story behind it.

Shock And Aww


Sujata says that the couples are always surprised that someone would take an interest in them in that way.

“It’s just the pleasant shock of never, ever imagining that someone would ask them to pose like a newly married couple at 80 years old,” said Sujata.

When Sujata is done taking their photo, the couples get to keep the pictures that she took. These photos are definitely something to pass down on to the grandkids.

Caption This


The photos make our hearts melt, but the captions of the photos make our hearts melt even more.

Sujata posts the photos on her Instagram account and always leaves a toe-curling caption that makes us believe in true love.

Captions like, “Promise me you will never cry, for I won’t go too far. I will just be there in the next room… waiting to see you again.” are better than anything that Nicholas Sparks could write. We’re crying.

Grandparent Portraits


But Sujata doesn’t limit herself to taking photos of only elderly couples. She shoots photos of seniors doing other senior things.

Sujata has been known to take photos of grandparents with their grandchildren, and they’re just as stunning as the couple photos.

The moments are also warm and inviting, showing off the beauty of the minor moments in life. This is something that you’d want to frame and keep over your fireplace. It’s a work of art.

Children As Well


Sujata doesn’t just stop when it comes to senior citizens. Her photos of children are quite beautiful as well.

Sujata is a mother herself, and this photo of her daughter is incredibly enchanting. We love that dress.

“I know she will grow up very soon and then she may not want to do all these things for her ‘ma’. But until that day… I will live to see my fearless little princess take on the world in her tiny hands,” Sujata wrote.

Young And Old


Sujata also captures examples of young love. Senior citizens in love aren’t the only people who make us say, “Awww.”

We’re hoping that these children will become one of the older couples that Sujata photographs when they grow up.

It would be so sweet to see their young love stand the test of time as they grow up and and grow old together. Sujata just captioned this photo with the very simple caption of “Kisses.” Too cute.

Mommy Issues


Sujeta has also taken some pretty striking photos that celebrate the glory of motherhood in all it’s beauty.

This mother and child looks like they’re completely at peace. It’s hard to believe that this baby would ever cry, because the image is so serene.

Every aspect of life is shown with soft, amber lighting. It brings out the beauty of everyday moments that we might miss if we do not stop to slow down and celebrate them.

In Love With Love


We love to see love celebrated at every step along the way. It’s so beautiful that Sujata is going out of her way to document older couples.

These tender moments might otherwise be missed because we’re so preoccupied with what people are like when they’re young and in love.

Sujata proves that a couple who’s been together for decades can be just as happy and beautiful as a couple who just got engaged, if not more so.