Hilarious Photos That Accidentally Revealed WAY More Than Intended

By lheidi - June 11, 2019

When you take a photo, you can crop out anything that you don’t want to be there. That’s the beauty of being able to take a photo. If there’s someone who you don’t know and is also completely buck naked standing to the left of your friends group, you can crop the photo so he isn’t there. And nobody will ever know that there was someone running around and freaking you guys out. But some people can’t grasp the concept of taking a photo in a way that leaves out the stuff you don’t want in there. It’s totally possible, yet some people don’t do it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And yet, there are no words to express how ridiculous these photos turned out. We’d like to think of a few, but they’re just not coming to us. Only laughter. So click on through and see the magic of photography at work.

Baby Blues


In this engagement photo, this couple revealed that they were getting married to each other.

But they also accidentally revealed why they were getting married, and it’s probably because they had an accident. Anyone got a shotgun?

If you look in the corner, you can see a pregnancy test sitting on the couch. There’s a reason for everything, and this couple accidentally ended up revealing their reason in this photo which could have and should have been cropped.

Cold As Ice


If there’s anything kids love, it’s the movie Frozen. If there’s anything kids shouldn’t love, it’s drugs.

This photo weirdly contains both. If you look closely, you can see the hand holding something that is very not family friendly.

When you’re trying to sell off your stuff, you probably shouldn’t be holding anything else in your hand. Otherwise, people are going to start wondering why you’re selling this stuff, and what you’re going to be using the money for.

What's The Password


This photo of Prince William reveals more than it should, which is pretty bad, considering he’s sitting in with the Ministry of Defense.

If you look behind him, you can see a piece of paper with the wifi network and password hung up behind him.

Although, if you’re sick of everyone always asking for the password, posting a photo of it with Prince William is a pretty great solution for that problem. Now everyone has it. And we mean everyone.

Home Sweet Home


Finding a roommate on the internet is always questionable. Fortunately, some people make it easy.

This person posted a photo of his apartment on an Australian classifieds website. It looks pretty great, right? You’d want to live there?

If you look closely, you can see what kind of roommate this guy might end up being. And that’s the kind of roommate who takes photos of his apartment without wearing any pants. But how much is the rent?

Hair Today


This girl posted a photo of her new hair, and how much she loves it.

She also accidentally posted, apparently, how much her boyfriend loves her. Did she not know that there is a giant mirror behind them? And that we can see everyone’s hair in it?

We’re not sure which is worse. That she is being photographed by a naked dude, which feels like an X-rated movie waiting to happen, or that her bed is this messy. We’re going with bed.

Mirror Mirror


What is it with these people not noticing that they have mirrors on their walls?

We all know that our parents can embarrass us when we’re going to prom, but this kid deserves an award for the most embarrassing dad pre-prom.

Also, now we know why this kid isn’t smiling in the photo. We wouldn’t either if our dad was taking a photo of us while wea his underwear. Is this a clothing optional household, or what?

Shades Of Gray


This person has got some really cool sunglasses! And she’s showing them off by taking a photo of them.

Unfortunately, she’s showing something off as well. You don’t need to go through the browser history of someone’s computer to be able to tell what they’ve been looking at on the internet.

All you need is some unfortunately reflective sunglasses. This selfie has gone from innocent to completely NSFW just because there’s a big old glare in her glasses.

Hand Me Down


So, if you’re taking a photo of someone, you should crop it right above the heads of the people you’re photographing. That’s photography 101.

Otherwise, you might end up getting things in the shot that shouldn’t be there. Like whatever that thing is hanging above those girls.

It’s either a s*x toy or a prop from a horror movie, or a sex toy that was used as a prop in a horror movie. This is absolutely terrifying.

The Shadow Knows


There are all sorts of things that can lurk around in the shadows. They’re dark places that reveal our innermost desires.

They can turn a perfectly innocent photo of two people playing beer pong into something that no children should ever look at.

