Ideas So Dumb That They Are Actually Brilliant

By lheidi - March 25, 2019

How does that old song go? An idea is a wish your brain makes… There are some ideas in this world that are so stupid, they go beyond being stupid and actually become smart as long as you don’t think about them too hard, or even at all. Yeah, definitely don’t think about them too much.

The only way you’ll be able to tell if it’s a truly good idea is if you try it. So what if your friends are yelling at you, “Do not do that! Put the blow torch down! You’re going to put your own eye out! This is a dumb idea!” You’ll never truly know until you try it, and if works out you’ll be lauded as a genius. If it doesn’t… well… then you can always regrow your eye, right?

Horsing Around


If your horse is well behaved enough, you don’t need to put them in a portable stable when you’re trying to take them places.

You just give them a carrot and drive really slow, and you can get by just putting them in the back of a pickup truck. It’ll probably be okay, maybe, possibly?

Those things are designed to fit just about anything, even livestock. It’s not going to blow away in the wind or anything. It’s a horse.

Flying High


Who loves Harry Potter? Who loves Quiddich? Who wishes that Quiddich were real? Who would do anything to make it real?

If you have a broom and a ball to pretend like it’s a golden snitch, then you can have a Quiddich game.

You’ll also have a ton of hospital bills that come out of nowhere, just like magic! It’s almost like you did a summoning spell for a lot of trouble by jumping out of a house like that!

Big Mouth


Babies are cute, but wouldn’t they be cuter if they had a full set of adult human teeth?

If only there were a product that would give babies a nice set of chompers to enjoy while they’re still waiting for their baby teeth to grow in.

We guess we’ll just have to dream of the day when our baby can look more grown up, but just in the mouth area and not anywhere else. Sigh. One day!

Crocodile Tears


Putting your head in an alligator’s mouth is probably the most dangerous thing you could ever do.

But putting your head in an alligator’s mouth is also probably the most badass thing you could ever do.

So you’re pretty much caught in the middle of doing something extremely cool and doing something that could potentially result in a wild animal biting off your heard. It’s a really tough choice, and there are no right answers. But that’s life!

Give Me A Hand


So…. Do you eat your hands, or are those gloves just there to hold your sandwich insides?

We’re kind of hoping you’re supposed to eat your hands. Because, honestly, we’ve wanted an excuse to chow down on our digits for quite a while.

These gloves are liberating us! We’re finally able to be ourselves, and try the things we’ve always wanted to try, be the people we’ve always wanted to be! And it’s all thanks to these gloves!

Evil Kanevil


You know when you see a stunt on TV, and they tell you, “Don’t try this at home?”

Well, it turns out, some people actually try it at home. Even though they shouldn’t, they still do.

To some people, TV warnings are merely a suggestion! They actually say, “Excuse me, if you don’t mind, you maybe shouldn’t do this at home, possibly, but we don’t really want to tell you what to do. You live your life!”

The Big Plunge


It’s easy to judge other people’s parenting when you see them out in public picking them up with a plunger.

But you don’t know what that parent has gone through. You don’t know what their kid is like.

Their kid probably does the thing where he puts his arms up so he slides down his parents’ bodies when they go to pick him up. The plunger is just more efficient. He can’t pull that stunt when he gets picked up.

If The Shoe Fits


“I love cleaning my house, but I don’t love bending over when it’s time to use my dust pan.

“If only there were a harder, less efficient way to clean up that didn’t require me to bend over.

“And if it made an even bigger mess and took me a lot longer than using a dust pan, that would be great. I just never, ever, ever want to bend over again. I hate it more than anything!”

Tramp Stamp


Anything can be made more extreme by jumping off the second story  of a house to do it.

Literally anything. Golf? It’s suddenly an extreme sport if you have to jump off the second story before you putt.

Swimming? If you have to jump into the pool from a second story house (not a diving board), you’re suddenly doing extreme swimming. Shuffle board? Again, it’s extreme if you have to jump first. You’ll break a hip, but it’s extreme!

