Folks Are Now Rocking Extra Long Toenails And It’s…A Thing?

By lheidi - July 25, 2019

Some people go the extra mile to cultivate the perfect look. Every last detail is taken care of, and that includes the nails. It’s such a small thing, but having the perfectly shaped and polished nails can make our break your look. And in the summer time, you’re going to want to make sure your toes are perfectly pedicured because people are going to see that, too. Imagine, someone saying, “Wow! What a cute outfit! I love… Oh no. Oh my god, no. I just looked down at your toes, and now I want to vomit in my mouth. How could you leave them so unpolished like that? Yup. Here it comes. I can taste that vomit.”

But some people are taking fancy toenails a little bit too far. And by too far, we mean too long. And by too long, we mean that their toenails are so long we don’t know how they can fit into shoes without cutting them open.

If The Shoe Fits


Women will never stop getting creative with their nails. Even if it means taking things a little too far.

And by too far, we mean growing your toe nails longer than you should. These nails extend far too far past the edge of the toe.

We know that some women like to grow their fingernails dangerously long, but now, women are growing their toenails dangerously long, too. Seriously. You could accidentally hurt someone with those pedicured toes.

Super Subtle


Some women are going for a more subtle look when they’re rocking the long toenail trend.

With these toes, you might not even be able to tell that the nails are too long unless it was pointed out to you.

It kind of looks like she was going to cut them and then just kept on forgetting about it, rather than a cultivated and on-trend look. Nobody’s going to get hurt on those things. They’re quite reasonable.

Long And Lean


But other women are letting their toenails grow as long as their fingernails. And they’re also letting their fingernails grow longer than they should.

This person is all about making their nails match. And it’s definitely a deliberate choice, and not some Howard Hughes thing where they have a phobia about cutting their nails.

Or maybe they do. They’re just hiding it under a coat of perfect pink nail polish. If Howard Hughes had gotten a pedicure he’d be on trend.

En Française


Some people are even opting to get a French manicure on their too long toenails.

These would make good bridal nails except for the fact that we’re pretty sure these feet can’t fit into any shoes because the toes are so long.

Flip flops are pretty much the only thing you can wear. So if you don’t mind pairing your pretty wedding dress with some chunky flip flops, then by all means, grow out your toenails like this.

Red Hot


This look is giving us major talons vibes. It’s like her hands and feet belong on a dragon or something.

Or maybe she’s trying to look like a fancy bird who had super strong claws that are great for grasping tree branches and opening nuts.

We don’t want to see her get into a fight with a parrot, because that parrot is not going to look pretty afterwards. And honestly, neither will she. A claw on claw fight is never fun.

Point It Out


If you want to turn your nails into weapons, you know what to do. It’s going to take a little bit of time to grow your nails out.

But once your nails are finally long enough, you can file them down into super spiky points.

And then you’ll be able to poke someone’s eye out whenever, wherever you want to. It’s like having a knife, but it can go through a metal detector and also it’s fashion.

Claw Paw


This is a trend you can only really rock when it’s sandal season. Can you imagine trying to get these toes into a pair of boots?

Someone would end up the loser in that situation – either your toes or your shoes. And honestly, we’re going to put our money on your toes as coming out the victor.

But super long toenails isn’t the only nail trend this summer. Some trends are a lot more reasonable than this one…

Fish Nails


Something’s fishy on your hands, and it’s not because you’ve been eating sushi with your fingers.

This nail art trend takes a look found under the sea and brings it to land, specifically to your human fingers.

You don’t need to have scales to be able to rock this look. You don’t even need to be a huge fan of Finding Nemo, although it wouldn’t hurt. All you have to have is a lot of patience with your nail technician.

Tortoise Shell Nails


How many times have we said to ourselves, “We wish our nails matched our glasses?”

Oh, wait, we’ve said that to ourselves a total of zero times? Well, that’s just because we had never seen this look before.

Tortoise Shell is a very classic look, and chances are you probably have quite a few things with this print. That means that your nails will match you no matter what you happen to be wearing that day – or putting on your face.

