New Royal Family Photos From Kate And Will That Are Everything

By lheidi - May 21, 2019

What is it about the British Royal Family that makes us want to watch their every move? They’re so stylish and posh and, well, royal. They aren’t regular people. They’re royal people. And there’s a difference. Royal people are able to do anything with such effortless grace and style and elegance. They could literally be blowing their noses, and it would somehow be amazingly class. Although, we’re pretty sure that royal people don’t blow their noses. They have a person who’s noses runs and needs to be blown for them.

When the royals do anything, it’s an event. They can’t even walk down the hallway without it be a perfectly photographable moment. It’s almost as if they wake up Instaworthy. We wish that we could capture even a little slice of magic that the royals have. But instead, we just watch their every move, because that’s the closest we’ll get to being them.

A Serene Sunday


Prince William and Kate Middleton had an outing with their family, and it’s the most idyllic outing we could ever imagine.

Fortunately for us, they posted photos of the event on Instagram, so we can all pretend like we were there, even though we weren’t invited for some reason.

They took their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis along with them as they explored the Chelsea Flower Shop. We can’t even with how cute this is.

A Green Garden


Kate Middleton, who we’re supposed to call the Duchess of Cambridge, let her hair down.

We’ll never get used to calling her the Duchess of Cambridge or Catherine for that matter. She’ll always be “Kate Middleton” to us.

Kate Middleton designed a garden for the flower show, and the photos were taken to show off her garden. Also, we now want to live in that garden because it looks so tranquil. It’s so green! Everyone is pretty!



The exhibit is officially called the “Back to Nature Garden,” and not what we call it, which is “So cute!”

According to Instagram, the garden is, “a woodland setting for families and communities to come together and connect with nature.”

So can we go there and commune with our family even if they aren’t as perfect and attractive as the royal family? Are commoners allowed? Even if the commoners have dirty hands that will touch all of the plants?

A Lovely Landscape


Kate Middleton designed the garden, but she also had a little help in getting it done.

Landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White of Davies White Landscape Architects helped Kate Middleton design the beautiful garden. They did an amazing job!

Of course, her three children and future monarchs helped her and the professionals she worked with to create the stunning garden. We have a feeling they did most of the work. Prince George, especially, because he’s the oldest.

A Perfect Playdate


The purpose of the garden was to highlight the importance and benefits of playing outdoors.

Clearly, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are doing a very good job of showing us why playing outside is fun!

If we had a garden like this to play in, we would never leave. We would just end up living there, and become ferrel. We’d forget that we ever knew what shoes are. It would end up being kind of a problem.

An Idyllic Instagram


The royal family’s official Instagram offered more explanation as to what the famous family has been up to.

“Over the past months, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have helped The Duchess gather moss, leaves and twigs to help decorate the ‘Back to Nature Garden’,” reads their Instagram.

“Hazel sticks collected by the family were also used to make the garden’s den.” It even has a den? Okay, we’re officially moving in to this place.

Just Like Us


We love these photos because they show Prince William and Kate Middleton, er, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in full on parenting mode.

We know that they’re not like us, but it makes us think that maybe they are, even a little bit?

Sure, Prince George and Prince Louis aren’t allowed to wear pants until they’re older because of royal protocol. But also, they’re just normal boys who are having fun on a Sunday with their parents!

The Queen Is Here


The Queen of England (aka Prince William’s grandmother) also stopped by the garden to see what it’s all about.

When Kate Middleton was waiting for the Queen’s arrival, she couldn’t help but tidy up the garden.

It’s nature, Kate Middleton! It runs as wild as it wants! But we totally get it. If the Queen was coming through, we’d also pick up the twigs and leaves that are hanging around where they shouldn’t be. It’s the Queen!

Very Tidy


Apparently, Kate Middleton’s straightening up paid off. When The Queen came through, she commented, “It’s very tidy.”

That’s probably one of the biggest compliments the Queen could ever pay. That’s like a super enthusiastic and glowing review in Queen language.

Queens don’t give out compliments like they’re candy. If they say a compliment, they mean that compliment. So if you’re given one, take it and run with it. It means a lot more than a regular compliment.

Full Of Color


Kate Middleton showed the Queen all of the flowers in the garden, and there were a lot.

The garden had a blue color scheme, with bluebells and forget-me-nots (aka Princess Diana’s favorite flower) giving pops of bright blue color to the garden.

“All the sticks are from Anmer and the children collected the pine cones,” said Kate Middleton when she showed off her garden. We wish we could go there and see it in person! It sounds so pretty!

The Queen Has Input


Of course, the Queen also had some input when it came to what went in the garden.

Kate Middleton consulted the Queen, and included some of the Queen’s childhood memories in her present day garden, too.

The garden also has carrots and beetroot, something the Queen played with when she was a child. There’s also a waterfall, which is a tribute to the waterfall the Queen has at her time in  Sandringham. She’s a Queen. She has like forty homes.

A Fine Family


Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011, and since then, we can’t get enough of their family!

The couple had Prince George in 2013, followed by Princess Charlotte in 2015, and Prince Louis in 2018.

The family of five has captured our attention, because these kids are seriously adorable. Even if they weren’t royal children, we’d probably still be all about them. Seriously, look at Princess Charlotte. How adorable is she? She looks so much like the Queen!

Little Louis


Prince Louis is barely a year old, but already he’s running and causing mischief, which is par for the course with princes.

We’re wondering if he’s going to take after his father, who remained stable and calm, or his wild uncle Prince Harry.

He’s the fifth in line for the royal throne, and he doesn’t even know the alphabet yet. Hopefully, if he ever does take the throne, he’ll know how to at least form sentences when that happens!

A Family Affair


We love this portrait of the royal family, because even though they’re all royals, it’s still totally relatable.

Prince William might be the King of England in the future, but he has a total dad face in this photo.

He looks like he’s spent hours trying to get his kids to sit still, and he just wants to get the damn photo taken so they can all get in the van and go home right after this.

The Royal Family


It’s fun seeing a photo three generations of royals together, all sitting in the same place.

It’s likely that one of the people in this photo will be the next King of England. Or Queen, you never know.

However, we think it might be unlikely because we’re pretty sure at this point that the Queen of England is immortal and will continue to rule forever. It’s those royal genes! They never quit! Long live the Queen. No seriously.