Strange Things Found In The Most Ordinary Of Items

By lheidi - March 26, 2019

Finding one thing hidden in another thing is like stumbling upon a secret, magical world you never knew existed. It’s almost like stumbling through a hole in a tree trunk and ending up in a fantastical world where animals can talk and everyone stands on their head and playing cards are trying to attack you. Except it’s slightly more mundane than that, because, after all, they’re still ordinary objects and you’re still in the ordinary world.

Every object can turn into a Russian nesting doll. You open the object, find another object inside, open that object, find another object inside, open that object, find another object inside. You can keep on going until there are no more objects for you to open. These photos of ordinary objects with other objects inside will make you question all of the normal objects you see. Click on through to enter the magical world hidden inside everyday objects.


Happy And Sad


It turns out that this happy, smiling dog toy had a very sad dog toy inside it.

It just goes to show, you can never really tell what’s going on inside someone, even if it’s a dog toy.

Something with a happy exterior might have a sad interior. If this dog toy ever needs to talk about something, we’re here for it. Maybe it’s just sad because it’s entire purpose in life is to get chewed by a dog?

Heart Break


Everything has a heart inside it. Even if you don’t expect it to, it totally has one.

Even a plush Cookie Monster toy has a heart. It doesn’t have lungs, kidneys, or any other vital internal organs, but it has a heart!

It’s cute that they gave him a heart, but this is not anatomically correct in any way shape or form. We’re pretty sure that Cookie Monster’s heart is shaped like a cookie, so… Get it right, Toy Company!

Batteries Included


This big battery is just made of… other, smaller batteries? Okay, that’s so obvious we completely missed it.

So it turns out this nine volt battery was just six triple A batteries put together so it’s now one battery.

What’s the math on that? So that’s, is that six times three? Or is it three squared times six, times one? None of this is adding up to nine. Are we doing these calculations right? Math is hard!

Right On Cue


Wow.  Just Wow. It turns out the cue ball is really another pool ball, but it’s just has white wrapped around it??

Wow, The Game of Pool. Wow. Way to make everything in our life a complete and total lie. 

We’re never going to think of pool the same way ever again. We’re just going to treat regular pool balls as if they’re a cue ball, because it turns out they are and have been this whole time and why are we even playing this game? 

Give Me A Break


This Kit-Kat bar looks totally normal, right? Nothing wrong with it? Nothing wrong with it at all?

Wrong! The layers in this Kit-Kat bar are vertical, but they’re supposed to be horizontal! Surprise! Imagine biting into a Kit-Kat and finding that.

Would your day be ruined? Would you be really upset and throw the whole package in the trash, then write an angry letter to Kit-Kat? Probably not, because it’s really not that big of a deal to find this mistake.

Stone Cold


When this ceramic frog broke, nobody was expecting to find two statues of snowmen resting inside of him.

Did this frog eat those two snowmen alive? And that’s why they’re both inside the frog’s stomach? Is that what happened, huh?

We’re really not mad at the frog, we just want him to be honest. If he did it, he can tell us. We’re going to be mad if he doesn’t own up to what he did, that snowman eater!

Ball Is Life


To be honest, we didn’t expect this golf ball to be filled with rubber at all.

We were kind of expecting a smaller golf ball, which had a smaller golf ball inside it. And then that golf ball would have a smaller golf ball inside it. 

And it would just keep on going until we got to a teeny, tiny, teensy, weensy golf ball that was so small you couldn’t fit another golf ball inside it. And that’s what would be inside this big golf ball.

Wood You


Someone chopped down a tree and found that the tree had another smaller, thinner tree inside it.

It’s almost as if the larger tree started growing where the smaller tree was and couldn’t be bothered to grow around it.

So he decided to grow through it, and the smaller tree eventually merged into the larger tree, and now they’re going to star in a buddy cop movie together because they’re inseparable. Literally inseparable, just like buddy cop movie partners.

Sour Grapes


Some grapes have seeds hiding inside them, which is never a fun thing to bite into.

Some grapes have… other smaller grapes hiding inside them? It’s like the larger grape is the mommy grape and she has a baby grape inside her stomach.

Eventually, the mommy grape will give birth to the baby grape. The baby grape will grow up into an adult grape, and eventually have baby grapes of its own. That’s where grapes come from.

