People Are Giving Themselves MakeOvers Like It’s The Early ’00s And We Are Here For It

By lheidi - July 29, 2019

It’s hard to believe that the aughts were almost 20 years ago, but it’s true. Kids who were born the same year that President Bush was elected are now old enough to vote, and are attending college. They’re still not old enough to be able to rent a car, so you can stop feeling like you’re as old as the Crypt Keeper. The aughts were a pretty good decade if you don’t think about it too much. And the fashion of the aughts wasn’t that bad. Sure, there were some bad fashion choices (like gaucho pants), but at least it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what it was like in the ’80s and ’90s. That’s what we like to call progress.

Some people are so in love with the fashion from the aughts that they’re coming back to it. And we’re honestly kind of into it, even though we feel weird it’s technically vintage now.


Make Over


We didn’t realize that 2000s fashion was a thing until it was pointed out to us thanks to TikTok.

For some reason, it’s become a thing to give yourself a makeover to look like a girl from the 2000s on the new social media app.

Girls are posting videos of themselves putting on frosted eyeshadow and butterfly clips, then showing off the finished results so everyone can see. It’s the makeup tutorial we never thought we’d get.

Total Transformation


The makeover videos are all se to Britney Spear’s classic song, “Opps!… I Did it Again.”

And if you want to feel really old, that song came out in the year 2000. And when it came out, Britney was probably older than some of the girls who are making themselves look like 2000s girls.

It’s like we feel into a time warp that we can’t get out of, but it also making us feel like we’re super ancient.

Make Up Schmake Up


The girls in the TikTok videos are copying the looks that 2000’s girls used to wear perfectly.

There are so many skinny eyebrows, frosted lids, glossy lips, hoop earrings, and see through sunglasses that we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

We want to say that we can’t even, but that slang wasn’t in use during the 2000s. We’d have to wait a whole decade in order to be able to use that turn of phrase.

Looking Good


Seriously, these videos are so eye opening. It’s like we’re being shamed for something we never knew would become shameful.

Did we really think that these looks were good? Why would we ever wear so much frosted eye shadow? What were we thinking?

We’d make fun of women in the 80s who wore so much tacky eye shadow, but then we turned around and did it ourselves. We totally deserve this punishment. We need to see this.

Oops! I Did It Again


It’s important to study history so that you can learn from its mistakes so that you don’t repeat them.

This is kind of what’s happening here. We’re learning that we should never, ever, ever wear super low-rise jeans.

At the time, we knew it was wrong, but we still did it. We just thought we were being scandalous by wearing pants that grazed our butt cracks. We didn’t know that we were also being tacky at the same time.

On Trend


These videos are trending on TikTok, which makes us a little nervous. Okay, it makes us a lot nervous.

What if people see these videos and start to think that pulling a few strands of hair out of your ponytail and wearing them over your face looks good? What if people start doing it again?

We’re hoping so hard that these trends stay on TikTok and don’t come back into our lives. Once was more than enough.

In The Year 2000


It’s funny that these looks are trending on TikTok, because 2000s girls did’t have social media.

In fact, if you told a girl from the 2000s what social media was, she probably would’t know what you were talking about.

The 2000s were the decade when My Space, Facebook, and Twitter all became a thing. But it wasn’t anywhere near what it is now. After all, you still had to look at them on your computer, not your phone.

Get That Look


If you want to know what 2000s girls wore, you can watch the tutorials on TikTok.

Or, you can click on through, because we’re going to break down exactly what goes into getting the perfect 2000s girl look.

But do so at your own risk. Because you’re probably going to want to invest in a good eye cream after knowing that the clothes you used to wear when you were a teenager are now a good 20 years old.

Von Dutch Hats


Back in the aughts, people used to wear trucker hats even if the biggest car that they had ever driven was a sedan.

If you wore a regular trucker hat, you were on trend. But if you wore a Von Dutch trucker hat, then you were really on trend.

It’s like, don’t even bother wearing a trucker hat if it’s not Von Dutch, a brand that no actual truckers wore because no trucker could afford to get one.

