Heartwarming Pics That Prove The World Isn’t Truly Awful

By lheidi - May 02, 2019

It might seem like the world is a horrible place where nothing ever good happens and there is no sunshine or joy. There are no bright, sunny days, just a scalding hot sun that threatens to burn us alive, like we’re ants under a magnifying class. And the chirping birds aren’t chirping. They’re complaining loudly about how awful the world is.

But that actually isn’t the case. The world is full of wonderful things, you just need to know where to look for them. If you pay attention to the positive things going on around you, pretty soon, you’ll find more and more positive things. They’ll come out of the shadows and surprise you. And the sun will feel warm and bright again, and the birds will sound like they’re singing. If you need something to cheer you up, just click through these slides and pretty soon you’ll start singing along with the birds.

Doggy Paddle


Dogs are very loyal companions, and so, we must be loyal to them back. It’s only fair.

This man takes his dog swimming in a lake every evening to show love and kindness to man’s best friend.

His dog is sick, and swimming in the lake helps relieve the dog’s pain. And from the look on the dog’s face, it seems like he enjoys both the swim and spending the quality time with his super nice master!

Super Men


Childhood illness can be difficult, especially when you’re confined to a bed in a hospital.

In order to brighten the day of the children who are at La Bonheur Children’s Hospital, a window cleaning company had its window washers dress up like superheroes.

It must be amazing to look out your window and see Superman, Batman and Spiderman hanging off the side of the wall. But instead of fighting crime, they’re fighting dust and dirt on the windows!

Finishing First


Sometimes it’s more important to help your fellow man than it is to win a competition.

Here, marathon runner Jacqueline Kiplimo from Kenya is helping a disabled runner at a marathon in Taiwan she ran in 2010.

Even though she knew it would cost her the race, she still stopped to help the disabled runner finish. Because there are more important things in life than winning. And one of those things is being a good human being.

Shave And A Haircut


Some people spend their days off by watching TV or sleeping all day. This barber spends his days off by helping people.

Mark Bustos is a barber who lives in New York City, but is originally from the Philippines.

His only day off is Sunday, but instead of relaxing in front of the boob tube, he goes out to the streets of New York City and looks for homeless people who need haircuts, then gives them to them!

Birthday Blues


It’s sad for you when nobody comes to your birthday party. It’s sad for humanity when nobody comes to the birthday of an autistic child.

After none of his classmates showed up to his birthday party, the mother of an autistic child posted about it on Facebook.

Members of her community, including policemen, local children and firemen, banded together to help celebrate this child’s birthday. That’s way better than having just your classmates at your birthday party!

Cat Calls


Cats don’t like water. That is a universal truth anyone who’s ever tried to give a cat a bath knows all too well.

When this kitten was drowning on a rainy day, one man stepped in to be a hero.

He scooped up the kitten in his umbrella, saving the kitten from a watery grave. And we’re pretty sure that this poor thing is happy to be out of the water for nearly every reason there is!

On The Lamb


But cute little kittens aren’t the only animals who need help from humans from time to time.

When these guys went for a walk on the island of Giske in Norway, they saw something in the water that shouldn’t have been there.

A baby lamb was drowning in the freezing ocean. So the two men jumped in and saved the animal from a watery grave. And did they end up with a new pet in the process?

Lucky Duck


Even animals who live in the water need to be saved from the water from time to time.

When Lars Jørun Langøien was out taking his daily ice bath in Norway, he saw a duck trapped underneath the lake’s layer of frozen ice.

Lars jumped in and saved the duck from a harsh fate. He ended up giving the duck mouth to mouth recitation, which makes this story all the more adorable! Or should we say, it’s a-duck-able?

Animal Instincts


Some children have a hard time giving up their stuffed animals, but not this Canadian girl.

Kiana was able to donate $40 to a local animal shelter in a very special way. She sold her stuffed animals to raise money for the shelter.

The note she wrote when she donated her money reads, ““I sold my stuffed animals, so real animals can get better care. I got $40 bucks for you!” How adorable is that? Thanks, Kiana!

