These Celebs Look Even Better With Tattoos Photoshopped On Them

By lheidi - June 03, 2019

We’re so used to looking at the faces of our favorite celebrities, that we get sick of them. They’re just the same faces over and over again all the damn time. We wish that there was some way to spice them up and make them more interesting just so we can break up the monotony of it all. But now, there’s a way to make things better, to make it so we don’t have to just stare at Reese Witherspoon the way she is all the time.

Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, we can play around with the eyes, ears, and nose of our favorite stars and make them look any way we want. We can make them green. We can make them look like different celebrities. We can even make them look as if they’re tatted up. Because everyone looks better with a giant Mike Tyson tattoo on their face.

Matthew Santoro


Some celebrities have tattoos. And the ones that don’t are getting a little help from Instagram @inkedornot. 

He’s Photoshopping tattoos onto celebrities who don’t have any, and the results are absolutely amazing.

How realistic are these sleeves on You Tuber Matthew Santoro? Very realistic, that’s the answer to that question. If we didn’t know better, we would think he looked this way in real life. It’s hard to believe that these are the result of Photoshop.

Chloe Grace Moretz


These tattoos actually look pretty elegant, but then again, Chloe Grace Moretz looks pretty elegant in this photo in general.

What if she actually had these tattoos, but she just covered them up all the time so we never knew about them?

It would be a lot of work, because they’re both on her arm and her leg, but if she loved her tattoos so much, she’d probably think that it was worth going through the effort.

John Terri


Soccer player John Terri has some pretty interesting ink going up his arm, spilling over on to his neck.

The bigger the arm, the more canvas you have for a sleeve. And that’s why we’re super supportive of professional athletes bulking up. So they can ink up their arms.

We pledge allegiance to these tats. And to the creativity for which they were done under. One tat. Under a shirt sleeve. For liberty and justice for all.

Emily Ratajkowski


There are no blurred lines on the tattoos that are photoshopped onto the model and actress.

In fact, the lines are very crisp and clear and form the shape of some very obvious roses on her shoulder.

That’s what you’re looking at when you see this photo, right? The roses? You’re not looking at anything else that’s going on here? Because the Photoshopped tattoos are the only thing that could be of interest in this photo here.

Alexander Ludwig


Hunger Games actor Alexander Ludwig is really showing off his body art, and his body that is a work of art in this photo.

What’s with all the tattoos on men who are only wearing their underwear? We’re not complaining, we’re just asking.

It’s just a question that probably has a very good answer, and it’s one we want to know. We also want to know who he’s going to do next… you know, just in case…

Cara Delevigne


If you don’t look closely at this photo, it almost looks like Cara Delevigne is wearing some kind of necklace or scarf.

But if you actually look at it, you can see it’s a pretty cool tattoo that she could probably get in real life and totally pull it off.

If she takes this photo to a tattoo artist and says, “I want this. Make it happen,” we won’t blame her at all. It looks good on her.

James Rodriguez


This is what footballer player for the Real Madrid James Rodriguez would look like if he had a whole bunch of tattoos.

You were probably wondering what he looked like, but now you don’t have to anymore, thanks to this photo.

And let’s face it, it’s probably something that you thought about a lot. It probably took up too much time in your life. But now it doesn’t have to anymore. You have this photo, and everything is good.



Beyonce’s neck tattoo is so subtle, you might have to have it called out before you notice it.

But that’s also why it’s so great, and why we would totally encourage Beyonce to get a neck tattoo.

She’s constantly surprising us, and what better way to surprise us than by covering part of her hands, neck, and face in a very subtle skull. We can’t even imagine how the Bey Hive would react if that actually happened.

Christiano Ronaldo


You didn’t know that you needed a photo of Christiano Ronaldo inked all up and down his body until you saw one.

And after seeing it, you’re probably like, “Why didn’t I know that I needed this in my life? This should be obvious that this is something I wanted? What was I even thinking?”

Sometimes you have to have obvious things pointed out to you before you really start to get them. It happens to everyone.

Kim Kardashian


Remember this now iconic photo of Kim Kardashian? Sure you do. It broke the internet, remember?

It’s a good thing the internet got fixed, because now this tatted up version of that internet breaking photo can go out and break the internet all over again.

Can you imagine if the o.g. photo had this huge piece of back art on it? We probably would have never been able to fix the internet if it had gone out like that.

Georgia Hirst


The tattoos on Vikings actress Georgia Hirst are so subtle, you’d miss them if you didn’t know they were there.

They totally look like they could be something that’s part of her look for the show, and not something that was Photoshopped on to her.

We love how they match her costume. What if you could match your tattoos to your outfit? That would certainly be something, and probably very painful to do on a daily basis.

Kit Harrington


It looks like Kit Harrington has a game of ink going on on both of his biceps.

These photoshops are so realistic, if we didn’t know better, we’d say that his arms are already covered in these tattoos.

They’re not, so don’t think that they are. You can check out photos of Kit Harrington’s arms just to be sure. We know you’d take any excuse to check out his arms, so go for it. We won’t tell anyone.

Emilia Clarke


Now that Game of Thrones is over, we can imagine Emilia Clarke getting a full sleeve like this to celebrate.

Even though it’s just a sleeve of roses, it still looks pretty badass. Who knew that flowers could be so edgy?

You are not going to want to mess with someone who has an arm full of flowers on it, because they had to go through a lot of pain to make that garden grow on their bare arm.

Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner already has a lot going on in her life. She’s pretty busy being a model and an influencer, and part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, which is a job on its own.

We can’t imagine that she would take out the time to sit down and get her body covered in tattoos like this.

It’s very time consuming, and she could be spending that time making misguided Pepsi ads instead, so why would she do this?

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is trying to get more and more edgy these days, and there’s no better way to get an edgier look than getting inked up.

Although, we can’t imagine Taylor Swift going all out and covering both arms in tattoos.

The way she’s getting more edgy is by doing stuff like cussing, or staying out later than 10:00 p.m. on a school night, or taking her dad’s car without asking to do so before she does.



Do you think that PewDiePie would be such a popular You Tuber if he had ink all over his neck like this?

He probably would, because unlike the actors and models that had tattoos Photoshopped onto them, a You Tuber can get away with having some ink on them, and it won’t impact their career as much.

When you’re an actor or a model, you have to cover it up. But if you’re a You Tuber, it can hang out in the open.

Selena Gomes


Remember when Selena Gomez was still a Disney star? Wouldn’t it be funny if Selena Gomez was all tatted up like this when she was still appearing in kids movies?

Selena Gomez isn’t owned by Disney anymore, so she totally could rock all these tats if she wanted to.

Although, we don’t know how we’d feel about it. We’re so used to her squeaky clean image, it might be kind of a shock for us to see her like this.

Barack Obama


Now that Barack Obama isn’t president anymore, he could totally get a tattoo like this on his face.

He doens’t have to worry about trying to get people to vote for him, or trying to get other people to listen to him. So he could totally have a face and neck tattoo if he wanted.

In fact, we think that more retired presidents should get face tattoos to honor their presidency. Can this be a new American tradition?