These Recreated Childhood Photos Are Both Cute And Weird (Mostly Weird)

By lheidi - May 09, 2019

They say you should never try to recapture your childhood. It just doesn’t work. Your childhood was a little slice of magic that you’ll never be able to catch again, no matter how hard you try. Of course you’d want to go back and try to relive all of those amazing experiences. Nailing your dance recital. Scoring the winning touchdown. Playing hooky from school. Having your first kiss. But when you try to do it again as an adult, it ends up awkward and messy.

Because, honestly, childhood was pretty awkward and messy. So if you try to recapture it, you’re just recapturing all of the embarrassing moments you’d rather forget, and all the times you pooped your pants, both literally and figuratively. We don’t know why anyone would want to go back. But these people did for some reason. And the results were nothing short of awkward and messy and weird and amazing all at the same time.

Sand Man


When you’re an adult, it’s kind of cute when your brother or sister buried you in the sand.

But when you’re a kid, it’s super mean to have a sibling cover you with sand from the beach.

Because when you’re an adult, your opting into it. But when you’re a kid, we get a feeling it almost always happens against your will. That’s how older siblings roll. They don’t do anything because they think you’ll actually like it!

Matchy Matchy


We can’t tell what we’re more surprised by in these two separate photos of the same kids.

How did they get those matching outfits? And we’re asking that questions for both the kids outfits and the adults outfits.

There’s no way those plaid pants didn’t go out of style between these two photos. Maybe they were in when the first photo was taken, but by the second photo? They were beyond out of style in every sense of the word.

Bowled Over


We’d be impressed if this guy was still able to fit into that bowl when he was an adult.

We know it’s physically impossible, but part of us (or maybe all of us) wishes it was.

Maybe if the man grew, but his butt stayed the same size, he’d be able to fit in the bowl? Can that happen to a person? If everything but his butt grows? No, that’s never going to be a thing to happen to people.

Basket Case


If we were going to give out grades to these recreations of childhood photos, we’d give this photo an A+.

The attention to detail, the accounting for the girl growing, just all of it is so good.

This person really went the extra mile and it shows, and for that, we’re going to have to give out the highest grade possible. Hey, when you put in the work, you’re going to reap the reward from it, too!

Hold On


We have to give props to this dad for being such a good sport in the whole recreating your childhood photos thing.

Lifting two small children at the same time makes him a great dad already.

But lifting two fully grown adults at the same time? That makes him the best dad in the world. We kind of wish he was our dad, because he seems like he’s so cool! Those kids must have been heavy! In both photos!

Oh Baby!


This guy was totally able to nail the face he made in the first photo when he was only a small baby.

That specific look of confusion and terror and amusement is only found on the face of brand new babies.

Until now, because this guy is totally able to hit that whole, “What’s going on? Am I falling? Where are we? Why is anything?” look that he had when he was still just a very small baby.



This is possibly the best recreation of a childhood photo we’ve ever seen in our lives.

Getting Hulk Hogan in on the action? That’s pretty much blown our minds! How in the world did he get the Hulk himself on board?

And is it weird that Hulk Hogan hasn’t changed at all? We’re having trouble differentiating between these two Hulks. It’s almost like he agrees. We have to ask, is he a vampire? Because it’s completely possible!

Under Where?


It takes a brave man to show the world his embarrassing childhood photos to the world.

We don’t know what to call someone who takes that embarrassing childhood photo, recreates the photo, then shows the world both photos.

Someone like that is beyond brave. Whatever is stronger than brave is the word for that guy. Brave just doesn’t cut it. It’s too cowardly and week. Super brave? No, still to weak. There are no words for this photo.

Going To The Chapel


The family might have changed over the years, but in a way, they kind of stayed the same.

Sure, the kids are bigger and the dad is older, but they’re still the same people that they were when the photo was first taken.

It’s nice to know that even though things change, they also still stay the same. Your family is going to be weird and funny as the years progress, and isn’t that comforting in a way?



