Photos That Shouldn’t Be Terrifying…But Totally Are

By lheidi - March 15, 2019

Creepy things are everywhere. You’ll find them even if you aren’t looking for them. They’ll creepy up on you (hence the description of them being “creepy.”) Even perfectly normal things can be absolutely terrifying in the right (or wrong) context. A shoe? It can be creepy af. A cup of coffee? It also has every potential to become completely terrifying. Another human person who is not creepy? Guess what, that normal person can be creepy given the right Instagram filter.

These photos have absolutely no business being creepy what so ever. They’re perfectly normal things that are somehow not. Maybe it’s the light. Maybe there’s just something about them that’s off. Whatever it is, they’re super weird. We encourage you to face your fears, be brave, and click through this gallery.

Egg Head


Stock photos can get really weird. There is absolutely no thing in the universe that you could every possibly need this stock photo for.

What would it even be used for? To accompany a story about someone who ate so many eggs he eventually became one and was sad?

Okay, now that we’ve said that, this stock photo makes total sense. Duh. Good thing those stock photo creators thought of literally every single scenario that could ever exist!

Urine Trouble


Going to the bathroom in public is already nerve wracking as it is. What if someone hears you peeing too loudly?

Things get a thousand times more stressful when you have to worry about getting devoured whole by your toilet.

Because that would totally happen in this scenario. You’re just calmly relieving yourself, and then all of a sudden the thing you’re peeing into decides it’s hungry and you are it’s food, then bam! You just got eaten by a toilet.

Fish Wish


It’s the saddest little starfish sitting at the bottom of the tank. Poor little guy.

He must have had a really rough day. His boss laid into him at the office, and when he got home he found his wife in bed with his best friend.

Now he’s too depressed to do anything but sit there and wonder if it’s worth going on. Just because he’s a starfish doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have real problems in his life!

M-M-M Good


Uhhh…. What is going on in this photo? We have more questions than we have time to ask.

First of all… What is that plastic encasing the spaghetti? You know what, we think we answered that and we don’t want to say it.

Also, how crazy was the night before this photo was taken? No judgements. Some people are into some, um, different things, and that’s well, that’s just their preference. Although, someone could have eaten that pasta.

Shower Power


We’re pretty sure that this bathroom is actually some kind of super weird time machine.

Why else would Hitler and a Power Ranger end up in the same place? Clearly someone was trying to go back and time and defeat Hitler by making the Power Rangers fight him.

And clearly it didn’t work, because the Power Rangers and Hitler became close friends, so close that they even bathe in front of each other. Time travel. It’s hard to get right!

Showing Some Leg


When you have tiny baby legs, you’re self conscious of them at first. What if everyone’s looking at them when you go out?

But then, you grow used to your tiny baby legs attached to your grown man body.

You don’t care what anyone has to say about them! You’re proud of your tiny baby legs! And you flaunt your tiny baby legs that don’t go with your torso whatsoever! They’re yours and you love them forever!

Chicken Little


Hey,kids. You think smoking will make you one of the cool kids? Think again!

Johnny started smoking because he wanted to fit in with the popular crowd. He didn’t know that smoking would take a massive toll on his body.

This is Johnny now. Smoking has made his body atrophy to the size of a dinner chicken. And his face, which used to look like a male model, now looks like a cranky old fish head.

Face Swap


Just because you can do a face swap doesn’t mean you should do a face swap.

Face swaps are more often than not utterly terrifying. Humans are vastly smarter than all other animals, yet we use our superior intelligence to make horrifying technology.

We do not deserve these opposable thumbs. We do not deserve these complex brains. We do not deserve our modern inventions. Because clearly we do not know how to use them without making something that’s creepy AF.



If you don’t know what floor you want to get off on, you can’t expect the elevator to know for you.

Just because it’s a machine that takes you from floor to floor doesn’t mean it can’t get confused.

So if you get in an elevator, be as specific and decisive as possible. It just makes it easier on everyone involved in the whole process. You. The other passengers. The elevator itself. You don’t want to befuddle it!



