Enjoy Getting Stuffed (With Laughter) With These Thanksgiving Puns

By Kirk Pynchon - October 25, 2018

You’ll laugh, even though some of these jokes are real turkeys (cue corny laughter).  These jokes are best enjoyed after tucking into a large plate of turkey, gravy, yams and cranberry sauce.  Just remember to loosen your belt a bit before you indulge in these very punny jokes.



Thanksgiving is a time for, well, giving thanks. We're giving thanks for the internet, because they have brought us these puns. And the world would be a worse place without them. 

I hope this Turkey is ready soon, because I'm getting Hungary. 

All joking aside, getting a turkey reading is actually the worst thing in the world. If your mom ever prepared a turkey fresh for you, go give her a big hug because she's probably still not the same. Never blame anyone for getting a pre-cooked turkey, because this is what it looks like to prepare one, folks

On a Roll


There’s nothing like sitting down to dinner and breaking into the food, especially if that food includes a hot, freshly buttered roll. These models are not allowed to eat carbs. Not because they’re on a diet, but because that would be weird.

You, on the other hand, can eat as many carbs as you want, as long as you can get this image out of your head.

Bob's Burgers


This show is full of puns. Thank you, Bob’s Burgers, and all the punny work you do. This burger is almost as good as Linda Belcher’s Thanksgiving song.

What we really want to know about is the pumpkin pie fries. Are these pumpkin pie-flavored fries? Or are they slices of pumpkin pie, made into fry slices? Either way, we would like them. Cause, you know…food.

Eating Disorder


But before we eat, let’s all paws to give thanks. Just look at that face!

That’s the face of a kitty who’s about to take years of experience stalking dust bunnies and pieces of string, and use it to exact vengeance on a crispy brown bird.

Turkey Implants


However, it should be pointed out that stuffing is much safer than saline.  Either way, everyone likes a turkey with plump breasts and thighs, so it’s win-win!




Some people only like a few puns, but Olive Oyl of them. I yam serious! This is a pun you cam use over and over again until Christmas!

As long as you have big biceps and a pipe, of course.

Keeping It Cool


Remember: You should let the bird chill. You should not let the bird Netflix and chill. That’s just wrong.

And there is nothing wrong with rubbing the bird down and basting it with beer; that’s just expected, as per the recipe.

Triple Maze


If you make it through the maze, you still have to make it through his beard.  This one requires a visual for sure, but it’s still hella satisfying to say. If you needed a great activity for next weekend, look no further!

On the Couch


Potatoes can watch a lot of TV at once, thanks to all those eyes. Also, is this considered a couch potato or a potato couch?

That debate could go on for years!

Death of a Pumpkin


When you pie, you go to pumpkin heaven. Which is just another term for “people’s stomachs.” So don’t worry, son.

Everyone pies some day, and then we’re put in the fire and reborn into something delicious!

Miley Turkey


Most turkeys come with dressing, but the Miley Turkey comes with undressing.  And that butterball is greased up!

Turkey, come swing into ma belly!

How Sweet


Now we know why regular potatoes are always such jerks. Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, have all the friends.

They don’t even mind being served last at Thanksgiving dinner, leaving turkey to take all the attention.

Pie Day


This pun works on Thanksgiving, Halloween and on March 14.  Triple threat, baby!  You could even carve that into a pie crust, if you have the ambition.

Plus I bet you have someone in your life who feels the need to name as many digits after the period as they can…

Angry Bird


We would, but we’re really not quite sure how the pluck to do this.  Plus, it sounds like it would hurt! No, thank you.

We’ll just sit here quietly.

Tom Turkey


On this day, let's give thanks...that there wasn't a Turner & Hooch 2.

(Note: Referencing that movie is just about the only way someone can make a joke about Tom Hanks.)