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Simple Parenting Hacks That Will Keep Your Kids Happy (And You Sane)

By lheidi - May 23, 2019

Nobody said having kids is easy. Kids take a lot of work, and you don’t get paid for being a parent. All you get is a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card, which isn’t enough to cut it. It’s a miracle that people still have kids. After the first kid was born, nobody said, “Wow, this thing is a terror. Let’s not have any more of these running around. There’s probably a better way to repopulate civilization, right?” We totally would have chalked the whole “having kids” thing up to some kind of failed experience if we were around back then.

But believe it or not, there are ways to have kids and not go stark raving mad. Trust us on this one. It’s possible. People have done it before, and they’ll do it again. These simple parenting hacks work so well, they’ll make you say, “You know what, I kind of want another one.”

Turn Your Baby Into A Mop


Babies can get very messy, and your floors can get very messy. So why not combine the messes?

Because two messes cancel each other out, right? You can get a onesie that has a mop attached to it for your baby.

Let them crawl around, and they’ll end up cleaning your floor. As an added bonus, they’ll look impossibly cute wearing that little thing. Although, it’s pretty hard for a baby to not look cute, no matter what.

Put Medicine In Your Baby's Pacifier


It’s hard to get your baby to take medicine, but it’s important for them to do so.

So why not trick them, like any good parent would? Take their pacifier, and slip the dropper into the hole at the end of the pacifier.

Let your child put the pacifier part of the pacifier into his mouth, then your child will be able to get his medicine while he sucks away. It’s sneaky, but it also works really well!

Make A Play Pen On The Beach


Going to the beach can either be fun or terrifying, depending on how prepared you are as a parent.

The next time you hit the beach, take along a fitted sheet with you to make a playpen for your child.

Just prop the edges up with a cooler, or beach bag, and you’ve got yourself a designated area that your child can’t crawl out of, unless they’re really, really determined. You can enjoy the waves without worrying!

Make Monster Spray


If your child is afraid of monsters under the bed or inside the closet, there’s a simple solution.

Put some water in an empty spray bottle and create “Monster Spray.” You can spray the water wherever your child says there are monsters.

The spray will act as a monster repellant, and your child will be able to sleep soundly, knowing nothing is going to jump out at night and eat him while he’s sleeping! It’s so handy!

Put Tape Over The Speakers On Your Child's Toys


Kids toys that make noise can get annoying really fast, but for some reason, your kids don’t think so.

But you can make your life easier while staying sane just by putting some tape over the speaker on your kids’ toys that talk.

The tape will muffle the sound from the speaker. Your child will still be able to hear it, but it won’t resonate all throughout the house, which means that everyone involved will stay happy.

Clean Up Glitter With A Lint Roller


Glitter is literally the worst invention ever thought of. There’s really no way to ever truly get rid of glitter.

Well, there wasn’t anyways. Now, you can make sure that you won’t still be picking up pieces of glitter long after your child has gone to college.

Just take a lint roller to anywhere and everywhere that has glitter, and it’ll pick it right up. Then, you can go give a talking to to the person who let your kids have glitter.

Fill A Glove With Beans


Every parent knows that rubbing a child’s back will help them fall asleep at night.

But you don’t have to sit there waiting for your kid to fall asleep, which can take a really long time.

Just fill a glove up with dry beans and put it on their back. It’ll still feel like their back is getting attention, and you’ll be able to sneak off so you can fall asleep, too! Because parents also need to sleep!

Bring Sticky Toys On Airplane Trips


Flying with kids can be rough, but you can make the whole process a little smoother.

Just take along some toys that stick to the window, and let your child entertain himself by playing around with the sticky toys.

Everyone else around you will thank you, provided that your child is sitting in a window seat. Nobody wants to have someone else’s kid reach over them to get to the window! That’s just uncomfortable for everyone involved!

Make Toothbrush Holders Out of Clothespins


It’s easy for your toothbrush to grow germs, but you can prevent germs from growing in a very simple way.

Just put a clothespin on your child’s toothbrush, and whenever they put the toothbrush down, the bristles will stay off of the kitchen sink, and out of the danger of developing germs.