We’ve all got embarrassing childhood bathtub photos lurking in our parent’s photo albums, just waiting to get out.

It’s almost as if it’s a requisite of childhood, to have your parents take a photo of you sitting in the bathtub that’s going to depict you in the most embarrassing light possible.

Parents probably get together with each other and talk about what’s the best way to take embarrassing bathtub photos of their kids, because it happens so often.

Farmer Boy


Anyone can recreate their childhood photo by dressing up in the same outfit and then sitting in the same pose.

But getting the same bowl haircut for the photo recreation? That takes commitment, and it’s very honorable.

This guy when the extra mile and has the exact same haircut as when he was a kid. Sure, he’s no longer blond, and sure, he now has a beard. But, it’s the same haircut, and we appreciate that more than we should.

Happy Halloween


When you finally find a good Halloween costume, you want to get as much use out of that thing as possible.

There’s no rule that says you can’t use the same Halloween costume over the course of many different Halloweens.

And there’s no rule that says you can’t wear the same Halloween costume you had as a child, even if it only partially fits you now. Halloween is about being something your not, and sometimes that’s yourself as a child.

Lap Trap


Oddly enough, the only sibling who looks like they actually like this seating arrangement is the one at the bottom – in both photos.

The other two kids look completely miserable and/or partially asleep in both the adult and the kid version.

The person at the bottom is getting crushed, for sure. Why is he enjoying this? Does he not like feeling his legs? Or does he love his siblings so much that he’s willing to put up with it?

Baby Blues


So does this kid like having a baby brother, or….? We can’t tell from the look on his face.

His smile, if we can even call it that, is the perfect cross between, “I love this!” and “I hate this!”

If he’s trying to make his parents think he loves the new baby, he’s doing a good job – kind of. Because there’s still a chance he hates it. It’s like the Mona Lisa. What is he thinking?

Off The Wall


This photo was taken in the same location with the same kid wearing the same outfit.

The only difference is that the wall is gone. When this photo was taken, the Berlin Wall was solidly up.

But after the photo was taken, a lot happened. Communism fell, and so did the Berlin Wall. This recreation of a childhood photo is actually very poignant and says a lot about what has been going on in the world. Wow!

Shirt Flirt


Sure, the adults put their T-shirts over their heads like they did when they were kids, but they’re not wearing diapers.

We can’t really take away points from them for not wearing the diapers, but we’re not going to add any points either.

Would it be too much to ask to try to squeeze into a diaper just so you could properly recreate a photo from your childhood? Oh, it is too much to ask? Never mind!

If The Shoe Fits


When you recreate your childhood photos, you can see how much you’ve grown, sometimes literally.

It must be a bit of a triumph to come back to your childhood house and finally fit into shoes that were at one time too big for you.

It really gives you a sense of accomplishment. You did this! You grew! You never thought you’d be able to properly wear those shoes, but look at you now! You’re really doing it!

Cat Lady


If you’re trying to recreate your childhood photo, you’re never going to get it exactly right.

Except for this girl, who somehow was able to nail every last detail, including that blue press and blond pigtails.

We’re wondering if even the cat is the same? Because that would be impressive, and this photo would officially win the childhood photo recreation awards. Yeah, there’s an award for that. Didn’t you know? That’s why people recreate their old photos!

Having A Ball


It isn’t just hipsters in their 20s who recreate the old childhood photos from their past!

This father and son recreated this photo, and they’ve both grown so much that it’s hard to tell which one is the father and which one is the son in the new photo.

Although, that dog wasn’t there in the original photo, not to nitpick or anything. It’s just… these recreations need to be accurate. Otherwise, why do them at all?

Awkward Family Photo


If you have ever taken an awkward family photo with your siblings, don’t be ashamed of it.

Be proud of it, like these guys are! It’s part of your past, and therefore, part of who you are.

Own it! Recreate it! There isn’t a person in this world who doesn’t have an awkward family photo floating around somewhere. Love your awkward family photos for what they are. They’re your history. Your destiny. Your past. Your present. Your future.