These Pics Offer More Questions Than Answers

By lheidi - May 02, 2019

Sometimes we see something and it ends up giving us more questions than it does answers. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it can also spark a thousand questions. What’s going on here? No, seriously. What’s happening? Why can’t we figure this out? Are our eyes broken, or are we seeing this correctly? What world do we live in where something like this can be happening? Am I actually asleep and I’m dreaming that I’m looking at this photo? Did the world break for a second, and nobody told me?

It’s better not to question things to hard and just accept that not every photo makes sense. In fact, some photos make more sense when they don’t make any sense at all. So if you want to see some weird stuff, click on through. Just save all of your questions until the end. Because we know you’re going to have a lot of them.

Think Again


If you think you know what’s going on in this photo, think again because it’s not what it looks like.

Unless you already know what it is, and what it looks like is the reality of the situation.

Then you don’t need to do any thinking again, because you already thought about it in the right way in the first place. And in that case, congratulations, because you probably just passed some kind of genius test or something.

SpongePatrick MinionsBob


We’re super confused as to what’s going on with these stuffed animals. Which cartoon characters are they supposed to be?

Are they supposed to be Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, or are they supposed to be the Minions from Despicable Me?

Or maybe they’re the secret love child from a brief and secret affair between Patrick and a Minion. Their love burned strong and bright, but then fizzled out. And now there’s this offspring that serves as a reminder of once was.

Right And Wrong


We know that it’s important to obey all traffic signs. They’re there for a reason, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

We’re going to try our hardest to follow this sign, because there must be a point to it somewhere.

Sure, we’re going to stop in the middle of the street with traffic piling up behind us while we figure it out. But the honks of people behind us are only going to make us concentrate on it even more.

For The Birds


We don’t want to make this a message about why it’s important to recycle, but the picture is doing it for us.

You gotta properly throw your trash away, otherwise animals can get into it and take stuff out of it.

And then they’ll end up with a set of dentures that they just don’t need, and they’ll look ridiculous. Birds don’t need anywhere near this many teeth. They’re fine as it is. So throw that trash away!

Invisibility Cloak


Is this an invisible car or is it our eyes playing tricks on us again?

Did James Bond come tearing through a normal street in his fancy invisible car? Have bad guys been shooting at it, and that is why it’s only partially invisible?

And where can we get one of these invisible cars? Are they as good as the self-driving car? Does Tesla make them? We bet Tesla makes them. If not, they surely will soon!

Milk Man


This photo is confusing, even when you figure out what’s really going on in it.

At first, this photo looks like someone put a whole bunch of chickens in the back of their pick up truck.

But it’s actually a whole bunch of milk filling up the entire truck bed. And that leads us to another question. Who in the world would need this much milk? There’s no way that they’re going to be able to drink it all.

Apocalypse Now


Don’t freak out. This photo looks like it was taken during the apocalypse when a giant fireball was hurled to the Earth.

But it’s not from the apocalypse, mostly because the apocalypse never happened. You would remember if you lived through something like that, trust us on this one.

The apocalypse is not something that you sleep through. Unless you’re a really heavy sleeper. In that case, there’s a very real chance that you might have missed it.

Bright Light


At first this photo looks like someone had a rocket launch inside of their kitchen.

But it’s actually a cat reaching for the light bulb inside of someone’s kitchen light, not a new experiment conducted by NASA.

We know that cats really like to mess around with people’s stuff, but why is he trying to get this lightbulb? Did he end up burning his paws on it? Does he not know that lightbulbs are actually pretty hot?

In The Shadows


This is a photo of a totally normal couple doing a totally PG activity together.

But the shadows tell a very different story. It’s almost as if the shadows are their subconscious, revealing to the world what they’re actually thinking about.

Those shadows need to get a room and let these two people play beer pong in peace! There aren’t any children present, but there could be! Shadows are so much nastier than we ever thought possible.