Hidden Mickeys


If you thought a clothes line was just a rope that you put your clothes on, you would be totally wrong.

A clothes line is actually, apparently, nothing more than one of Mickey Mouse’s hiding spots? And a very good hiding spot at that.

Disney World is getting really elaborate with that whole “hidden Mickeys” thing. Now they’re hiding them in places outside of the Magic Kingdom? How are they going to expect us to find all of them?

Old Bag


This camera bag looks very nice, so of course the insides of it must be nice as well and not at all old toothpaste boxes.

Oh, what’s that? The inside of this camera bag is, in fact, a bunch of old toothpaste boxes?

You know what they say, one man’s trash is the thing another man will use to reinforce the inside of his camera bag, even though the outside of the bag is really nice-looking leather.

If The Bra Fits


We know that most bras have a little piece of underwire hiding inside, because that metal comes out and pokes us like it’s its job.

But we didn’t expect this secret thing hiding inside the cups of a bra – two hands.

Why is that even there? Do they want us to feel like our boobs is “in good hands”? Because we don’t. At all. In fact, we actually feel the opposite of that. The exact opposite!

Slap Happy


It turns out those cool slap bracelets from when you were a kid are just tape measures in disguise.

Those sneaky, sneaky tape measures! Dressing up like they’re some type of funky bracelet, thinking we won’t notice.

But guess what. We did! The jig is up! We’re on to you and your little game! We know that we’re not actually slapping a bracelet on to our wrists. We’re slapping a tape measure who wants to be jewelry!

Big Balls


The core of a bocce ball is actually… a pool ball! It’s been hiding there this whole time!

We like to think that this pool ball didn’t want to be a pool ball anymore, so it escaped.

The pool ball didn’t want to get caught, so it hid itself inside a bocce ball. And this bocce ball has been harboring a fugitive this whole time. Are we reading too much into this scenario? Nah, we’re probably not!

Screw You


The person who owns this screwdriver shouldn’t be sad about breaking the screwdriver right in half.

Inside the screwdriver is another, smaller screwdriver. Which is kind of like getting a replacement for the thing you broke right when you break it.

Are all screwdrivers like this? Should we just go around breaking screwdrivers to find out? We’re pretty sure that’s a good way to get kicked out of Home Depot. But it might be worth it. For science.

Open Tabs


Right underneath the lid of this soda can is… the lid of a pop can.

We’re not sure if we should call it soda or pop, but now we can call it both — one name for each layer of lid.

If only all debates were as easy to solve as this. Who should we have as president? Maybe both at the same time? That would probably work out really well, as well as two lids on a soda pop can.

Bowled Over


We’ve all wondered what the inside of a bowling ball looks like. But not many of us have actually opened one.

For starters, bowling balls are too heavy for us to lift. So that makes it reeeeal hard to open one.

It turns out, this is what the inside of a bowling ball is like. They’re that heavy because they secretly have weights inside! Have we just discovered the conspiracy to deliberately make bowling balls heavy?? Are bowling balls actually a part of the fitness industry trying to make us healthier? How. Dare. They.

Something Stinks


We’d never think of spraying our pits with shoe deodorant spray. Those two things are separate, and always should be.

But it turns out you actually can spray your pits with shoe spray, because this antiperspirant and shoe deodorant are one in the same.

This deodorant is so versatile, it’s like a Swiss army knife of anti-stink sprays. We’re wondering if we should now go around taking our stick deodorant to our shoes? Is that a thing we can do?

Board To Death


When you’re buying furniture, you’re going to want to make sure you’re buying something made out of wood that is actually, you know, wood.

This wood table is actually made out of cardboard, something this person found out the hard way (get it?).

At least it wasn’t Ikea, because he would have had to put that cardboard together by hand before he could use the table. And it takes a lot of time to glue pieces of cardboard together!



Oh man, those truffles look so good. We can’t help ourselves. We just want to take a bite out of one of them.

What is this? Why do they taste like styrofoam? What mean, mean person would trick someone like this?

Christmas is officially ruined once you sink your teeth into a styrofoam ball when you’re expecting a hunk of nutty chocolate. Go home. The season is over, there are no presents, and Santa isn’t even real.