Some Guy Actually Built Wooden Giants And Hid Them In The Woods

By lheidi - June 20, 2019

Everyone knows that giants aren’t real. There aren’t people who are super, super tall walking the earth saying things like, “Fe fi fo fum,” and doing things like sitting on top of the roofs of buildings because they just need a place to rest for a second. We know that they’re not real because we’ve never seen a giant. Although, just because we’ve never seen one doesn’t mean that they’re not there. They could just be hiding from us, right? How would we know? We can’t say something like, “100% there are absolutely no giants anywhere in the world ever,” because what if there are?

What if you’re walking through the woods, and you stumble across something you’d never expect to find – a huge giant. Then you’d have to say that giants are real, even if they’re made of wood. These wooden giants might make you believe that giants actually exist.

Giant Sculpture


If you travel around the town of Copenhagen in Denmark, you might see something unusual when you go.

Artist Thomas Dambo has created a bunch of giant sculptures of, well, giants that have been placed throughout the city.

We wouldn’t be scared if we ran into one of these sculptures, because it seems like these giants are pretty friendly, even though they’re super massive. Look how much this giant statue dwarfs the child standing next to him.

Hidden Giants


Even though the giant statues of giants are huge, you might actually end up missing them.

That’s because Thomas has hidden them around the city. You need a special map in order to be able to find them.

Their locations are secret, but if you unlock Thomas’s secrets and clues, you’ll be lead right towards them. It’s almost like Thomas is leading you on a treasure hunt, and the giants are the treasure. Except they’re too big to be buried.

Set In Stone


The secrets poems and clues that lead people to the giants are carved into stone

The clues then lead people off to unfamiliar paths towards the direction of the giants. If these giants weren’t on the main paths, then they wouldn’t be secret, now would they?

There’s a lot said for going off the beaten path. You never know what you’ll find. Sometimes it’s a snake waiting to strike, and sometimes it’s a really cool giant statue.

Recycled Materials


The sculptures aren’t just cool, they’re also eco-friendly. Each statue is made out of recycled wood, which means that no fresh trees were cut down to make the statues.

Each statue is made out of about 600 pieces of recycled wood. The  wood is taken from pallets and fences. An old wooden shed was even used to create these magical statues.

It just goes to show that anything can have new life if you just use your imagination.

Army Of Volunteers


These statues are really huge. You would think that it would take forever for Thomas to put them together by himself.

Fortunately, he doesn’t have to put them together all by himself. Thomas has help from volunteers who put together the statues with him.

It’s too bad the giants aren’t actually alive, otherwise they’d be able to help out Thomas and the Volunteers in the assembly of the statues. That’s something that we would love to see.

Riddle Me This


When you find one of the giants, you will be able to spot a riddle like this one on the giant.

This riddle will take you to the next giant if you are able to solve it.

If you’re going on a hunt to look for the giants, you might want to take along someone who’s really good at solving riddles, otherwise it might take you a really long time to figure it out and nobody has time for that.

Mr. World Wide


All in all, there are six giants hidden all over Copenhagen that were designed by Thomas.

However, Thomas’s artwork isn’t just limited to the city of Copenhagen. Thomas has 25 sculptured made out of recycled materials that are scattered all over the world.

We wonder if you have to have a treasure map to find those sculptures, too? It’s good to know that they’re there, because now we won’t be startled if we accidentally run into them.

Name Game


The volunteers who helped Thomas put together the giant statues got rewarded for their hard work.

Each one of the six giants in Copenhagen is named after one of the volunteers who helped with the assembly.

The statues have names like “Little Tilde,” “Thomas on the Mountain,”  “Oscar Under the Bridge,” and “Sleeping Louis.” So thank you to Tilde, Thomas, Oscar, and Louis for helping to put together these wonderful and amazing giant statues we can now enjoy.


We Are Young


Thomas is originally from a town called Odense in Denmark. He always loved building, even from a young age.

Thomas used to make tree houses and soap boxcars when he was a kid. Thomas would use recycled wood in order to create these childhood masterpieces.

It’s interesting that he continued to use recycled materials in his sculptures as an adult. We’d love to see some of the tree houses he made as a kid. Would a giant fit in them?

School Days


Since Thomas showed interest in creating art at such a young age, it only makes sense that he would go to school to study his craft even further.

Thomas went to the Kolding School of Design in Kolding, Denmark in 2005.

When he was still an art student, he started getting interested in street art. It makes so much sense that he would end up creating one of the best examples of street art that we’ve ever seen.

For The Birds


When he was still an art student, Thomas created a project called “Happy City Birds.”

The project consisted of over 3,500 birdhouses that were placed all over several cities around the world. They weren’t just limited to Denmark.

The birdhouses were made out of recycled materials, too. For this project, Thomas used discarded construction materials. It’s great that he was able to put materials nobody wanted into something that everybody wanted – even the birds who would enjoy them.

Moving On Up


Thomas loves upcycling, so it makes sense that he incorporates it into a lot of his art projects.

Upcycling is when you take materials that would otherwise go to waste and turn them into something amazing and creative, like these fantastic giants. With upcycling, you reduce a lot of waste in the world by giving it new life.

Thomas also teaches workshops on how to upcycle for both schools and companies. He’s really making the world a better place.

Big And Small


By upcycling and encouraging other people to upcycle, Thomas hopes to show people that it can be both fun and that trash can be a resource.

Thomas doesn’t just create huge art projects like these giants. According to his website, Thomas, “makes anything from minor design projects like furniture and interior design to small and huge art projects, often involving his surroundings and the people around him.”

We’d love to be involved in one of Thomas’s cool projects.

What's Your Story?


Not only are the giants adorable, they have stories behind them on top of it.

For instance, Oscar Under the Bridge is, according to Thomas’s website, “made from scrapwood from a torn down watermill and broken pallets from local industries.”

Oscar Under the Bridge bears the same name as Oscar, an artist who was visiting from Chile who helped Thomas put together the statue. We’re wondering what Oscar Under the Bridge’s favorite food is or his favorite color.

Friendly Teddy Friendly


The giant Teddy Friendly also has an interesting story behind him and a really super long arm.

“Teddy friendly is made from local scrapwood, including cut offs from cut down local trees, which has been used for his fur. He is standing at a water stream, at a lake holding out his hand helping people to cross,” says Thomas’s website.

We love that this giant has fur. We’ve never heard of a giant that has fur before.

Bird Friend


Friendly Teddy isn’t just a friend to humans. He’s a friend to birds as well.

Friendly Teddy has 28 birdhouses inside of him. These are for the birds and the squirrels who live in the park to make their homes in when it’s winter.

We love knowing that the birds and squirrels have a warm place to go hang out in when they need one. Thomas really is looking out for everyone with these really fun sculptures.

Gentle Giant


These statues are so cool, it’s almost worth taking a trip to Copenhagen just to check them out.

Of course, we’d have to find them first. If you have time to go on a scavenger hunt, it’s worth going to check them out.

We just hope that you’re not scared of giants if you go. You shouldn’t be scared of these giants, because they seem like they’re very friendly. Plus, they’re actually not real. They’re just wood.