Evil Eye Nails


Now, you can give someone the evil eye while you’re also flipping them the bird.

Putting eyes on your fingers is kind of creepy, because it always looks like someone is staring at you, even if it’s just your own hands.

In some cultures, wearing an eye is considered bad luck, so if you’re going to go for this look, you better not be superstitious. Otherwise, you’ll have two hands full of bad luck with you at all times.

Snack Nails


If you have a problem biting your nails, this is probably not the look you should go with.

You’re nails will look so tasty because they’re literally covered in food. You’ll be tempted to put them in your mouth and give them a little chew.

You don’t actually have pretzels on your fingers. You just have pretzels painted on your fingers. Sometimes that’s hard to forget, especially if you’re already included to make a meal out of your nails.

Lemon Nails


When life gives you lemons, turn them into nail art and put them on your fingers as a fashion statement!

Isn’t that how that phase goes? And if it’s not, it probably should. Whoever thought of the original saying never got to take a look at this amazing nail art. And it’s probably because they didn’t have nail art way back when.

This is also a great look if you’re a huge fan of Beyonce’s Lemonade. You get bonus points if you listen to that album.

Cow Nails


Cow print is surprisingly on trend. And no, you don’t have to be a cowboy to rock it.

Although, if you are a cowboy, we’d love to see you paint your nails with this fun pattern. We promise that the cows won’t judge you if you try to rock it.

Although, you’re going to need to make sure your nails are completely dry before you try to lasso anything. Otherwise, your nail polish might smudge all over the range.

Blue And White Nails


Let’s face it, you’ve always secretly wanted your nails to look like your mom’s blue and white corning wear.

Ever since you first laid your eyes on those baking dishes, you thought to yourself, “What if I could make my nails look exactly like this, except I wouldn’t be using my nails to make a casserole?”

Well, now you can replicate that quaint design on the corning wear while being on trend. Just don’t put your nails in the oven.

Bandana Nails


Believe it or not, this look was made with nail polish and not by gluing little pieces of a bandana to someone’s hands.

Although, if you don’t have the patience to sit down and get nail art done, you can always try the whole gluing strips of fabric to your hands thing.

To be honest, gluing a bandana to your hands might take just as long, and you’re probably going to get glue everywhere. Stick to the nail art.

Bird Nails


Remember earlier when we said someone’s nails looked like bird claws? Well, what if your nails looked like bird claws, but then you painted birds on them.

You’d really drive in the whole, “I’m trying to make my nails look like talons,” thing.

You don’t have to be a bird lover to rock this look, you just have to love looking like a bird. And that’s something completely different from being a fan of our winged friends.

Jelly Tips


Do you remember Gushers from back in the day? You know, the gummy candies that had what was described as fruit juice inside them?

These nails kind of remind us of that, except you can’t try to eat the jelly in the middle, because you’ll most likely die.

These might be called jelly nails, but there’s no actual jelly inside them. So do not, whatever you do, try to eat these nails. And do not pair them with peanut butter.

Negative Space Glitter Nails


With negative space glitter nails, every day can be New Year’s Eve. Even New Year’s Eve can be New Year’s Eve.

Although, you don’t have to wait until the last day of the year to break out this look. It can be the Fourth of July and your nails can be as glittery as ever.

But if you do rock this look, you’ll probably end up treating every day as if it’s New Year’s Eve, so just be warned.

Logo Nails


If you’re a huge fan of a brand, you can show it off by getting their logo on your manicure.

You just have to make sure that the brand is five letters or less,  otherwise it might spill over to the other hand.

If you really want to go all out, you can do that “love hate” tattoo thing, but on your nails, too. You’ll look like a total badass, plus it’ll come off when you’ve changed your mind.

Cloud Nails


Th sky’s the limit with this nail art! No, literally. The sky’s the limit, because that’s what you’re painting on your hand.

You’re pretty much limited to the sky if you’re going for this cloudy look.

Why? Because you don’t find clouds anywhere else. Where do you think they have clouds? In the sea? In the grass? No way. The clouds are strictly a sky thing, so yeah. You’re going to have to limit yourself with this look.