These Unexplained Phenomenons Still Baffle Experts To This Day

By lheidi - June 26, 2019

There are some mysteries that we will never be able to figure out, no matter what. Like, where does your other sock go when you wash it? Does it get stuck in the dryer? Does it try to escape through the lint trap? Is there a whole world where the missing socks live that’s much, much better because they don’t have to have anyone’s feet get stuck inside them? We will never know what truly happens to these socks, no matter how far science advances.

There are more unexplained mysteries, and we’ll wonder what the real reason behind these mysteries are until the end of time. We bet that people started wondering how the pyramids were made just one short week after the pyramids were built. Click through and see some of the other mysteries people are wondering about. But fair warning, you’ll probably be wondering about them for a really long time.

The Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone


The Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone is, as its name would suggest, a pretty big mystery.

The stone was discovered in New Hampshire in 1872, but it looks like something that is not of this earth. What are those faces?

The stone has several symbols over the face of it, and it’s not just creepy faces. There are symbols depicting ears of corn and teepees in addition to the human (we think) face engraved in the front of the stone.

Mysterious Origins


Nobody knows who made this weird stone or why they would do such a thing.

Some people think that one tribe of Native Americans made it to give to another tribe of Native Americans as a possible peace treaty between the two tribes.

Other people think that the stone might have Celtic origins. Other people still think that the stone might have Inuit origins. We might never know who made the stone, although it was probably aliens.

Native American Cave Petroglyph


A small cave was discovered in West Virginia in the 1800s, which, on its own, isn’t all that weird.

There was something weird about the cave, however, that set it apart from all the other caves that have been discovered.

This cave had petroglyphs drawn all over the walls of the cave. The drawings depicted animals, including both fish and snakes. When the cave has drawings of spaceships and aliens all over it, then we will starting talking here.

Color Me A Mystery


But the drawings alone didn’t make this cave weird and mysterious. There was something else afoot.

The drawings were created with a weird red substance that nobody knew what it was. We’re pretty sure than ancient man didn’t have Crayola crayons.

It turns out that the drawings were created by a Native American tribe, although we don’t know which one. Maybe the tribe was actually a tribe of aliens and they made them with lasers? We’ll never know.

America’s Stonehenge


We’ve all heard of regular Stonehenge, which is in Scotland, but how many of us have heard of America’s Stonehenge, which is (obviously) in America?

This stone creation is located in Salem, New Hampshire, and it’s pretty baffling.

America’s Stonehenge is a collection of stone chambers, rock structures, and walls that’s making a lot of people scratch their heads. It looks like it’s some sort of ancient settlement, and may or may not be the product of aliens.

Mysterious Theories


Nobody knows what America’s Stonehenge was used for for sure, but there are a lot of theories around it.

Some people think that it was occupied by an ancient Native American tribe about 2,000 years ago.

People think think that this stone structure was used for ancient rituals or religious ceremonies by this ancient Native American tribe. Or maybe it was used as a spaceship garage? That seems like it would be a lot more likely, doesn’t it?

Poverty Point


Poverty Point is located in Louisiana and is a very complicated and confusing manmade structure.

The land consists of a series of mounds that were all made by man. Poverty Point was made by hunter-gatherer people, which makes this piece of land super confusing.

Or, it could have been created by aliens who dug it out of the earth by using spaceships with lasers on them. At the end of the day, it all comes down to aliens.

What's The Point


Nobody really knows what the point of Poverty Point is. There are some theories on it, but at the end of the day, nobody can know for sure.

Some people think that the land was used for ceremonial events held by the people who lived in the region at the time.

Or maybe the aliens just wanted to create something that would mess with us years and years later just because they knew that they could do it.

The Upton Chamber Cave


Finding a natural cave isn’t weird. But finding a manmade cave, like the The Upton Chamber Cave in Massachusetts? That’s just downright strange.

This manmade cave is carved into a hill. It has a long passageway that leads to a dome.

Whoever made it (and we’re not saying it was aliens right away) had a pretty good knowledge of stonework. You know who has a good knowledge of stonework? You guessed it. Aliens have a good knowledge of stonework.

Astronomical Mystery


The manmade cave actually gets weirder, if you can believe it. And it has to do with the way it was built.

