How Did A Completely Intact In-N-Out Burger From LA End Up in Queens?

By lheidi - August 01, 2019

We love In-N-Out, but we hate how it’s a West Coast thing. If you’re on the East Coast and want to eat at a restaurant that serves a burger, fries, and shake, you can only go to Shake Shack, and it’s still amazing, but it’s just not the same. They don’t have those paper hats. And they have a lot more menu items. And you don’t have to wait in a really long drive through line that’s for some reason at every single location no matter what time of day it is. Or you can try to get your fix at Five Guys, but it’s going to be a far inferior burger even though they serve the same amount of menu items. And what’s with the seasoning on those fries? Plus, if you have a peanut allergy, you’re pretty much screwed.

But someone in Queens got their In-N-Out fix for a very surprising reason.

Only In New York


You can find the most random things in New York City. We’re pretty sure if you looked hard enough, you’d even be able to find Amelia Earhart.

But there are some New York City findings that are so mysterious that there is no explanation for them.

Case in point, the mysterious In-N-Out burger that was found on the sidewalk in Queen. But it turns out, there was a weird reason that the hamburger turned up on the street.

Missing Persons


Lincoln Boehm, a 31-year-old New York City writer and creative director, and his wife found the burger in question.

They spotted the mystery meat on a desolate block in Queens, near the Jamaica Long Island Railroad station. It was miles and miles away from the closest In-N-Out location, yet it was completely intact.

As you can see in the photo they took, it still looks completely edible, aside from it lying on the gross New York City sidewalk.

Number One Fan


The find was lucky, because Lincoln is actually a huge fan of In-N-Out. Lincoln is originally from Santa Monica, where the fast food chain is ubiquitous.

Lincoln says he has been to probably over 1,000 In-N-Out burgers during his life, so he knew what the item was as soon as he saw it. The wrapper was unmistakable. It was a Double-Double.

“It genuinely shook me to my core,” said Lincoln of the finding. We’re all shocked here.

Far, Far Away


There are no In-N-Out locations east of Kansas City, and yet, there sat the burger in Queens, completely unmistakable.

Lincoln said the burger was “sitting comedically, like perfectly up on the street, completely untouched.” Of course, he didn’t eat it, because that would be gross. He put it on Instagram.

“We didn’t touch it,” he continued. “We stopped for a second and took photos and looked around to see if anyone else was noticing it and then we walked on.”

For The Gram


Lincoln posted the photo he took on Instagram, and wondered how the burger got to New York City in that condition.

According to Lincoln, the burger looked “as if it had come off the grill five minutes ago.”

Was there a secret In-N-Out that opened up in Queens? Was it just a Shake Shack burger that someone put an In-N-Out wrapper on? It was going to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time.

Back To Back


Lincoln said that he’s tried to bring In-N-Out burgers from Los Angeles to New York whenever he goes back to visit his hometown. But it just doesn’t work.

“Every time I’ve done it it becomes inedible,” he said. “The bun gets soggy and it becomes a mess,” said Lincoln. There’s no right way to do it.

“This one was just in such perfect condition… It just felt strange… at first I thought it was some sort of viral marketing thing.”

Marketing Madness


It was possible the whole thing could have been a marketing stunt as Lincoln conjectured, but he didn’t think that theory held up.

If it was a stunt — why on earth would they pick a street in Jamaica, Queens at 6:30 a.m.?” asked Lincoln.

Since we always see a long, long line in front of the In-N-Out drive through, do they even need to resort to viral marketing stunts like this? They seem like they’re just fine.

Questions And Answers


Lincoln came up with his own theory as to how the In-N-Out burger was able to survive the long flight to New York City.

Lincoln thinks “somebody incredibly wealthy who had a private jet… traveled with like 50 burgers and got here, and had a few extra left, and maybe, while driving to the airport was jokingly throwing them out of the car to people.”

But it turns out, that wasn’t the reason why it was there.

Instant Message


After posting the photo, Lincoln had a bunch of people messaging him with their theories on how the burger got there.

“I’ve got a direct message inbox filled with [theories],” Lincoln said. “But I would really really love to know the truth… I want to know how this happened.”

As it turns out, Lincoln and the rest of the world was about to learn the real reason of how the In-N-Out burger got there and why it looked fresh.

The Truth Is Out There


Lincoln joked that “the answers to life’s mysteries are just one DM away.” Lincoln said upon receiving a DM that solved the mystery once and for all.

A 16-year-old high school student from Flushing, Queens sent Lincoln a message with the explanation for the burger, as well as evidence to back it up.

She had texts, receipts, and flight reservations that all showed that she knew the truth of how the burger got there. It’s not a conspiracy.

Up, Up And Away


The high school student had been in San Diego visiting her relatives. On the Golden Coat, the golden In-N-Out arrow is everywhere.

The student was about to board her flight back to JFK airport in New York, but before she got on the plane, she made a decision that would impact everyone’s lives.

The high school student decided to get some In-N-Out burgers and some lemonade so she could enjoy the meal on her flight back to New York.

Packed Fresh


The high school student had the In-N-Out employees prepare her food so that it was “packed fresh.”

This made it so her meal was packed for travel, meaning it wouldn’t get all soggy and gross. The two Double-Doubles she ordered didn’t come with sauce.

The single cheeseburgers were packed so that the veggies were bagged and kept separately from the hamburger patties. They were fully prepared to make the five hour fight back to the Big Apple.

Food Flight


The high school student only ate one of the Double-Double hamburgers on the plane back to New York.

Her flight was a red eye, so we totally get not pigging out on fast food during the flight.

During her flight, she also kept her remaining Double-Double and two cheeseburgers safely on her lap, still in the bag. They didn’t get smushed into a suitcase or crammed into an overhead compartment. They were treated like the precious cargo. they are.

Lost But Not Gone


When the high school student returned to New York City, she took the JFK-Jamaica AirTrain.

She then had to catch a connecting bus, and ran to it so she wouldn’t miss it. While she was running, the In-N-Out bag broke.

The Double-Double ended up spilling out of it and on to the street, which explains the perfectly intact hamburger that Lincoln later found with his wife and posted on Instagram. He found it an hour after it fell out.

Psychic City


As it happens, the high school student knew that people were going to flip out from seeing an In-N-Out Double Double on the streets of New York City.

She texted a friend after it happened.“One of my in and out burgers fell in the streets of Jamaica,” she said.

Lmfaaoaooaoaoa I know people saw the in and out burger and were like wtf is this going here,” the friend texted back. They followed it up with three laughing tear-faced emojis.

Recipe For Friendship


As it turns out, Lincoln and his wife made friends with the high school student over the incident.

Lincoln and his wife invited the high school student and her family over for a barbecue. And, no, they’re not going to have In-N-Out for dinner.

“We’ll probably have hot dogs and chicken,” says Lincoln. You know what they say, nothing brings people together like In-N-Out. Especially when you’re on the East Coast. It’s the one thing everyone loves.

Unsolved Mystery Solved


Now we all know the mystery of how the perfectly intact In-N-Out burger ended up in a place where the closest In-N-Out is thousands of miles away.

Not only that, but now we know how to travel with In-N-Out, and how to make sure it doesn’t get all soggy and gross during a flight.

In conclusion, this story is kind of making us crave In-N-Out. Who’s down to search the streets of New York City to see if there’s another one?