Further Proof As To Why Winter Is Just THE WORST

By lheidi - April 10, 2019

Winter is hands down the worst season. For starters, it’s cold. It’s so cold that you feel like your hands are frozen together within five minutes of leaving your house. And it’s too cold to do anything. You have to live like you’re a hermit for four months out of the year. At least bears have the luxury of being able to hibernate. All we do is just stay inside, eat a bunch of food and get fat.

And winter lasts way too long. It’s the season that never ends. It’ll turn warm and we’ll think it’s full on spring. But then, BAM! the next day it’s winter again. We have such trust issues about it that we’re pretty sure winter is going to surprise us even if it’s mid-August. Winter has just gotten into our heads like that. So click on through to read about why winter is the worst!


Car Troubles


You know you have a problem with the snow when the snow is higher than your car.

We’d hate to be this guy who has to dig his car out of this gigantic snowbank. There are no shovels in the world that could get this out.

We’d rather wait until spring to get our car back. It’s not worth trying to dig it out. We’ll walk until that car thaws out. It’s faster and easier than trying to free it.

Frozen Figure


This is absolute proof that Mother Nature is creepy AF. In what world does ice form like this naturally?

It’s almost as if someone is peeking into the window, staring at you, watching your every move.

That ice formation is a peeping Tom, plain and simple. We’re wondering what it’s going to look like when it melts. It’ll probably turn into a smaller, but equally as creepy human-esque form. And that form is still going to be looking through the window.

Like Spikes


We love this car’s spiky new hairdo! The spikes really frame it nicely. It looks like a mohawk, but spikier.

Now everyone knows that this car is a total punk, because it’s rocking these edgy spikes.

Your hair says a lot about who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world. Clearly, this car wants to present himself as a total badass. And that’s exactly what he’s doing! His spikes are totally awesome!

The Cat's Meow


TFW when your a cat, but your cold, but you also want to go outside, so you get dressed up in a snowsuit.

We didn’t know that they even made snowsuits that small. But then again, why wouldn’t they make snowsuits that small?

Even kittens need to go out in the snow sometimes. You don’t need to have opposable thumbs to love building snowmen! You just have to have an on fleek snowsuit and a willingness to go outside!

Up And Down


Snow is all fun and games until something like this happens. And trust us, it is going to happen every winter.

It’s like Mother Nature is playing some elaborate party game where she tries to balance objects that aren’t supposed to balance.

And Mother Nature is great at this game. She is pretty much undefeated at it. She’ll play it with anything. Cars. Trees. You name it. Mother Nature is going to make it stand on its end.

Angry Face


We get it, Angry BBQ. We hate winter, too. A lot. It’s cold and it’s snowy and it stinks.

Angry BBQ is probably upset because he’s covered in snow and in danger of rusting by spring.

And Angry BBQ is probably also upset because nobody’s going to use him until the weather turns warmer. Who’s going to have a BBQ in the snow? Not even the most rugged Canadian would do that! Poor, Angry BBQ. He’s so mad!

Eye See You


You know it’s cold when even your eyelashes are frozen solid. These look so cold, you might not be able to get them open.

Although, it could be a cute new makeup look courtesy of Mother Nature.

It sure saves a lot of money on eye shadow! Why drop a ton of cash on an eye shadow palate when you can just go stand outside for two minutes and come back in with this frosted look? Cheap and simple!

Stuffed Shirt


When it’s winter outside, you don’t need a dryer to dry all of your clothes in.

All you need is to go outside and stick your clothes in the cold. After a bit, they’ll be frozen stiff and then they’ll look like this.

Then you can take your clothes and use them as a hammer if you don’t have a hammer but need to drive in a nail. Yes, they’re that stiff. You can use them as a hand tool.

Not Nice Ice


One of the things we hate most about winter is that it’s so easy to slip and fall on ice.

And when you’re slipping and falling, it’s pretty easy to look like you’re breakdancing on the ice when you do not mean to.

People start forming a dance circle around you and clapping and beatboxing, expecting you to breakdance, but you’re not. Your falling. And no amount of beatboxing is going to help you back up from that ice.