Wet And Wild


Wait, so this guy is in the water while in the water? Are we getting that right?

But the water he’s in is different water from the water he’s in? How does this work? This isn’t making any sense at all.

He’s wet, and it’s because of the water, but not the water that’s around the water he’s in. He’s dry as far as that water is concerned. How is this possible? Why does nothing make sense anymore?

Bicycle Race


Coolest idea for a ride ever? Or scariest idea for a ride ever? Or stupidest idea for a ride ever?

It’s one of those three things, but we’re not sure which. We haven’t been on the ride yet.

We’re not a fan of roller coasters, or giant slides, or even merry-go-rounds. So this looks like a little much for us. By the looks of things, we’ll never go on it and we’ll never be able to find out which one it is.

High Rise


TFW your ladder is shorter than what you have to reach, and you also don’t care about safety that much.

You’ve gotta make a choice in those moments. And it might not be the right choice, but it’s also not the best choice. And it’s…

Who are we kidding. We’re looking at this photo while biting our nails. We’re scared of even standing on a step stool. But that’s us. We’re just a bunch of yellow-bellied cowards over here.

Orange You Glad


Move over, dogs! You’re no longer man’s best friend. Not as long as this donkey is around.

Sure you can roll around and play fetch and kiss our faces, Dogs, but can you do anything like this?

You’d probably just run around chasing your tail, Dogs. Meanwhile this donkey is doing everything to get a whole house painted short of painting it himself. We love you and all, Dogs, but this donkey is really going above and beyond.

Mellow Yellow


“It’s a good idea if we brand ourselves. You know, make all our products a really identifiable color.

“That way, no matter what the product is, people will know it was made by us. It makes things not confusing.

“Sure, people will confuse some of our products for other of our products. But that’s not important. What’s important is nobody confuses our products for products that other people made. Nothing at all can go wrong with this plan!”

Cut Up


“It’s going to take a while to cut down this tree, so let’s try to make things faster.

“You cut down half of the tree, and I’ll cut down the other half. I’ll do the top, and you can do the bottom.

“That way, we’ll get done in half the time, and we’ll be able to go home early, and I won’t be stuck in the tree because you’re cutting it down while I’m in it. It’s win-win.”

Think Positive


When you’re expecting to not expect anything, it’s a good idea to announce it on Facebook.

You’ll find out who your friends are, specifically by finding out who’s not your friends — you know, the people who don’t believe in your parenting potential and are ok with posting that.

Having a kid changes you, but also posting you’re not having a kid changes you. Specifically, it changes the number of friends you have on Facebook and in real life.

Brighter Than The Sun


It’s a good idea to wear sunscreen if you’re going to go out in the sun.

And it seems like it’s a good idea to use a sunscreen stick, because that just makes the whole thing faster, right?

That’s right, until you come home from spending all day in the sun and see how well the sunscreen stick protected your skin — and didn’t protect the parts of your skin it didn’t get on, which is basically all of your skin.

In The Dog House


“Wash the dog bed in the washing machine,” they said. “It’ll be much easier than washing it by hand.”

“The washing machine is meant to wash things,” they told us. “A dog bed is a thing, therefore it’s meant to be washed by a washing machine.”

“Uh… You should never listen to us,” they backpedalled. “We don’t know what we’re talking about. We’ve never washed a dog bed before. We didn’t know that the machine would rip it to shreds.”

If The Shoe Fits


You know how the front wheel of a bicycle is more prone to getting stolen?

And you know how you have to lock it up to keep it from getting stolen? Guess what? You actually don’t need to do that!

You can just find a different set of wheels – any set of wheels at all – and you’re good to go! Nobody’s going to steal your bike or any part of it if it looks absolutely ridiculous!

What's In A Name


When you’re in love, you’re oblivious to everything else in the world. It’s just you, and the person you love.

If you write out the initials of you and your significant other, make sure they make sense together.

Otherwise, you might end up like this couple who just wanted to show their love for one another and didn’t think of training places before they decided to write out their initials. It’s such an easy fix. It could have prevented so much.