It’s much cleaner than keeping your toothbrush in a cup, plus it’s easier for a child to grab, allowing them to brush their teeth on their own!

Let Kids Color On The Wall With Paper


Kids love to color on the wall. That’s the first thing that anyone knows about kids.

If you put a piece of butcher’s paper across the wall, your kids will be able to draw on the walls to their hearts content.

When they’re done, you can just take it off the wall, and there’s no damage done to the wall. You don’t have to wash anything off, plus you can keep you’re child’s drawing when they’re done!

Go Camping Inside


The idea of camping is really fun, but actually camping can be a little rough when you have a child.

But you can still create the magic of camping by creating an indoor camping experience for your kid.

Just pitch a tent in the living room, and use flashlights to pretend like there’s a campfire. Don’t actually start a campfire in the middle of your living room. That’s an accident just waiting to happen! It gets so hot!

Make A Balloon Rocket


If your kid gets bored and need something to do, why not spring some science on them?

Just get a balloon, a straw, some tape, and some string, and you’ve got the tools you need to make a balloon rocket.

Tape the balloon to the straw, slip the string through the straw, then put the string between two objects. Let the balloon go, and the air will turn the balloon into a rocket. It’s fun for the whole family!

Make Popsicles Less Messy With A Cup Lid


Popsicles are probably the messiest treat your kid could ever ask for. Which also makes them the only treat your kid ever asks for.

You can make popsicles a little neater, though, by slipping a plastic cup lid over the possible stick.

The cup lid will act as a little shield. As the popsicle melts, the juice will drip into the lid and not onto your child or the table or your purse or anywhere else it shouldn’t go.

Help Them Learn How To Tell Time


Telling time can be hard, even for adults. But you can make it easier for kids to read time off of a clock.

If you turn the clock into an arts and crafts project, then write what each point on the clock means, they’ll be telling time in no time.

Of course, don’t let them know that even adults are too lazy to read the face of a clock and we normally check the time on a digital clock.

Divide Car Seats


There’s something about sitting in the back seat of a car that makes children want to fight.

But you can get them to stop without having to turn the car around and giving them a warning.

Just put up “dividers’ between car seats to separate your kids and keep them from fighting. They’ll feel like they’re getting their own space in the car, and trips to grandma’s house will suddenly be so much smoother. It’s so easy!

Trick Them Into Drinking Medicine


Your child loves drinking soda, but hates taking medicine. You hate it when your kid drinks soda, but love it when they take their medicine.

Now, you can arrange it so everyone wins, by making your kids think they’re drinking soda when they’re really taking medicine.

Just hide the medicine bottle behind a can of soda, and stick a straw in it. You’ll be tricking your kid, but it’s for their own good, so it’s fine, right?

Teach Kids Left And Right With Stickers


Eventually, your kids will learn the difference between left and right, but you can help them out with stickers.

Just take a sticker and cut it in half, then stick the left half in their left shoe and the right half in their right shoe.

Then, when your child puts the shoes together, they’ll be able to see if the left shoe is on the left side, making sure they put the right shoe on the right foot.

Make Organization Feel Like A Game


You can teach your kid to get organized at a young age by turning it into a game.

If you have a system that allows kids to feel like they’re matching items that go with a certain color, or if you create a “garage” for their cars, clean up time with be so much smoother, and… dare we say it? Fun?

Plus, you’ll be instilling good habits in your child that will stick with them even as they grow!

Turn Cleaning Into A Game


Cleaning is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. You can trick your kids into thinking that cleaning is a fun game, like tag.

There are many ways you can turn cleaning into a game, like having your kids compete to see who can get their rooms clean the fastest.

You can also sing songs and add music to make them think that they’re having a party, instead of tidying up the house. What a fun hack!

Make A Racetrack From Tape


You don’t have to get your children and elaborate and expensive racetrack in order for them to have fun with their toy cars.

You can take some tape, then tape out a race track on the floor.

You’ll be able to create your own patterns on the floor, and you’ll be able to change it up whenever you want. Plus, it’s pretty easy to clean up. All you have to do it rip up the tape off the floor!