The Moment You See It, You Won’t Trust Your Brain Anymore

By lheidi - May 30, 2019

They say that seeing is believing, but your eyes are dirty little liars. They only see what they want to see and not what’s actually there. Then they tell your brain that something completely different is going on, so you think that reality is anything but what’s actually going on in the moment. And then your brain tells your mouth to say what you think you see, and you end up looking like a big fat jerk thanks to your tricky little eyes.

With these photos, you’re going to need to take a big, long look at them, and take another look just to be sure. And since your eyes probably still can’t figure it out, take a third look at them. They’re all so tricky. It looks like one thing is going on, but really something else entirely is happening. So click through these photos, but whatever you do, don’t trust your eyes!

Life's A Beach


It looks like this child is super flexible, and that they also have super thick adult legs.

We wish we could bend backwards like that. We could make a lot of money as a contortionist if we could.

But alas, our dreams of performing in Cirque du Soleil have been dashed, and then rubbed in our faces just by looking at this photo. How much yoga do you think you’d have to do to bend like this?

Camping Out


This looks like it’s a photo of a couple enjoying their camping trip. Nothing is wrong here!

But if you look closely in the corner, you’ll be able to spot something sinister in the dark. It’s waiting. Lurking. Do you see the horror?

If horror movies had before and after photos, this would definitely be the before photo. We don’t want to see the after photo. We don’t like blood and gore. We also don’t like looking at animals, either.

Get Benched


We have to give props to these guys for sitting on an invisible bench for so long.

They’re doing so well at squatting like this, we totally didn’t even notice that there is not a bench there.

Or maybe there is a bench, but it’s just brick colored? If we saw this in a catalogue we would not purchase it. We feel like it would make our calves too sore if we had to sit on it.

For The Dogs


It looks like this dog is swallowing this woman’s arm, but that is the least of what’s wrong with it.

It also looks like this dog doesn’t have much o a gag reflex. How else would he be able to get so much of that woman’s arm inside his mouth?

It also looks like the woman is totally fine with her arm getting gobbled whole by this dog. It’s just one of the cute things that he does.

Getting A Head


Isn’t this the monster that greats you when you fall down a pit and end up in Hell?

This beast is half of a dog and half of a woman spliced into one terrifying monster that will now haunt out dreams forever.

If you want to look like this, do you get some kind of surgery? How long is the process? Is it some kind of lunchtime procedure? Does it hurt? Is it expensive, too? WE NEED ANSWERS.

Wet And Wild


This photo isn’t what it looks like. And we ae glad for that, because if it was what we thought, we’d never want to drink again.

This woman is holding out a hose, and it’s not that kind of hose. Get your mind out of the gutter!

You’d have to drink a lot of water to be able to pee out a healthy stream like that. But at least you’d be hydrated, so that’s the upshot of it.

Black And White


Yes, this keyboard is out of order. No, the keys aren’t in a random place.

You might have to look at it for a while. But if you do, you’re probably going to be mad at yourself.

And the keyboard is going to know that you’re upset for not getting it. Did you figure it out yet? It’s going to be a lot easier to type out the phrase that the keys spell because they’re in order.

Team Effort


We wish that this was just a normal photo of kids posting for a photo. We really do.

We’re also pretty sure that the kid in the third row wishes that this was just a normal photo of kids posting for a photo.

We’re also pretty sure that, more than anyone, the kid in the second row who has no idea what is coming wishes that this was just a normal photo of kids posting for a photo.

Yeah…we all wish a lot of thin

Rule Breaker


We love this bird for breaking the rules so hard. It took one look at it and flipped the bird at it.

We know that birds can’t read, but this sign isn’t written in words.

The bird should be able to figure out that it is a picture of a bird, and that he’s not allowed there.  But he doesn’t care. He’ll just do whatever he wants, signs or no signs. This bird is our spirit animal.

Where Are You?


Why in the world is Where’s Waldo crashing this wedding? We’re pretty sure he didn’t RSVP. He’s pretty inconsiderate.

And if he wants to stop the marriage from happening, he is a little bit too late. There was a time when it was appropriate for him to say something, but not now.

You know when the priest asks if anyone has any objections? Yeah, Waldo. That was the time to do it. So get back in the bushes, Waldo!

Hair Raising


It must have taken a long time to grow this beard, if this were actually a beard.

It also must have taken equally as long time to convince this girl to stand in front of him.

If you don’t really have a long ass beard, you’re not going to get the ladies. That should be obvious. This guy knows it. That’s why he is tricking us all to make us think that he’s got one going on.

Speed Daemon


Think that this is a photo of a mother and her baby? Then think again!

There is something going on behind them, and we don’t even know what it is. But you know what? We’re not going to judge it.

If a dude wants to walk on the beach wearing a floral speedo, then he should be able to walk on the beach wearing a floral speedo. Even if his legs and butt look a little weird.

On Guard


What’s going on in this photo? No, seriously. What’s going on? We have no idea.

We want to say it’s just a photo of a bunch of lifeguards, but we know that there’s a lot more going on.

Nothing is as it seems, and that’s something that really messes with our heads. We think about it when we’re trying to fall asleep at night. We wish things could be straight forward, but that’s not how life works.

Half And Half


This person’s work has a really weird dress code. We think that they insist that the wrong half is covered.

If you’re hot, why don’t you just let yourself get some air? There’s no sense in wearing pants and feeling stuffy.

If you have to take a photo, you might as well only get dressed up for the half that people see. Just make sure that there aren’t any mirrors in your shot. That would blow the whole thing.

Play Ball


Don’t take a look at the couple in the foreground of the photo. They’ve got nothing going on.

On a second thought, maybe you should only look at the couple in the foreground of the photo. You don’t want to know what the people behind them have going on.

Once you see it, you are not going to be able to focus on anything else going on in the photo. It’s just too weird to look away.

I Am Batman


This might be just the shadow of an innocuous inanimate object, with nothing more going on.

Or it might be the shadow of our favorite caped crusader. Our favorite caped crusader is Batman. We know that there are a lot of caped crusaders these days.

Batman is probably taking this photo, and his shadow fell in the frame. That is the only logical explanation for what’s going on here. There’s no other way that shadow was created.

Three's A Crowd


They say that two’s company, but three’s a crowd. And we would certainly say that for this photo, too.

When these people took this photo, they didn’t know that they would be photobombed by themselves.

This is kind of a glimpse of what their future kid would look like. We wonder if they are going to end up having babies now that they know what a mashup of their genes would look like. It is a mystery.

Rub A Dub Dub


It looks like these girls are just hanging out in the bathtub, having a good time. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Take a look at this photo. There is something sinister lurking behind them.

This photo is the beginning of a horror movie, and we don’t want to see the end. Because it is not going to end well. Haven’t you seen a horror movie? They’re never a fun romp with a happy ending.

Strength Training


Thank you to these two people who are both making us feel really badly about ourselves right about now.

There’s no way we’d be flexible enough to do a backbend like that. It looks so hard.

But there’s also no way we’d be able to balance a person on our shoes like that. We’re not nearly that strong. We’re also sure that they don’t make people that small, too. So there are a lot of obstacles in trying this out.

Mirror Image


This photo is actually kind of creepy and kind of weird. It’s always frightening when someone is lurking behind you.

It’s even creepier when that person is yourself. How is she able to be both inside the mirror and in front of the mirror?

It’s almost as if her inner self is plotting to get her. We want to warn her about it, but we don’t know how. Your biggest daemon is always yourself, so be careful.