This Couple Decided To Take Their Engagement Photos At…Target?

By lheidi - August 07, 2019

We love Target as much as the next person. You can find pretty much anything you would ever need in their stores. There’s really no reason to shop anywhere else, unless you need to get a set of tires. Tires for your car are pretty much the only thing that they don’t sell, but we’re sure that they’re working on it. Any day now, we’ll be able to get really cheap millennial pink tires from Target right next to our toothpaste and our groceries and shoes. And when that day comes, we are here for it. It’s almost like you don’t even need to leave Target. We would camp out there if we didn’t think we’d get in trouble for it.

But one couple took their love for Target to a whole new level. And honestly, we can’t blame them for it, because we’re pretty much at that level of Target love, too.

Marry Me


We wish we had a nickel for every time someone said, “If you love Target so much, why don’t you marry it.”

We’d have enough nickels to buy a whole Target. But we’d still have nothing on this couple who decided to express their love for Target while expressing their love for each other.

Yes, this couple decided to take their engagement photos in, on, and around a Target. In other words, this couple is relationship goals.

Bull's Eye


Couple Aaron Damron and Tony DiPasqua had talked about taking traditional engagement photos with their photographer Erica Whiting.

Most couples take their engagement photos on rustic train tracks or in an orchid. Or in an orchid on rustic train tracks. But those locations can be so basic and so boring.

But Erica had a different idea for the couple, and even though Target is still kind of basic, it’s anything but boring. And it’s way better than train tracks.

Location, Location


Erica suggested that the couple take their engagement photos in a Target, because it’s a place that they go to all the time.

Honestly, it’s a place that everyone goes to all the time. Who’s second home isn’t a Target? Nobody.

“Early on in our relationship, Target became one of our go-to spots,” Tony told the Huffington Post. “We love wandering the aisles looking for deals and just spending time together.” They’re just like anyone else.


Photo Finish


The couple got engaged in December of 2016 after being together for five years before that.

The engagement photos were taken in July of 2019, but it was well worth the wait because they are, dare we say it, perfect.

The couple took their photos in their neighborhood Target in Erie, Pennsylvania. It looks like it could be any Target, but it’s not. It’s specifically their Target in Erie. But yes, all Targets do actually look alike.


This Is Us


Aaron and Tony picked a location for their engagement photos that represented who they are as a couple.

“After waiting a few years, we knew we wanted something that spoke to us as a couple,” Aaron said.

“We are not outdoorsy people ― you won’t find us on the trail on the weekends. But we very much love to ‘bum around’ our town and go from store to store looking for good deals, especially at Target.”

Happy New Year


The couple plans to get married on New Year’s Eve, and has a very good reason for doing so.

“We had our first date in December, got engaged in December and now we’ll be married on the last day of December,” Tony said. “New Year’s also makes it hard for either of us to forget our anniversary!”

You would think that, but talk to us ten years from now and see if that story has changed any.

Cruising Around


And as for their wedding gifts, Tony And Aaron are telling their guests that they just want donations for their honeymoon cruise.

But gift cards to Target aren’t out of the question. We know that this couple is going to put them to good use.

We know that they’re probably not going to take their honeymoon to Target because there aren’t any cruises that go to a Target. Well, there aren’t any that go there yet, anyways.

Attention Target Shoppers


Honestly, we have to say that Aaron and Tony’s engagement photos are a lot more romantic than other engagement photos, and a lot more original too.

After a while, seeing yet another engagement photo that’s taken on the beach doesn’t say to us, “We’re in love.”

It pretty much tells us, “We couldn’t think of anything better and we’re getting married right now, but it’s probably not going to last so don’t put too much weight in this photo.”

Say It With Target


Target engagement photos say anything but that. In fact, the photos speak volumes as well.

Taking your engagement photos at Target says, “We’re a pretty cool couple and our relationship can go the extra mile because we actually have personalities.”

If you find someone who’s willing to get in a Target shopping cart for you and take photos, you definitely have to marry that person, because they are definitely a keeper for sure. Never let them go.

Anything For Love


When your partner is a full grown adult who’s willing to go into a shopping cart for you just so you can have boss engagement photos, it’s the ultimate romantic gesture.

It’s more amazing than Noah building a whole house for Allie in The Notebook. 

There are probably a lot of people questioning their relationships right now because they’re not with a partner who thinks its cool to take over a Target just to take engagement photos there.

Foreign Objects


This engagement photo shoot got very creative, in addition to the fact that it was already creative because they shot it in a Target.

The couple used objects that they found in the Target store as props in their engagement photos, like these two cups that say “Hubby.”

The amazing thing about it is that there is so much to be found inside a Target the we’re not surprised that they were easy able to do this.

People Problem


You would think that Aaron and Tony would feel self conscious about taking goofy photos in a Target.

But their photographer put them at ease. “Our photographer did an incredible job of making us feel comfortable and allowing us to forget there were other people around,” said Aaron.

If anyone gave them dirty looks, we know for a fact that it’s because they were jealous. Everyone wants engagement photos as cool as these ones, even if they’re not getting married.

Au Naturale


It actually began to feel natural for the couple. It’s not a surprise, because Target is their favorite place.

“We’d occasionally have to wait for customers to walk out of the shot,” Aaron said, “but we didn’t notice too many paying much attention to us. I think this is what allowed Erica to capture such authentic shots of us.”

Because you normally see two adults riding around in shopping carts and hiding in ferns at Target?

Love Is Love


Their photographer, Erin, wrote an endearing post on Facebook that summed things up almost perfectly.

They just wanted to be themselves and my goal was to capture authentic images of the two of them together doing things they loved,” Erin wrote on Facebook.

“What we ended up with is a series of images that people can’t help but love, and memories they will hopefully cherish forever. Because after all — who doesn’t love Target?” Everyone loves Target.

Sharing Is Caring


Don’t believe us that everyone loves Target? The reaction to the photos speak for themselves.

Aaron and Tony’s wedding photos went viral, with the original Facebook post receiving more than 45K reactions and more than 16K shares.

“WHAT A GREAT IDEA,” wrote one Facebook user. “Too freakin cute!!!!” wrote another person. “Don’t even know yous and I love yous!!!” Still, other people wanted to copy the idea and do it for their own engagement photos. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Happily Ever After


Needless to say, the couple has been touched by the reactions that they have been getting on their clever engagement photos.

“The comments have been overwhelming,”Aaron said. “So much positivity, love, encouragement and support from people all over the world.” When strangers like something, you know it’s good.

We wish Aaron and Tony all the best in their new life together when they’re married. But also, we wish that we came up with this idea first.