Puppy Love


This dog loves winter so much, he’s trying to savor every single moment of it.

He’s gathered the last bits of winter into one pile and is guarding it with his life. If anyone tries to take it away from him, he’ll bark.

This dog is going to keep this pile of winter safe until next winter. All summer long, he’ll be there making sure this snow doesn’t go anywhere. He’s a dog! It’s his job to do this!

If The Shoe Fits


One of the worst things about winter is that there’s no way of hiding if you’re coming or going.

You can always lie and say you’re alone, but those footprints in the snow are always going to give you away.

Unless you try to be very careful and make your footprints over the footprints that are already there. It’s like playing a very elaborate game of the floor is lava. But instead of lava, it’s snow and that’s worse.

In Your Face


This dog just got a face full of winter. Front and center. It’s all right there.

This dog is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Work at his widdle fwace all cwovered in snow. Who’s fwace is all white? His is!

He looks like the opposite of a Dalmatian – white spots on black fur instead of black spots on white fur. Did we just discover a new breed of dog? Or will he go back to normal when he dries up?

Snow Blows


What horrors have happened to this snowman?? What horrible accident has he gotten into? Poor thing!

He was too young for this! He had his whole life ahead of him! He had a snow wife and two snow children.

Can you imagine? Impailed by a tree! What a way to go. We wouldn’t wish this on any snowman in the world. He deserved better than this. He was so kind, so sweet. At least he’ll melt away!



You know it’s cold when ice forms over a balloon and then that balloon pops, but the ice remains.

Honestly, this ice balloon might be a bigger hit at parties. We’d like to see a clown show up with a bunch of ice balloons instead.

Of course, the only person who’s birthday party you could actually bring something like this to is Elsa. But then again, she pretty much turns all of her balloons into ice. She’s Elsa. It’s what she does.

Frozen Logo


The ice on this car almost makes it look like the Mercedes Benz is rocking a spiky hairdo.

Even the snow and ice likes to rock it in style. What? Like the snow is going to cover a Chevy logo?

Think again! This is luxury snow! It wouldn’t be caught dead on a Chrystler or a Toyota. No, the only car logos good enough for it are luxury class car logos. This snow is a total snob!

In The Lines


The snow tells a story if you look at it close enough. All you have to do is listen.

You leave your tracks in the snow, so if you don’t want to tell the whole world your story, you gotta be careful with those tracks.

Otherwise, you gotta learn to be okay with the entire world knowing if you’re a good driver or not. So either learn to drive or learn to cover your tracks. One or the other!

Man Down


Snowmen need to be fed. Otherwise snowmen get hungry. And when they get hungry, they need to eat.

They’ll feed on anything as long as if it’s close enough. Tree branches. Vegetables. Maybe even human blood! 

So feed your men with snowmen food, otherwise they’ll develop a taste for your flesh! Argh!!! Snowmen are evil and you have to keep them in check! Or, you can just wait until they start to melt when the weather turns nicer.

Snow Shoes


Sure, these boots are as long as the legs of the dog who’s wearing them.

But there is no rule that says your shoes can’t be as tall as you are. Not even the fashion police would fine this dog.

In fact, we should all wear shoes that are as tall as us. It looks so cute on this dog. Why wouldn’t it look good on a human? Let us at a pair of big ol’ boots right now!

Half And Half


It’s almost as if winter just picked half of the town to cover in snow and ice.

The other half of the town was spared six months of winter. Those lucky people get to enjoy sunshine and warmth until the spring.

But if you’re on the winter side and you get too cold, you can always cross over to the other side of town. There you can enjoy bathing suits and pool parties even though its mid-February!

Winter Isn't Coming


When winter drags on, it seems like there’s nothing you can do but sit through it.

But that’s not true. There is one thing you can do to banish winter once and for all. And it always works.

You can make a sign. Winter will have to listen to you if you write your sign on a piece of cardboard and display it around town. If you make a sign about something, people just have to take you seriously…right?