Granny Panties Are Cool Again And We’re Not Mad About It

By lheidi - July 11, 2019

Fashion is cyclical, as they say. Trends come and go, and then they come back again. Eventually, they go again, because that’s how cycles work. But when they go, just know that they’re bound to come back again. So if you love something, and it goes out of style, just know that you have to be patient because it’s eventually going to come around again. And if you hate something, you’ll just have to get through the fashion trend until it goes away. And then you can breathe easy knowing it’s gone until the next time it comes back, which will absolutely happen. No, people didn’t learn their lesson that it was tacky the first time it came around. They’re going to bring it back again.

It turns out that granny panties are one of those fashions that’s back again. And it’s actually not a bad thing. Hear us out.

Not Your Ganny's Panties


Remember granny panties? Sure you do. Once you’ve seen them, it’s pretty hard to forget them.

Those oversized underwear are etched in our heads forever. They’re huge, high waisted underwear. They’re so high waisted that they go up to your belly button, say hi for a minute, and then try to creep up to your chest.

It’s almost as if the underwear is trying to cover your entire torso just for the fun of it. It’s too much coverage.

Back With A Vengeance


Granny panties give you a lot of coverage, more coverage than you could ever need.

If you’re ever in a pinch, you could probably use your underwear as a parachute. Those underwear just might save your life.

The point of underwear is to be a layer between your self and your pants, and granny panties do that more than they should. There is no part of you that is going to touch your pants if you’re wearing granny panties.

Bigger Is Better


Granny panties give you so much coverage, that they’re the opposite of thongs, which give you almost no coverage.

If you hate thongs so much so that you want to go in the complete opposite direction, then granny panties are for you.

Or, if you want to get even more coverage, you can do double duty and wear both granny panties and a thong. Why not? It’s 2019. Wear whatever you feel like. Nobody’s going to judge.

Comfort First


The advantage of wearing a thong is that they’re not going to give you any panty lines, because there’s barely any panty there to give you a line.

But granny panties give you comfort, which in many ways is far superior to having underwear that looks good.

Nobody’s going to see your underwear anyways. You might as well choose the underwear that makes you feel more comfortable. Nobody wants to walk around in pain all day because it’s fashionable.

Bad Rap


Granny panties have gotten a bad rap over the years, because they’re, well, literally the underwear that your grandma wears.

They are pretty old-fashioned. They remind us of the fifties when pants went up to your collar bones and nobody wanted to admit that they had the organs that normally go into granny panties.

They went out of style when women started realizing that they had literally other so many options when it comes to wearing undergarments.

Laundry Day


Granny panties were reserved for the days when all of your regular underwear was dirty and you didn’t have anything else to wear.

If anyone accidentally saw your underwear that day, you would be completely mortified.

They were pretty much your laundry day underwear and only your laundry day underwear. But not anymore. You can wear them on days when you’ve got a whole drawer full of underwear to choose from. They are your first choice now.

Celebrity Skin


Even celebrities are getting in on the granny panty trend. Because who doesn’t want to feel comfortable?

Kim Kardashian was seen wearing granny panties in a campaign for her new beauty line. Rihanna also wore granny panties on the cover of Esquire magazine.

And honestly, they’re both rocking it. Less isn’t always more. Sometimes more is more, and so why not pile on the panty fabric? You won’t be truly chic until you’re completely covered in unnecessary cloth.

No Choices


For a long, long time, women have had to choose between comfort and beauty. You couldn’t have both.

But now that granny panties are back in style, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Or wear it, too?

You don’t have to choose between comfort and style. You can have them both at the same time, by slipping on these comfortable, stylish underwear. And you won’t be embarrassed if anyone sees them. Because that’s all they’ll see.

Express Yourself


Fashion is a great way to express yourself. And you can also express yourself through your underwear, too.

Even though nobody’s going to see your underwear, you’ll know it’s there. And feeling good about your underwear can give you an extra bit of confidence that only you know about.

It’s like your little secret that guides you through the day. Unless you wear a sheer dress like Kim Kardashian in this photo. Then everyone’s gonna know what you’ve got going on.

For You


Granny panties aren’t underwear that you wear for a man. They’re underwear that you wear for you.

And that makes granny panties secretly empowering underwear. Why do you need to wear underwear for a man when you’re just like, going to the grocery story?

Do we really need to dress to impress dudes every single moment of the day, even the parts of the outfits that they can’t see because they’re literally hidden by clothes because it’s underwear?

Feminist Underwear


Granny panties are actually low key feminist, because they’re all about feeling comfortable and good about yourself.

You don’t need to wear underwear to impress anyone else. You wear them so you can feel comfortable and know that you’re getting the coverage that you need.

Who wants to walk around picking their underwear out of their butt all day because it appeals to the male gaze? That’s not even something that men are going to want to gaze on.

Doing Lines


Sure, you might end up with major panty lines if you rock granny panties, but that’s the risk you take for comfort.

And honestly, sporting a few, deep panty lines is totally worth it if it means that your butt is guarded by soft fabric all day.

Plus, having visible panty lines means that everyone knows that you’re on trend because you’re very clearly wearing granny panties. It’s better than flashing everyone to let them know you’re on trend.

Top And Bottoms


But having the line of your panties show through your jeans isn’t the only way to show off your underwear.

Granny panties are so high waisted that they can come up through the top of your pants.

It’s almost like you’re wearing a belt that goes above the top of your pants. What are you going to even do with that extra fabric anyways? Do you tuck it in to your pants and hope that it doesn’t pop out?

Pants Problem


The waist of our underwear is getting higher, but the waist of our pants aren’t.

Is fashion going to respond to the increase of women wearing granny panties by making the waist of jeans higher? We’ll have to wait and see, but if they’re as comfortable as granny panties, we’re here for it.

We’re all for fashion getting more comfortable while still letting us look super cute. Please, please do more of this comfort thing, fashion companies.

The Panties Of A Granny


Granny panties are back, and we’re here for it. We know that one day the trend will go away.

So we’re just going to embrace this comfortable, comfortable trend while we can. It’s best to savor the good things while you have them.

And if we end up still rocking granny panties even when the trend goes away, nobody will ever know. That’s the thing that’s so great about granny panties. They’re completely for you to wear.