These Photos Were Taken At The Exact Moment Disaster Struck

By Sam Warren - January 02, 2019

Witness the precise millisecond everything went wrong for these folks. Whenever you think you are having a bad day, take a moment to stop and reflect on where everything went wrong. It’s a helpful way to correct the course when you know where you went off the tracks. That can be hard to do for some people. For these people, it’s incredibly easy, since there’s photographic evidence (thank God). View the last possible moment they were happy before it all came crashing down for them. And, at the very least, you can find solace, humor and gratitude knowing that at least you are not them.

This Means War


Part of being human is living in a state of never-ending, unyielding perpetual fear that disaster might strike at any moment. It could be anything from the Earth stopping to getting pelted in the face with a snowball.

If the latter seems infinitely less disastrous to you, then you don’t take snowball fights seriously enough and should maybe rethink your life choices. Maybe you’re laid back about taking a frosty projectile to the cheek. After all, it could always be worse, right?

Yes, it can get worse. Remember, you’re only considered paranoid until the worst does happen, then you suddenly become a prophet. Read on…

If You Can Dodge A Wrench...


I meant that last question more as a hypothetical, but I guess this proves it. Not only would this hurt more, but it looks like it’s also gonna smash her glasses. God bless photographers with a high shutter speed and unbelievable timing.

We can actually see the moment where things started to go wrong, but she just hasn’t realized it yet. Pain has not even hit her at this moment. She was so optimistic about her day, right up to this very millisecond.

If You Can Dodge A Sledgehammer


The expressions on these mens’ faces tell you everything you need to know about them. The guy throwing the sledgehammer is a sadist that finds untold glee in harming others. The other guy is more invulnerable than Superman and finds that his life lacks no thrills anymore.

Seriously, how can you look so laid back and frankly… bored with a heavy projectile hurtling directly at your face like this? How do I actually feel worse for the person throwing the sledgehammer?

Backflips Are Difficult


“Nobody’s paying any attention to me. They think old Sal is past his prime. I’ll show all of them. I haven’t lost my edge. They think cannonballs are a young man’s game and my best ‘Geronimo’ days are behind me.

Well, I have a new move I’ve been working on that will put me back on the map. Just wait until they get a load of this.” – Sal’s last words before having his jaw wired shut for three months.

Really, Really Difficult


This single image raises just so many questions. Such as..
1. How did this even happen?
2. Why does the dog look so bored doing this?
3. Here’s a question that possibly answers the previous question, but raises several new, possibly disturbing questions.

Is this the canine of that bored guy about to be sledgehammered in the face and shares his master’s abilities? If so, maybe we should start be kinder to strangers from now on… just in case.

I'll Save You


If your cat ever does this, it’s trying to tell you something very important. Namely, stop placing its dinner in such a precarious position. Bubbles shouldn’t have to do a Spider-Man heroic dive just to grab a snack.

How would you like it if you went to a nice restaurant, and the waiter told you that your food is ready, and you could pick it up by climbing to the top of a tree house? That’s right. Not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it?

Establishing Dominance


Ever have a sneaking suspicion that nature wants to kill us all? This animal is definitive proof of that. My main question is whether this goat was a pet that had enough, or it broke into their home and wreaked havoc.

Either way, if there’s a goat in your house, something has gone terribly wrong with your life choices. The best way to get them out? By the look of how temperamental this one is, you should start by asking politely and backing away slowl.

Excuse Me


Nature may seem cruel for trying to kill us humans. But sometimes, it makes perfect sense. Always be aware and respectful of your surroundings, especially near babies and their angry parents. Then again, maybe this gorilla paid the photographer to take the picture of their newborn.

And given how expensive photographers can be, they’re watching over their shoulder to make sure they’re doing a good job. If you spend $400 on photos, they better be darn good.

Grabbing A Quick Bite


Nature doesn’t just only try and kill us humans; nature also spends most of its time killing other nature. Look at this brutal image. Some photographers spend years and take thousands of shots to get a picture this perfect.

And some photographers just snap a picture at random and get this level of mastery. Some folks have all the luck. Not that poor little creature in the photo, though. Their luck has just officially run out.



“Here’s to our engagement, Jess.”

[Alcohol stings the cuts made by the flying glass shards.]

“Glad we’re not superstitious, otherwise we might take that as a bad omen. Yeah, our marriage will be fine. Nothing to worry about here.”

Sure, the cleaning and medical bills resulting from this are a pain, but look on the bright side. If you ever have something in your life worthy of being “cheers”-ed this hard, you’re doing something right. Return to that righteous path after cleaning up this awful mess.

Grandparents Are The Best Babysitters


“Okay, I’ll let you ride the ATV for five minutes, but only if you bring your little brother along.”

“I think that’s a bad idea, Grandma.”

“What, you think he won’t be able to hold on?”

“No, I think it’s a bad idea you’re letting me, an eight year-old, operate this vehicle.”

“Oh, nonsense. When I was your age, I was operating tanks for fun. You kids today are so soft. Now get on there and live a little. Also, here’s a pack of smokes for lunch.”

Learn Something New Every Day


“Okay, Tommy, tell Daddy what you learned today.”

“If you put an Altoid in diet soda, it burns your eyeball. Also, Daddy will think it s hilarious.”

“It sure is, Tommy. Did you learn anything else?”

“Yeah. I’m glad Mommy left you and got custody. These weekends are very trying on me, and I dread them with all my being. Thank goodness you’re not my real Daddy.”

“Wait… what?”

“Oh… did Daddy just learn something today?”

And He Just Washed That Uniform


It’s not just kids that learn something new every day. Adults continue their education for a lifetime. For example, this photographer learned that maybe pictures should be taken before the kids go out for sardine and cottage cheese pizza.

And they shouldn’t eat that right before playing the game. Honestly, there were so many better opportunities to take the picture, I have no idea why you insisted on doing it when they were sweaty and nauseous. This is on you, camera fella. Be better.

16 Candles


Molly Ringwald never had it this bad. Use this as another opportunity to learn. Never, ever sneak up on someone when a delicious delicate dessert is dangling in danger. Sometimes the “surprise” in a surprise party is that there’s not going to be a party. Why?

Because the people organizing it have butterfingers, and that’s the only dessert you’re gonna get tonight. Are you surprised? If not, this has happened before, and we’re so, so sorry. You deserve so much more.

Why Is It Always The Cake?


They say you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. That’s really only true if you have butterfingers, like this lady. Please be more careful with cakes. They can be so amazing, and it’s a shame to see them go to such waste.

Someone put so much time, effort, love and care into that dessert, and it’s going to just wind up on the floor. For moments like these, it should be extended to the 35 second rule. That’s only fair.

[Editor’s note: This may be the saddest photo ever taken. RIP, cake.]