Still Got That Pencil Mark From Being Stabbed In School? Yeah, You Ain’t Alone

By lheidi - July 05, 2019

Going to school was pretty rough. You were at risk for injury at any moment. Your textbooks were very dangerous things. It was always possible that you could get a nasty paper cut from flipping between math problems in your Algebra II book. It was hard to solve for X when you had a stinging open wound on your index finger. And no, your teacher would never let you get up, leave class and go to the nurse for something as small, yet painful as a paper cut. And don’t even get us started on your trapper keeper. That thing could get heavy if you put one too many homework assignments in it. And if you dropped it on your foot, then you’d be liming around between periods all day.

But there are some school supplies that leave a mark no matter how much you tried to get rid of them. And it turns out, you’re not alone.

Eat Lead


There was a time in school where you probably poked yourself with the lead part of a pencil.

And that lead tip was actually very sharp. So sharp that it hurt. And left a mark that stayed for longer than you thought it would.

There’s a good chance that the mark the pencil left on your skin is still there. But the good news is, you’re not the only one who has a scar form a pencil.

Pencil Problems


Recently, people  were connecting over Twitter about the scars that a lead pencil left on their skin when they were in grade school.

It all started from a simple tweet by Twitter user @Los_Writer asking if other people had been marked by their pencils back when they were in school.

If you jab yourself with a pencil, that’s something you can never forget because the mark it leaves won’t let you forget it, no matter how hard you try.

Call And Response

It turns out that @Los_Writer wasn’t alone. Many people responded to the original Tweet, saying that they had been poked, too. And they had the photos to prove it.

“8th grade.. Running with a pencil,” wrote Twitter user @RileySletten as they posted a photo of the pencil mark with their Tweet.

Poking yourself with a pencil is one mistake you can’t erase no matter how hard you try. It turns out that graphite doesn’t come off of skin, apparently.

There Will Be Blood


Some of the injuries that people posted about were bad. Like really bad. Like so bad they probably should have gotten medical attention.

“Got stabbed with a pencil, lead broke off, knee was bleeding and my gym teacher wouldn’t let me go to the nurse. Still blame her,” wrote Twitter user @MeganMo24.

You know you got yourself bad when you need to have the school nurse look to your wound. Pencils can be dangerous!

Math Problems


Some pencil injuries were borne out of frustration, and we totally get it. Math makes us want to scream.

“Hello. I got frustrated while practicing single digit multiplication in 3rd grade and decided to slam my head on the table. However, I hit my pencil that was sticking point up. It’s still here 11 years later,” says Twitter user @HepolaSamuel.

Math is way more dangerous than they tell us. It can poke your eye out.

Eye See You


If you’re not careful, you can end up causing some serious injuries with a regular, old pencil.

“my sister threw a pencil at me when i was in third grade & was just an inch away from being blind,” says Twitter user @serff_board.

When they say you can poke your eye out, they really mean that you can poke your eye out. Imagine having to explain how that injury happened for the rest of your life?

Homework Helper


Sometime school gets really frustrating. And sometimes people take those frustrations out on they siblings.

“This happened while trying to help my sister with homework, she got mad, AND STABBED ME WITH HER PENCIL!” said Twitter user @emma_farley03.

We wonder if they still talk about it to this day. We bet that was probably the last time that she ever tried to help her sister with her homework. You can’t come back after something like that.

The Hardest Words


Sometimes the hardest words to say are “I’m sorry,” especially when it comes to poking someone with a pencil.


She posted a photo of the apology as well, in which the stabber admits the pencil “was very sharp and could have killed you” At least he knows what he could have done.

Getting Inked


We all know that you call getting a tattoo, “getting inked.” But what happens when it’s from a pencil? Do you call it “getting leaded?” Or “getting graphited?”

Twitter user @shyannrachel posted a photo of her pencil dot with the caption, “Hello right knee 2nd grade. My first tattoo.”

Hey, it’s better than getting a Japanese character or inspirational quote tattooed on your body. But it’s not as good as getting a fire breathing dragon on there.

Twice As Nice


Some people are pretty unlucky when it comes to writing utensils. It’s almost as if they have a curse on them.

“I have 2,” wrote Twitter user @ryeidk. “got the one in my hip in first grade when I bent over to tie my shoe with a pencil in my pocket ??? my aunt took me to the doctor because she thought i would get lead poisoning.”

Wait, is lead poisoning even a real thing? We thought that was a joke.

Double Duty


Twitter user @RossCairns2 was able to post not one, but two photos of a mark left by a pencil accident.

And honestly, both marks look pretty bad. Maybe it’s time to switch to pens instead of using pencils?

This person must be pretty glad that people type more than they write nowadays. It’s less dangerous. You can’t accidentally poke yourself with the keyboard of your computer unless you’re trying really, really hard to do some damage.

Friends To The End


Sometimes getting poked with a pencil can lead to other scars that don’t have anything to do with the pencil itself.

“My friend stabbed me in the arm with his pencil and I’m the one who got detention,” wrote Twitter user @RossCairns2, “been in there 8 years.”

You will always have the mark to remind you of the injustice that you received. It’s almost like you’re Jean Valjean, but with a pencil instead of a loaf of bread.

Until The End Of Time

Eventually, you end up leaving school. But your education and your pencil wounds end up staying with you forever.

“Stabbed my jaw with a pencil on accident in 3rd grade. 18 years ago,” wrote Twitter user @haleysadlo.

Who are we kidding. You usually end up forgetting your education. It doesn’t seem fair to forget the periodic table of elements while remembering how much it hurts when you poke yourself with a pencil. But some lessons are life lessons.

The Pen Is Mightier...


With so many pencil accidents being reported, we’re surprised that schools don’t ban pencils outright because they can actually be pretty dangerous.

We’d love to see a ten page safety manual issued that tells people the dos and don’ts of carrying around a pencil.

It might seem like it’s too much instructions for such a simple object, but some people need it. Because as we can see, using a pencil incorrectly can lead to some lasting damage.

Stay In School


Maybe it’s better to just not go to school at all? Because it can be a pretty dangerous place, even if you’re not trying to get in to trouble.

Yes, that’s the best way to protect yourself against the dangers of pencils – to never set foot in an institution of learnings.

You know what they say, it’s better to be ignorant than to have a silver dot on your knee for the rest of your life.