At least these people didn’t have anything like a mirror or a reflection ruining their photo. The only thing that made this photo suddenly look bad was the placement of the sun. And their bodies.

Big Time


Actress Jenny Mollen posted this photo taken in her bathroom. She looks great, doesn’t she?

The thing that looks not so great is her husband Jason Biggs sitting on the toilet behind her. It was supposed to be a joke where she pretends to not notice her husband.

But what she actually didn’t notice was way worse. And it reveals, yes, her husband did get fully naked to take this photo. You can see Jason Biggs’ little Jason.

Toy Story


If you don’t look at this photo closely, it’s just a normal photo of a girl taking a picture of her dress in the mirror.

If you do look at it closely, then you learn more about this girl than you ever wanted to know.

Seriously, people! Clean up the mess around you before you take a photo. It’s not that hard. Do you need us to come over there and help you? Because we will do it.

Look Behind You


We have absolutely no idea what’s going on in this photo, and we’re not sure if we want to know

Does that girl know that that guy is right behind her? Is she okay? Does she need us to get help for her?

If she does know that he’s there, what were they doing? Is he stuck to that wall? Did they have an accident with superglue? Again, do they need us to get help for them?

Bad Dog


Dogs are really cute, until they’re not. Then, they can turn a good photo into the worst one.

It’s bad enough that their dog is pooping in the background of the photo. But to make things worse, it looks like this dog is pooping on the baby’s head.

Although, it does make the baby’s face make a lot more sense. That’s totally the kind of face you make when a dog is squatting over you and you don’t like it.

Bugging Out


This seems like a normal photo of two girls hanging out, but they’ve actually got company.

This spider is just sitting with them, being a third wheel. Doesn’t it know that two’s company, but three’s a crowd, especially when you’ve got eight legs?

We feel bad for the spider, because it probably just wanted to chill with the girls and listen to all the hot gossip and talk about who in their school is crushing on who.

Fire Power


If you look behind the people in this photo, you can see some pretty strange things going on.

What is happening inside that cannon? Are those people… putting another person inside it? Are they planning on firing him out of it?

Because we are pretty sure that those cannons don’t work anymore. So their plans of becoming the next Evil Kanevil won’t pan out. It’s just something that they shouldn’t be doing in any way, shape, or form.

Grandma's Boy


This guy looks like a really tough guy! We can tell by his big muscles.

If you look close, you can see that his grandma is actually taking the photo of him flexing. Not so tough now, is he?

Although, is there anything more macho than loving your grandma? It shows you can really bench a lot… with your heart. Your heart is a muscle. You want to flex that big heart of yours more than you flex your biceps.

Beep Beep


There’s nothing wrong with posting a photo of yourself when you’re stuck in traffic. You just have to make sure that there’s actual traffic.

The reflection in this girl’s sunglasses show us that the conditions of the road are anything but what she claims they are.

Although, we don’t blame her for not wanting to brag about driving in no traffic. That would be rubbing it in everyone’s faces, and that wouldn’t be any fun at all.



Did you know that you can take a photo of yourself that looks like someone else is taking it?

We know this now, because we saw this guy almost successfully pull it off. If it wasn’t for that mirror, the photo would have turned out flawless.

Remember, if you’re taking a photo – pretend selfie or not – just make sure that there are no mirrors around you, because they’ll just end up running everything for you.

Pick Me A Winner


This fried crab looks delicious. W so delicious? Whatever this kid is digging for inside their nose.

All of a sudden, we’ve lost our appetites. We’re… uh… we’re good here. That fried crab is starting to look not as good as it was.

We just hope that the kid washed their hands before they dug into their dinner. We know that the answer is probably no, but we can still hope that they did that, can’t we?

If The Dress Fits


We don’t know anything about this girl, but we also know way too much about her.

That dress is super cute, and we are just going to keep our eyes focus on the dress and not look at anything else that’s going on in the photo. It’s better this way.

What is it with people not wearing pants when they take photos in their own homes? Is every single house basically a private nudist colony or something?