Seven Besties Bought A Mansion Together For The Very Best Reason

By lheidi - August 01, 2019

Remember The Real World? When seven strangers were picked to live in a house, and things stopped being polite and started getting real? The houses that they got to live in were so cool. Sure, now an apartment decked out in nothing but IKEA furniture would be kind of tacky and cheap, but in the ’90s, it was probably the most awesome place you could live. And the apartments were always in the dopest cities, like New York and Seattle. And for some reason they all got a job that they had to do? We don’t know why that factored into the show, but they were made to be volunteer firemen or receptionists while they were on the show for some reason.

We wanted to be on The Real World, even though living in a giant house with seven strangers would be rough. But when it’s seven friends coming together to buy one house, that’s a whole different story…

Home Sweet Home


Retiring to live in a mansion is pretty much the dream life. Who doesn’t want to spend their remaining days in a house the size of a small city?

A lot of us might never see this dream come true. It turns out that owning a house that could fit several other houses inside of it is pretty expensive.

But seven friends in China are determined to live out the dream and have made arrangements for their retirement.

Friends Till The End


Seven friends have banded together and purchased a “communal” mansion in China, and they have big plans for that mansion.

They all plan to live in that mansion together when they eventually retire. Some people go to a retirement home to live with other people when they hit their golden years.

Some people just buy a mansion with their friends. It’s kind of the same, but it’s also completely different. Honestly, we’d take the mansion over the retirement home.

For The Longest Time


These seven women have been close friends for a long time. The women met when they were in their 20s and working the same job.

They soon became inseparable, and even joked about retiring together in a communal mansion.

When you have a good squad, you never want to let it go. These women are so lucky to have found each other, and it only makes sense that they’d never want to lose each other. Friendship is important.



The idea for all seven friends to get a communal mansion when they retire started out as a joke.

We have to admit, it sounds like something that should be the premise of a sitcom. And honestly, we’d watch the heck out of that.

But what was once a joke between seven good friends turned into a reality and a retirement plan. Because that’s how all good ideas start out as. They’re just inside jokes that end up being true.

Dream House


Then the seven friends found this mansion (pictured here) in Guangzhou. They stumbled upon it by accident, but it ended up being quite fortunate for them.

Guangzhou is a small suburban town, and it’s not exactly the most fashionable place to live.

But the mansion ended up being perfect for their joke turned not a joke idea of living together when they’re old and grey. The women decided that this mansion was the communal home of their dreams.

Show Me The Money


The seven best friends decided to start saving money so that they could purchase the mansion they stumbled on by accident.

It took a while, but they were able to stick to their budgets and pool their savings.

They finally were able to purchase the mansion for their retirement. When they first saw it, the house was a place where nobody wanted to live, but now it was going to become their home for the rest of their lives.

Sweet And Spacious


It turned out that the mansion actually offered a ton of space, so the seven friends could live without bumping into each other.

And on top of that, the building is made out of stone, so the renovations were going to be a lot easier for them.

When they purchased the building, it was kind of dilapidated. But the seven friends were going to transform it into something magical. It was like their own personal home makeover show.

From The Ground Up


The seven friends transformed the first floor of the house into a communal space for them to live.

It has floor-to-ceiling windows. Through those huge windows, you can see the swimming pool of the mansion. Because what would a mansion be without a sweet pool?

There is also ample room for the friends to hang out in. We can just imagine them pulling a Golden Girls and gathering here to eat cheesecake in the middle of the night.

Food For Thought


Of course, the epic house comes with an epic kitchen. The table looks like it could fit a lot more than the seven best friends.

We can only imagine the huge dinner parties that they could throw in this mansion. This table looks everyone could bring a +10, and they’d still have room leftover.

It almost looks like the big banquet tables that kings and queens used to have back in the day, but this one’s probably better.

Private Time


The huge house also offers a lot of privacy, just in case any of the friends ever want to have alone time.

The house comes with seven bedrooms (one for each person, so no one has to share), and they’re all open concept.

Not only that, but the bedrooms have amazing views. You’ll wake up every morning and have to pinch yourself because you’re living out your fantasy in such a beautiful location to top it all off.

Walk The Walk


The outside of the mansion is just as epic as the inside of the mansion.

Outside, there’s a pavilion that you can get to by crossing over a bamboo walkway. The walkway is built over rice paddies, because it actually can get more perfect than it already is.

Um, can we become best friends with these best friends so we can get invited over to that house? We want to live there like nobody’s business. Is there a room opening up?

No Vacancy


The women all met when they were in their 20s, and they’re in their 30s now.

They’re currently living their lives and having families, and are no where near retirement age. But when they’re old enough to hit that milestone, they’re ready for it.

They’ll be able to spend their golden years in the lap of luxury. And until then, we’re pretty sure this place would make a pretty great vacation home when you need to get away.

Special Skills


The women are also preparing for their retirement by each learning a special skill that will come in handy as they get older.

Each friend is learning an individual skill that will benefit the group, because they’re such a strong team.

One is learning about traditional Chinese medicine. One is learning how to cook good food. One is learning how to garden so that their garden will always be nice and tended as they live out their lives.

In The Mean Time


Their retirement is still a ways away, but they’re taking care of the house in the mean time.

They keep on visiting their mansion to make sure that it is being maintained, so when they’re finally ready to move in, there won’t be any surprises.

They bought it when it was a dilapidated mansion, but that doesn’t mean that they have to move in when it’s dilapidated either. It’s going to be their dream house when they get there.

Dream Team


The house is an ode to how they’re stronger as a group, even though they’re capable of thriving on their own as individuals.

“We’re all independent individuals but we can communicate and rely on each other at the same time,” says Jin Du, one of the seven friends.

And that’s the real magic of friendship – knowing that you bring out the best in each other and support each other in ways no one else can do.