Chomp Chomp


There’s a reason why you normally never see stuffed animals rocking realistic human teeth in their mouths.

And it’s for this reason. This clearly demonstrates to us all why teeth and stuffed animals are two things that do not, should not, and should never go together.

What does this toy even need its teeth for? Is it going to come alive and bite us in our sleep? Or does it just need them to chew food really well?

Foot Locker


Hugs are totally overrated. It’s like, why embrace with your arms when you can embrace with your toes?

Sure, you have to go through the hassle of taking your shoes off. And there’s always the possibility someone might have stinky feet.

But it’s totally worth it, because it is hands down the best way to tell a person you love them with your body. You’re connected, both literally and figuratively. Just make sure your feet are clean!

Something's Fishy


We didn’t know that fish had teeth, but now that we do, we’re aware of the importance of proper oral hygiene in fish.

They need to protect their gums by flossing regularly. Although, we’re sure that most fish don’t floss as much as they should.

It could be because nobody really enjoys flossing their teeth. But it could also be because they don’t have hands and can’t get a good grip on that dental floss even if they try.

Nice Bike

Credits: http:///

There’s something unusual in this photo. Can you guess what it is? We’ll wait for you to get it.

That’s right! It’s the bike! This bike is both black and white, and most bikes are usually only black!

How strange is that? Yes, that’s the only strange thing that’s going on in this photo, and there’s nothing else weird about it at all, so it’s better to just not look at it too hard and maybe just click to the next slide, okay?

Eye See You


This photo just ruined all of our childhoods and is now going to give us nightmares for the rest of our lives.

You’ve never seen something horrible until you’ve seen a character drinking a beer through his eyeball.

Or rather, in this case, it’s just an empty eye socket, which makes it so much worse. Can we please just unsee this photo? We can’t. Because there are some things you can never unsee no matter how much you want to.

By A Nose


It almost looks like this girl had two spiders crawl up inside her nostrils, but that’s not what happened.

She’s just rucking a set of fake eyelashes on her nose, because apparently this is a new fashion trend we didn’t know about and didn’t know anyone would ever want this.

But hey, beauty is strange sometimes and sometimes people do strange stuff to make themselves look glamorous. Who are we to judge if someone wants eyelashes on their nose?

Enter And Exit


This entrance is not for entering. Under no circumstances should you ever, ever try to enter this entrance.

That’s why they had to put a sign there. Otherwise people would just walk right through this entrance like you could enter in it or something.

If you want to enter, maybe try the exit. Of course, you should also never, ever try to exit from that exit. It’s an exit! That’s not what exits are for! They’re for exits!

If The Shoe Fits


Yes, you can put human child shoes on the paws of your dog. Your dog is pretty much your child anyways, so it all works out.

You can really take that whole “my dog is my child” thing to a whole new level by dressing up your dog like a child.

You can also dress up your child like a dog if you want, but it’s kind of weird when it goes the other way, so maybe just skip it?

Have A Cow


We feel really bad for this cow, because he got his head stuck inside a kid’s toy.

Unless the cow was trying to escape from the farm and though that this would be an appropriate getaway vehicle?

In that case, he needed to work out his plan better, because not only did he not escape from the farm, he also got caught in the act. This poor cow! He’s now doomed to a life on the farm forever!

High Wire


There are bad drivers, and then there are bad drivers. This guy deserves an award for however he made this happen.

Also, we’re super impressed by how sturdy those telephone wires are. How are they able to keep the car hanging in the air like this?

We’re hoping that nobody lost their electricity because of this guy’s accident. Can you imagine telling people, “My power went out because a car got caught on the wires outside my house?”

Whatever Floats Your Boat


No, this boat isn’t floating in the middle of the sky. And no, a wizard isn’t standing on the shore making it levitate.

Although, there is a very real possibility that this boat could have been raised in the air because of magic.

But in this case, that’s not the case. It’s just an optical illusion because of the way the photo was taken. Although, magic is very real and this could be a real magic trick.