Proof That Keanu Reeves Has Never Not Been Beautiful

By lheidi - June 14, 2019

Keanu Reeves is one good looking man. And he’s like a fine wine. He’s only been improving with age. But unlike a fine wine, he hasn’t been sitting in a stone vault underneath the ground somewhere in Italy. He’s been out and about, making movies and making moves, letting his incredibly good looking face mature and ripen where we all can see it, and thank goodness for that. We’re not sure what it is about his looks that make us love him so much. It’s like trying to explain all of the different flavors in a wine. You can’t say 100% for sure that it’s one thing, but it blends together in such a beautiful way.

Don’t believe us that Keanu Reeves is and always has been incredibly attractive? We have photographic proof that this is the case, and we’re willing to show it to anyone who wants to stare at his gorgeous face.


As Old As Time


Keanu Reeves has been gorgeous for a really long time, and he almost never seems to age.

There’s even a rumor going around that he might be a vampire, because his image has shown up in historical paintings.

That has to be him, right? There’s no other explanation as to what this could be. It looks just like him, plus he’s looked the same pretty much forever. That automatically means that Keanu Reeves is actually an undead.

River's Edge


Here’s Keanu looking young and gorgeous in 1986. He’s officially been a total babe for over 30 years.

Keanu starred in the movie River’s Edge with actress Ione Skye. We love that his hair has always been long and luscious.

If only we could build a time machine and travel back to 1986 just so we could run our fingers through that hair. And also to kill Hitler. We’d use the time machine to do just those two things.


Keanu in 1987


Speaking of time machines… Keanu was such a time traveling hottie in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. 

We can’t believe that this photo is from 1987. That man looks the same now as he did then. He really must be a vampire.

Either that, or he stays young by stepping in a time machine every night and going back in time to keep the years from showing up on his face. That has got to be the reason for it.

Keanu In 1987 Again!


Ugh. What is going on with that smile of his? It looks like he’s laughing about something really funny, and we want to know what it is.

If something is funny, he needs to share it with the whole class, otherwise it’s rude.

What is it, Keanu? We’re waiting. We need you to answer us on this one. Why won’t you say anything, Keanu? Oh, right. It’s just a photo and we’re just talking to our computer.

Keanu In 1989


This photo of Keanu just sitting around looks like it should go in an art museum.

His face is so perfect, it looks like it was painted by a professional artist. Or maybe it was chiseled by a sculptor.

What is he looking at? What is he thinking about? We might never, ever know. That gaze has more secrets behind it than the Mona Lisa. It will forever be one of the great mysteries of all time.

Keanu In 1991


This photo of Keanu was taken in 1991 at the premiere for Point Break in Los Angeles.

If it wasn’t for this photo, we totally would have forgotten about that movie, and now we’re kicking ourselves for putting it from our mind.

How could we forget about one of Keanu’s best movies? We need to start streaming that movie ASAP, because now we’re totally in the mood to watch it. It’s such a classic, just like Keanu.

Keanu in 1994


Here, Keanu attends the premiere for Speed in 1994. And the person he’s with?

It’s none other than Sandra Bullock, his Speed co-star. They also worked together again years later in the little seen but definitely weird The Lake House.

We’re jealous that Sandra is getting so close to Keanu, but at the same time, we can’t be too mad because we love her, too. We have so many conflicted feelings about this photo. Why can’t our obsession with Keanu just be easy?

Keanu In 1996


Keanu is on crutches in this photo, but it doesn’t stop him from being crazy good looking.

Here, Keanu attends the premiere for Stealing Beauty in 1996. This photo is proof that Keanu looks good no matter what his hair is doing.

And that’s quite an accomplishment. Long. Short. Medium length. We love Keanu’s hair in any condition. We would totally appreciate him even if he had no hair. He doesn’t need it. He has really excellent bone structure.

Keanu In 1998


Keanu is just hanging with his Matrix co-star Carrie Ann Moss in Las Vegas in this photo.

We don’t just love Keanu’s face. We also love Keanu’s heart. Keanu Reeves has a reputation for being one of the nicest celebrities around, and that just makes him even better.

There are so many stories about Keanu going the extra mile for his fans, because he know that the fans are what it’s all about. He’s just so humble like that.

Keanu In 1999


When Keanu starred in the Matrix, we knew he was the One… who had stolen our hearts.

That movie was fire. Keanu Reeves was fire in that movie. We’re surprised that there wasn’t a fire Marshall at every movie theater that screened the Matrix.

You could seriously burn something down to the ground with all of the hotness that was going on in the movie. We needed Smoky the Bear to come out and deliver a PSA on starting fires.

Keanu In 2000


We love Keanu because he loves his fans. Here, Keanu signs a little boy’s jacket at the 15th Annual Lighting of the Downtown Los Angeles Official Christmas Tree.

Did he need to sign the little boy’s jacket? No. Did he sign the little boy’s jacket? Yes.

This photo is seriously putting a smile on our faces. What is Keanu’s deal? Why does he make such an effort to be such a nice person? He could totally be a jerk, but he’s not.

Keanu In 2003


Keanu looks great no matter what he’s wearing, but he looks extra great when he’s all suited up.

Here, Keanu attends the 75th Academy Awards in 2003. We can’t remember who won that year. All we remember is that Keanu was looking fly as hell.

Keanu really cleans up nice when he has to dress up to go somewhere all fancy like the Oscars. But he should seriously consider making this is every day look, as well.

Keanu In 2006


Keanu is hungry. Keanu is waiting for his dinner. Keanu wants to eat food. Keanu has an empty plate.

Someone feed Keanu, because otherwise Keanu will be sad, and then we’ll be able to pass around the Sad Keanu meme.

Nobody wants Keanu Reeves to receive the meme of himself. Is it even legal to get a meme of yourself sent to you? Is that something that people can do? Would the world end up exploding because of it?

Keanu In 2009


This photo of Keanu was taken at the 33rd Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race Practice Day in 2009.

Maybe Keanu felt the need for speed since he starred in Speed. Did you see what we did there?

Keanu is wearing sunglasses, which is for the best. Trust us on this one. Because when he takes off those glasses, people can get hurt. Don’t believe us? Click on through to the next photo and see what happens when those glasses go away.

Keanu In 2012


Ugh. That gaze. We can’t even. It’s like his eyes are going to burn a hole into the camera.

Did it all of a sudden get hot in here, or is it just us? Because it’s starting to feel really, really warm out of nowhere.

Keanu should really put that look away, because he could hurt someone with his piercing gaze. And that’s an accident nobody wants to have. Nobody would believe you if you went to the hospital with it.

Keanu In 2015


Keanu greets fans and photographers in this photo. He’s all about those fans, isn’t he?

Whatever’s going on on his face with that beard, we’re here for it. He doesn’t look scruffy. He looks really well put together.

And he really doesn’t look that much different as the way he looked when he was rocking a clean shaven look in the 1990s. Because Keanu Reeves is straight up a time traveling vampire who will be young forever.

Keanu In 2019


This is what Kenau looks like now. He’s still pretty much a human work of art.

We’ve traveled through over 30 years of Keanu looking smoking hot, and we can’t believe how he’s managed to be so consistently attractive.

Honestly, going through all of these photos and looking at his face was time well spent. We wouldn’t trade it for the world. And in fact, we’d go back and do it all over again because we love him.