Compassion Even In Times Of war


The stories of compassion that come out of times of war are so moving they can give you goosebumps.

Even though people are fighting with each other, they’ll still take time out to help out their fellow man – or animal.

In this photo, a U.S. Marine is sitting in a trench feeding a kitten with a straw right after a heavy attack during the Korean War. Even war can’t stop someone from doing the right thing!

For The Love Of Granny


Some people would rather not wear outfits meant for the nighttime during the day, like this grandmother.

When a man went to the hospital to visit his 84-year-old grandmother, she said she didn’t like having to wear her nightgown during the day. It was embarrassing.

After he said it looked comfortable, she offered him one, and he put it on, joining his grandmother in solidarity. Now, they’re matching! And hopefully his grandmother is a lot more comfortable!

Clean Team


Looking for work can be hard, especially when you don’t have the right clothes to wear.

This dry cleaner decided to make the job hunt a little easier on those who are unemployed and looking for work.

They posted a sign outside their business reading, “If you are unemployed and need an outfit clean for an interview, we can clean it for free.” How nice! The clothes don’t make the man, their acts of kindness make the man.

Homeless For the Holidays


Some people have a hard time going home for the holidays, but some people don’t have a home to go to and that’s harder.

These people decided to surprise homeless people on Christmas, brightening them up on the holiday.

They pretended to be elves, and surprised homeless people with food and gifts. They also had a Christmas tree, because what would Christmas be without a tree? This kind act honestly makes these two elves better than Santa Claus!

Winter Woes


Shoveling a sidewalk in the cold is never fun, which makes what these paramedics did all the more meaningful.

When an elderly man had a heart attack while shoveling his driveway, the paramedics came and took him to the hospital.

After the man was safely in the hospital, the paramedics came back to the man’s house. They then finished shoveling the man’s driveway. Some people really go above and beyond! What a nice surprise for the man!

Wet Wendy's


When there’s a downpour, nobody wants to get soaking wet. It can end up making you sick.

When a Wendy’s employee saw an elderly man with a walker trying to make it through a downpour, he ran outside to help.

The Wendy’s employee took a patio table umbrella with him and held it over the man so that the man could stay dry even though it was pouring rain. Some people really go above and beyond to be a good person!

Play Time


Not all playgrounds are built to accommodate children who have disabilities, so they’re left out of the fun.

This playground in Longview, Texas is one of six playgrounds built around the city to accommodate children with disabilities, so they can play, too. It includes a swing set made specially for children in wheelchairs.

The community raised $50,000 for the project thanks to service clubs and private organizations. Everyone came together to bright the day of the city’s children!

Where There's Smoke


A house fire can threaten everything someone loves and cherishes, and not just their material possessions.

When this cat was rescued from a house fire, a firefighter gave the little thing oxygen by firefighter Brett Cunniff.

The kitten was then given to paramedics, because even animal rescues are important. The kitten was given the nickname “Smokey,” by the emergency crew, which is so adorable we can’t even begin to can’t even over how cute this whole thing is.

Animal Planet


Animal rescues happen all over the world, because our four-legged friends need to be rescued from fires just as much as humans do.

This photo was taken after a firefighter rescued a cat in Russia.

The cat was trapped in a burning apartment building, and the firefighter was able to rescue it. And from the look on the cat’s face, he looks like he went through something. We bet this cat is glad to be out of the fire!

If The Shoe Fits


Even something as small as a shoe can be a meaningful object to a person.

A man in Rio De Janiero came across a homeless girl who didn’t have any shoes. So he did what anyone with kindness and compassion would do.

He offered the girl his sandals. The very act brought her to tears. And it’s actually bringing us to tears too. We’re going to need a whole box of tissues after looking at this moving photo.

Train Stop


People can make all sorts of things happen when they come together and work as a team.

When a woman slipped and fell into a gap at a busy train station in Tokyo, all of the commuters came together to help her.

They pushed the train away from the gap so that the woman would have enough space to get out. Miraculously, she didn’t have any significant injuries after the fall. See what happenes when we all work together?