The cave is actually astronomically aligned. The entrance to the cave actually lines up with the sun on the Summer Solstice. Coincidence or aliens? You decide.

Of course, it could be an accident. Like how a broken clock is right twice a day. It just so happens that this cave aligns with the sun on a day that’s significant.

Great Serpent Mound


We find topiary already weird as it is, but this mound is even weirder because of who made it.

The mound was discovered in Ohio, and it is believed that the mound was made in 1000 AD.

But it’s the shape of the mound that is the most mysterious. The mound is in the shape of a twisting snake, hence the name Great Serpent Mound. Duh. We should have guessed that the serpent mound was shaped like a serpent.

Why Tho?


Nobody knows who built the Great Serpent Mound or why they decided to make it the shape of the snake. Were they just really into reptiles?

Some people believe that the mound was used in religious ceremonies. Another possible theory is that it was used as an effigy during sacrificial offerings.

Sure, if you don’t know what something was for, you always go to “used in religious ceremonies.” What if someone made it because they just felt like it?

Petroglyphs of Winnemucca Lake


Winnemucca Lake in Nevada isn’t just an ordinary lake. No, Winnemucca Lake is a historic lake.

The lake has petroglyphs carved into stone, and many people believe that these are actually the oldest petroglyphs in the continent of North America.

No, they weren’t created by people who were on their way back from Las Vegas and wanted to do something to leave their legacy behind, so they carved their names into rock. They’re a lot older than that. They’re super old.

Mysterious Meaning


It is believed that these petroglyphs are actually 10,000 years old, which makes them pretty damn ancient.

Even though we know how old they probably are, we don’t know what they mean. Their meanings remain a mystery.

We hope that the ancient people weren’t trying to send a warning to everybody in the future, otherwise we would be totally SOL because nobody can figure them out. Hopefully it was just a reminder for someone to pick up milk and eggs.



Cahokia isn’t a weird noise you make when you have something stuck in your throat.

Cahokia was the the largest city in pre-Columbian North America at one time. The city had about 15,000 people living in it, which pretty much makes it an ancient New York City.

The city goes back to 700 to 1300 A.D. It had its own culture, and it even had a ruling class. We’re not sure if the ruling class was aliens, though.

Mysterious Disappearance


But the thing that makes the city of Cahokia mysterious is that existed. The thing that makes it mysterious is that is disappeared.

The people participated in human sacrifice and would occasionally have battles with other tribes, business as usual in the ancient world.

But one day, the people just completely vanished from the area, spontaneously. Nobody knows why this happened, but we’re pretty sure it’s because all 15,000 of the people are abducted by aliens all at once.

The Maine Penny


The Maine Penny was discovered in, you guessed it, Maine. Someone found it in 1957, buried in the dirt.

Archeologists were excavating a former Native American settlement, but they ended up finding an ancient Norse artifact while they were there.

Believe it or not, the Maine Penny is the only pre-Columbian Norse artifact that has been found in America. How did it get there? Did someone use it as change for a dollar? There are so many mysteries surrounding the Maine Penny.

Mysterious Money


It was once believed that the Maine Penny was from the 12th century, and had English origins.

However, this ended up getting disproven. Some people think that the Maine Penny was created somewhere between 1065 and 1080.

It is believed that the Norse coin was then brought to America in the 12th century. But how did it get here? Were aliens trading with the Norse before they came to America? Why did they keep the Norse currency?

Dighton Rock


This giant rock was actually found inside the Taunton River in Massachusetts. And it is massive.

The Dighton Rock weighs over 40 tons. No, not 40 pounds. 40 tons. The giant and heavy boulder is covered in markings, and it’s not graffiti from some kids cutting class.

Nobody knows what the markings mean, and they’ve actually been pretty controversial. The markings don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason to them. So, obviously we don’t have to say who did this.

Mysterious Origins


Researchers are divided on who put those marking there, because for some reason the whole “it was aliens” thing isn’t a respectable opinion among researchers.

Some people think that the markings have Norse, Chinese, or Native American backgrounds.

Or, it really could have been a bunch of kids who cut class and wanted to mess with the scientific community by drawing a bunch of random stuff into a giant rock. Although, it’s probably just really an alien spaceship.