Lace Up Jeans


Can we just leave jeans alone? They’re fine as they are. We really don’t need to switch things up, because it always ends up making them worse.

Case in point, lace up jeans. Why do you need to have laces on the sides of your jeans?

We all know that nobody was sitting there in the morning running the laces through the eye holes as they got dressed. They were all for show, and not an entertaining one.

Bedazzled Butt Pockets


One of the great things – or bad things – about the aughts is that everyone decided they wanted to bedazzle everything.

Nothing was off limits when it came to bedazzling. Not your phone, not your private parts, and certainly not your jeans.

The great thing about this is it combines two trends into one – bedazzling things that shouldn’t be bedazzled and also decorating the butt of your pants. Unfortunately, neither of them really work as fashion.

Tattoo Choker Necklaces


In the 2000s, girls used to wear chocker necklaces that made it look like they had a skinny tattoo going all around their neck.

Can you imagine if you got this actually tattooed around your neck? For starters, it would hurt a ton. For finishers, you’d be stuck with this really weird tattoo going all around your neck.

Lower back tattoos were bad enough. People were probably like,”That’s enough pain. Let me fake my neck tattoo so it doesn’t hurt.”

Frosted Lip Gloss


The point of glossing your lips is so that they look shiny. And the point of frosting your lips is so they look icy.

So when you’re wearing frosted lip gloss, you’re trying to make your lips look like shiny ice?

There is nothing that will make you look more dated faster than smearing a frosted lip gloss all over your lips. People will think that you’re a time traveler from the past if you do this.

Juicy Sweat Pants


It’s kind of fitting and totally makes sense that Juicy Couture went out of business when the aughts ended.

We thought that company would live forever. Everyone was wearing those tracksuits, and we knew it because everyone had “Juicy” written across their butt so they could advertise it.

For one brief decade, Juicy Couture was the Terry cloth outfit producing company of choice. We kind of get it. Their tracksuits were super comfortable, just like yoga pants are today.

Ed Hardy


If you were a douche, you could advertise it just by wearing an Ed Hardy shirt.

It was kind of like the official unofficial uniform of douches who spent their days clubbing. And the king of the douches was Jon Gosselin. We’re pretty sure that he was born wearing an Ed Hardy shirt.

We were super disappointed to learn that Ed Hardy was an actual person, but not the person who made the shirts. It was too confusing.

Gaucho Pants


Gaucho pants were the most confusing piece of clothing ever, but then again, the 2000s were a confusing time.

So many times you’d go to the store and see a super cute skirt on the rack. When you’d take it in to the fitting room to try it on, you’d discover it was a pair of gaucho pants.

There was nothing more disappointing then falling in love with a skirt that was really pants that were tacky.

Denim On Denim


You can pair denim with anything, except other denim. Denim has been around for a while. We thought that people would already know that.

But for some reason, people in the 2000s went through a weird phase where they acted like they forgot that denim doesn’t go with denim, and just wore Canadian tuxedos all the time.

You can pair denim with blue, but it has to be a different fabric. Case in point? This photo of Britney and Justin.

Low Rise Jeans


Nowadays, high rise jeans are all the rage. And honestly, it’s probably a reaction to the low rise jeans that were popular in the 2000s.

It’s almost as if people were like, “Let’s never do that again. And to make sure we never do that again, we’re going to make our waist lines super super high so nobody will be tempted to go lower.”

How low can you go? Low enough to expose your stuff when you sit.

Butterfly Clips


Butterfly clips were supposed to make you look like the insect had landed on your head.

But there is no way an actual butterfly would go anywhere near anyone who did this to their hair. They would think that it’s too tacky.

Because let’s face it, butterflies have really good taste, unlike girls in the 2000s who for some reason decided to pul their hair back in the worst way possible. It’s better to just have your bangs in your face.

Neckties As Belts


The next time we decide we want to jazz up the concept of a belt and switch it out with something else, show us this photo.

This look makes you look like your a Great Depression era hobo, and you can’t afford a belt, and also, you’re wearing pants that aren’t made to stay up on their own.

The great thing about modern pants is you don’t have to hold them up with a belt, so you don’t need to do this.