How dare you open up the shower and interrupt these bananas who are trying to do nothing more than shower?

And how dare you take a photo of these bananas in their birthday suits while they’re attempting to get clean?

And how dare you share that photo of the bananas on the internet. Is there no decency left in the world? These bananas have done nothing to deserve it. They’re only trying to bathe in peace. Leave them alone!

There Goes The Neigh-borhood


This is some kind of messed up Rear Window situation happening right here.

We have so many questions about what’s going on, namely how in the world did someone get a horse up a flight of stairs? Or did they use the elevator?

And how is the horse expected to jump fences and graze in the pasture when it’s stuck inside an apartment? Although, it might be comfortable here. Some apartments are the size of a horse stable.

Belly Blues


It’s usually a good sign when you’re able to see a face in an object.

Like that person who saw Jesus in a piece of toast. Or that person who saw the Virgin Mary in the glass window of an office building.

We’re not sure that seeing a person’s face in someone’s body hair is a positive omen, though. In fact, we’re kind of worried it might be the opposite. Or at least a sign you’re going to eat Doritos?

Man Of The Couch


“I am the couch and the couch is me and we have become one in the same.

“Do not tell me, Parent, to get off the couch and and stop watching TV so I can go to bed.

“I shall forever be on the couch, for I have joined forces with the couch and we shall never be parted and sent to be. I must now watch cartoons, for that is the essence of the couch that is now me.”

Puppet Master


It’s just two giant heads without giant bodies trying to make their way in the world.

We’re looking forward to seeing this buddy film in the near future. Who’s going to star in it? Matt Damon and Ben Affleck?

It’s also going to be a road trip movie, because of course it is. And there’s going to be a storyline about how gangsters are chasing them. It sounds like a really bad movie, but we’d still see it.

Orange You Glad


You know what they say, two heads are better than one! So if you have the opportunity to have two heads on one body, take it!

There isn’t really a surgery that’s been invented for additional head attachment, so you just have to improvise.

Clear packing tape is probably as advanced as medical science has gotten when it comes to this procedure. But all it takes is a few rich billionaires who want to become more efficient, then it’s second heads for everyone!

Fine China


Most grandmas collect flower tea cups, which, if we’re being honest here, is already pretty creepy.

But going to grandma’s house and finding a collection of china that looks like it’s going to come alive at night?

Well, that’s one grandma’s house we don’t want to visit. We don’t care if she’s a sweet old lady who just happens to have eccentric taste in drink ware. We won’t be able to stop thinking she’s a witch and those dishes are the children she cursed.

Monkey Business


“Hey. Hey. It’s not your fault. Look at me. It’s not your fault, so you stop beating yourself up, okay?

“Look, you just threw your poop, that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a completely natural impulse.

“You didn’t expect the zoo director to walk by at that moment. Who could predict that? And you didn’t know it would go right in his open mouth. It’s an accident. These things happen. The important thing is to take it in stride.”

Horse Force


This is what baby centaurs look like when they’re small. They’re half-human, half-horse, all-horror, all the time.

Apparently, this baby centaur is half-horse, one-quarter human, one-quarter cow. So his dad who is a horse had a baby with his mom who is half-human, half-cow.

He has a really complicated family tree, and family reunions are pretty intense. All those cows and horses and people together in one field can get pretty wild. But they do make “cute” babies?

In Deep Water


Uh, does this girl look this way because the water is doing some weird things with light?

Yeah, no, cool, cool. That’s what we thought. No, yeah, we didn’t genuinely believe for a minute that a person could actually look like this.

Ha ha! We’d be so stupid if we said out loud that we were worried a woman had only a head and legs and no body! Good thing we didn’t embarrass ourselves by saying it.

Big Purple Dinosaur


We wish we could just yell out and warn this kid. We really, really do.

He’s about to get pounced on by creepy Barney the Dinosaur, and he doesn’t know it at all. That poor kid.

We just want to say, “Hey! There’s the weirdest version of Barney standing behind you, which is actually an accomplishment, because Barney is already weird as it is!” But he can’t hear us, because it’s just a picture and pictures don’t have ears.