Target Will Release A Line Of Halloween Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs

By lheidi - July 31, 2019

It’s so hard to figure out what to be for Halloween. We always want to say that we’ll be Eleven from Stranger Things, but then we go to a party, and literally everyone else there is Eleven from Stranger Things. 

But figuring out what to be for Halloween is even harder if you’re a kid who uses a wheelchair. There just aren’t a lot of Halloween costumes that were designed with this need in mind. And figuring out what to be is an important decision that you have to make. It’s probably even more important of a decision than where to go to college. But now Target is making it easier for children who use wheelchairs to have a happy Halloween. Because figuring out what you’re going to go as shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself.


Wheeling And Dealing


Kids who rock wheelchairs shouldn’t be excluded from participating in life’s rites, and that includes wearing a dope Halloween costume.

Yes, it’s early, but Target is launching their line of Halloween costumes for when October rolls around.

But this year is different. Target is taking care of kids who have to use wheelchairs. For the first time ever, Target’s line of Halloween costumes will include costumes specially designed with kids who use wheelchairs in mind. Target’s got their back.

Tailor Made


The line of costumes comes with two options, a pirate and a princess. The line of costumes is called the Adaptive Costume Collection.

The costumes aren’t just magical outfits that transform the child into something out of a fairy tale. The line also comes with accessories that are specifically made to fit a wheelchair.

There are only two options right now, but what kid hasn’t said that they want to be a princess or a pirate?

A Pirate's Life For Me


Shopping for Halloween costumes for kids who use wheelchairs can be hard. Heck, even shopping for regular clothes for kids who use wheelchairs can be hard sometimes.

Sometimes you have to custom make or tailor the clothes to fit the needs of the child.

But these costumes work with the wheelchair, allowing the kid to turn their regular wheelchair into a pirate ship, complete with bright blue ocean or a princess’s carriage that won’t turn into a pumpkin.

Fairy Tale


The pirate costume is marketed towards boys and the princess costume is marketed towards girls.

But realistically, either costume can work on either gender. We’ve totally had girl pirates in the world’s rich pirating history. Who’s going to stop your girl from going as Anne Bonney or Mary Reed for Halloween?

Your child isn’t going to need a fairy godmother in order to be transformed into a princess. And they’re not going to need to leave the ball at 11, either.

Sold Separately


Each costume is meant to be worn with a cover for the wheelchair that compliments the look.

But the wheelchair cover is actually sold separately from the costume. The dress for the princess costume goes for $20. If you want to add the wheelchair cover, too, that’s going to set you back by $45.

Both of the costumes can be purchased on Target’s website. Yes, we know it’s early, but you don’t want to fall behind on Halloween.

Rolling With My Homies


It’s about time that retailers take into consideration the needs of children who use wheelchairs.

Parents of children who use wheelchairs are applauding Target for finally providing costumes specifically made for their children and their needs.

But Target isn’t the only company that is making products specifically for kids who use wheelchairs. In fact, Pimp My Chair specializes in wheelchair accessories. Click through to see some of the other accessories specifically made for children who use wheelchairs.

iPad Holder


This wheelchair accessory is designed specifically to hold an iPad, but realistically, there’s nothing stopping you from using it to hold other things, too.

You can probably use it to hold a knock-off, non-name brand tablet. Or you could use it to hold, like, just your jacket.

You’re probably not going to want to use it as a cup holder, though, because it’s not designed for that. You’re going to end up with juice everywhere and that’s not good.



Think that you can’t use a wheelchair and protect yourself from the sun? Then think again!

This canopy is specifically designed for going on a wheelchair, which means that the child who uses the wheelchair can be fashionable and shielded from the sun’s rays at the same time.

That sun can be a real jerk sometimes. Even if you put on a ton of sunscreen, it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable. Just get a screen for the sun.

Light Wheels


If you put these fancy wheels on a wheelchair, you’re going to have to watch out.

All of the other kids who don’t use wheelchairs will be super jealous, and they’ll probably want to roll around in wheelchairs, too.

It kind of looks like something you would find at a roller rink in the movie Xanadu. But it’s not. At all. It’s an accessory for wheelchairs and not something people used to trick out roller skates in the 70s.

Handicap Sign


Just because your child uses a wheelchair doesn’t mean they can’t still be sassy, too.

This handicap sign calls it like it sees it. And it sees stupidity as something that isn’t holding anyone back. There have been so many people who have gone on to have long, successful lives despite being afflicted with stupidity.

We all have our challenges in life. Some people’s challenge is being incredibly, incredibly dumb. And that’s okay. This sign isn’t going to judge.

Spoke Lights


These spoke lights are super cool. Look how bright they are! If you ever need a night light, you’re in luck.

Your kid is going to be the hit of all the sleepovers with these spoke lights.

We kind of want to see these spoke lights in action. Because we’re pretty sure that these lights are way cooler than they seem in the photo, and they already seem really, really cool in the photo as it is.

Wheelchair Earrings


Some wheelchair accessories aren’t meant for the actual wheelchair itself. Some wheelchair accessories are literal accessories.

It might seem like it’s a little much to use a wheelchair and also wear earrings that have wheelchairs on them, but it’s not. It’s just the right amount.

These earrings definitely make a fashion statement, and that statement is, “Hey, I use a wheelchair. Check it out.” You don’t have to listen closely to be able to hear that fashion statement.

Seat Covers


If your kid uses a wheelchair, they don’t have to be stuck with whatever they get.

It’s totally possible to customize a wheelchair, and why not customize them with these furry animal print seat covers? They’re so fancy.

Not only will your child be stylish, they’ll also be comfortable. And since these seat covers are synthetic, you’ll know that nobody had to hunt down and skin a leopard in order to make them. Because that’s hard to do.

Wheelchair Lights


These lights will make any wheelchair look as if it’s some kind of cool spaceship.

It’s not a regular wheelchair. It’s a wheelchair from the future. Because in the future, all wheelchairs have miniature rockets at the bottom of them in case anyone ever needs to go into space.

Also, in the future, everyone goes up into space like it’s not a big deal. It’s the same thing as going around the corner for a carton of milk.

Mobility Handbag


It’s hard to believe that this bag was made specifically for a wheelchair. It’s so fashionable.

This looks like something that we’d want to pair with our everyday outfits, wheelchair or not. We’re loving that print so much.

Do you have to use a wheelchair to be able to use this bag? Or is this something that you can just buy and carry around? We’re so in love with the fun design that we want to get our hands on it.